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Heroic Tier Feats: Apprentice Metapsionics
  • Alchemist (EPG) – It's between this and ritual caster as the bonus feat provided by your class. You're probably better off with ritual caster. But, if your party already has a wizard or cleric with that feat, this is an option.
  • Alertness (PHB) – It's better to just not be surprised in the first place. Consider skill focus (perception) if you're thinking about taking this feat.
  • Aberrant Mark of Madness (EPG) – A nice debuff that lasts the rest of the encounter after using daily powers. Useful for telepaths who specialize in disciplines that target will. Becomes better when you purposely select daily disciplines that attack multiple targets.
  • Armor Proficiency (Hide) (PHB) – Only really an option if you have a racial bonus to Str (e.g. genasi). The 15 Con requirement makes getting the armor specialization (hide) feat cost prohibitive though.
  • Armor Proficiency (Leather) (PHB) – A +2 armor bonus is great. There's no reason not to consider this feat unless you're sticking with cloth armor and the unarmored agility feat.
  • Autohypnosis (PSP) – If you're playing in the Dark Sun campaign setting, you may be interested in this feat, otherwise pass.
  • Battle Hardened (PHB3) – A +5 feat bonus to saves is huge. Too bad it only applies to fear effects. The +2 feat bonus to initiative might make it easier to justify taking this feat.
  • Battle Caster Defense (PHB3) – You may want this feat if you find yourself in melee a lot and don't want to be stuck with either shimmering armor or shadowdance armor.
  • Beguiling Enchantment (PHB3) – Charm is the third most common keyword (after force and psychic) for psion disciplines, so you can probably get some good mileage out of this feat. Especially useful since it synergizes well with those disciplines that force enemies to attack their allies (e.g. crisis of identity), unlike the psychic lock feat.
  • Beguiling Torment (PSP) – Sliding an enemy 1 square when you daze or stun them is great, but having to spend a power point for each enemy you slide brings this feat's rating down considerably. Works best if you've selected at-will disciplines that can daze or stun (e.g. psychic anomaly).
  • Bloodied Concentration (PSP) – A +1 untyped bonus to attack rolls with augmented psion attack powers, but only when you're bloodied. This feat would probably be more valuable if it applied to unaugmented powers instead of augmented ones. If you're looking for another accuracy boost beyond one of the expertise feats, consider impending victory instead.
  • Clever Control (D382) – Basically a consolation prize in the form of extra damage for missing all but one the targets of an area or close attack. This feat is more suited to a wizard with the war wizardry feat.
  • Combat Medic (PHB2) – This feat is better left to the leader in the party since rushing into battle is likely to get you both killed.
  • Controlling Advantage (PHB3) – This feat could potentially work for either build, but you'll need a reliable way to get combat advantage (e.g. the distant advantage feat) to make full use of it.
  • Coordinated Explosion (PHB2) – There's several disciplines that are area atacks and only target enemies. This feat can be great if you focus on those disciplines.
  • Dark Fury (PHB) – If you're considering this feat, you'll want to take the implement focus feat instead since it's strictly better.
  • Deadly Draw (PHB3) – A kineticist with kinetic trawl or dread spiral may be interested in this feat.
  • Destructive Power (D382) – You care very little about doing extra damage. There's no way the brutal 2 ability once a day is worth a feat and a level 6+ power.
  • Deva Heritage (D374) – The perception and insight bonuses are highly campaign dependent, but the astral splendor feat power is nice.
  • Discipline Adept (PHB3) – Since both distract and forceful push are great features, this feat works well for either build.
  • Distant Advantage (PHB2) – Can help improve the accuracy of your attacks. Better if your party consists of a lot of melee types who like to flank.
  • Double Scrutiny (PSP) – A +3 untyped bonus to insight and perception is pretty good, but only when you're within 5 squares of the fragment conjured by your shaped consciousness. So, it's not going to help prevent someone sneaking up on you outside of combat.
  • Exchange Power (PHB3) – Using send thoughts to transfer 1 power point to an ally seems pretty situational. Would have been better had it scaled up with level.
  • Expert Ritualist (PHB2) – Only if you really like to perform rituals.
  • Explosive Power (D382) – Pushing enemies is a great form of control. However, you only have a couple powers than can be any bigger than a 3x3 area, so the push effect is pretty limited. Also, it's only once a day and you'll have to spend a feat and give up a utility power.
  • Focused Expertise (D375) – This feat has been superceded by the versatile expertise feat.
  • Focused Mind (PHB3) – A +4 feat bonus to saving throws against some of the most debilitating effects is nice, but a bit situational. Does stack with the defended mind racial feature of githzerai, but they will probably want the more generic iron resolve of zerthadlun feat instead.
  • Forceful Power (D382) – Knocking enemies prone is a pretty good effect. However, the cost of a feat and a level 6+ power is a hefty price.
  • Great Fortitude (PHB) – A +2 feat bonus to fortitude defense that scales up with tier. This is an option since you won't likely meet the prerequisites for the superior fortitude feat (which is strictly better). However, it does not stack with other feat bonuses (e.g. the improved defenses feat).
  • Grounding Shot (PHB3) – Since you have a lot of disciplines that knock targets prone (e.g. cranial disturbance) you may get some good mileage out of this feat.
  • Hafted Defense (PHB3) – If you've chosen a staff as your implement this feat is a good pickup after either armor proficiency (leather) or unarmored agility. Strictly better than the staff fighting feat, however the two do stack. This feat completely obviates the need to go the two-weapon fighting feat route in order to get two-weapon defense.
  • Impending Victory (PHB3) – An awesome feat that is even better for psionic characters since you'll be using at-will powers almost exclusively.
  • Implement Expertise (PHB2) – If you're considering this feat, you'll want either the orb expertise or staff expertise feat instead since they're strictly better.
  • Implement Focus (HotFL) – Although as a controler your focus isn't damage, but this is great for adding a bit of extra damage to all your implement attacks with the chosen implement, especially if you've focused on area or close attacks.
  • Improved Defenses (HotFL) – A feat scaling feat bonus to all your NADs is a good thing. Possibly skipable at heroic teir, but nearly mandatory at epic unless you've taken other NAD boosting feats to compensate.
  • Improved Initiative (PHB) – It's between this and either quick draw or battle hardened if you want to go first (which you do). This feat has the edge.
  • Iron Will (PHB) – If you're thinking about taking this feat, take superior will instead since it's strictly superior and you'll easily meet the prerequisites. Does not stack with other feat bonuses (e.g. improved defenses).
  • Lightning Reflexes (PHB) – If you're thinking about taking this feat, take superior reflexes instead since it's strictly superior and you'll easily meet the prerequisites. Does not stack with other feat bonuses (e.g. improved defenses).
  • Low Crawl (PHB3) – If you're considering this feat, you'll probably want spring step instead.
  • Lucky Start (PHB3) – Might be useful for tieflings who have taken imperious majesty and improved initiative.
  • Melee Training (PHB2) – You should not be getting enough melee basic attacks to make this feat worth it. Might be purple if you are able to wear hide armor and take feats like hafted defense, staff fighting, and toughness.
  • Mindlink (PSP) – This feat is great for dealing with enemies that have cover or concealment. If you're a telepath, you'll want to take this instead of the seeking power feat.
  • Nimble Runner (PHB3) – A fairly cheap way to get an untyped +2 bonus to reflex defense at heroic level, but running isn't something you're going to want to do every round.
  • Oncoming Storm (PHB2) – For kineticists who have picked up both lightning (shield crack) and thunder (thunder tether) powers and want a conditional boost to accuracy.
  • Orb Expertise (HotFL) – The standard +1, +2, +3 feat bonus to attack at heroic, paragon and epic levels for the new expertise feats. In addition, your attacks with an orb gain a +1 feat bonus to the number of squares you push, pull or slide targets. Very useful for disciplines like betrayal, dread spiral and kinetic wave. Note that it doesn't work with forceful push since it's not an attack power.
  • Orbiting Object (PHB3) – This feat will allow you to use far hand to switch implements as a free action once per turn.
  • Penetrating Power (D382) – Doing damage should just be a bonus to the effects you create. Therefore ignoring resistances, including insubstantial is of limited utility. If you want to avoid resistances, consider gloves of piercing instead.
  • Power Cascade (PSP) – Only really useful for adding the force or psychic keyword to an unaugmented power that doesn't already have it. And even then, I have a hard time imagining anyone wanting to take this feat.
  • Precise Mind (PHB3) – Hit with discipline that has been augmented with 2 or more power points to gain +1 untyped bonus to attack with unaugmented powers until the end of your next turn. Kind of like arcane spellfury, but not nearly as good.
  • Psionic Celerity (PSP) – Running and charging isn't really your thing.
  • Psionic Fortune (PSP) – A +1 feat bonus to saving throws while you have at least one power point, which should be most of the time. Also you can bump that up to a +3 feat bonus when you make a save.
  • Psionic Initiative (PSP) – A +3 feat bonus to initiative. By spending a power point, you can increase the bonus to +6, making it better than improved initiative. 1 power point is a hefty cost, but if the +3 increase allows you to go ahead of your enemies, it's almost certainly worth it. You'll want to retrain this feat to superior initiative at epic levels though.
  • Psionic Reflexes (PSP) – A +1 untyped to opportunity attacks might seems pretty sweet, but unless you've also taken melee training and use a staff as an implement this feat will be pretty worthless.
  • Psionic Skill (PSP) – A +2 feat bonus to a skill. By spending a power point, you can add a +3 power bonus to checks with that skill. This is a great feat for helping with skill challenges since you'll otherwise not have a use for power points during a skill challenge. This feat is almost certainly better that the static bonus you'd receive from the skill focus feat.
  • Psionic Toughness (PSP) – The hit points you gain from this feat is less than what you'll receive from the toughness feat although the two do stack. Spending a power point to regain additional hit points doesn't really seem worth it, even if you have optimized second wind synergy.
  • Quick Draw (PHB) – An alternative to improved initiative or battle hardened since all three offer feat bonuses to initiative which don't stack. You may want to chose this feat if you're switching implements and have picked disciplines that require you sustain them.
  • Ritual Caster (PHB) – It's between this and alchemist as the bonus feat provided by your class. You're probably better off with this feat. But, if your party already has a wizard or cleric with this feat, then consider the alchemist feat.
  • Seeking Power (D382) – If you specialize in ranged attacks instead of area or close attacks, this feat can help boost your accuracy against enemies with cover or concealment once an encounter.
  • Shifting Defense (PHB3) – The total defense action should almost never be used. This feat allows you to get a little more mileage out of it though. The only reason this feat isn't red is because it has some synergy with the timely respite feat.
  • Shield Proficiency (Heavy) (PHB) – The Str 15 prerequisite will keep everyone away except possibly races that get a bonus to Str. And even then you're probably only going to get this at epic.
  • Shield Proficiency (Light) (PHB) – The Str 13 prerequisite will keep almost everyone away unless you have a racial bonus to Str.
  • Skill Focus (PHB) – Might be worth it if you're specializing in intimidate.
  • Skill Power (PHB3) – As more skill powers become available this feat will become more useful.
  • Skill Training (PHB) – The best pick is probably religion. I'd only suggest it if you don't already have someone in your party who is trained in it.
  • Speaker of Hestavar (D387) – This feat is pretty good for a kineticist that worships Erathis. Telepaths who have either betrayal or sudden control might be interested as well. For the controller who wants to minor in leader.
  • Spring Step (PHB3) – Combined with a pair of acrobatic boots this feat can hand you an minor action shift. If you're interested in this kind of functionality though, you'll probably want to switch to floorfighter straps when you can afford them.
  • Staff Expertise (HotFL) – The standard +1, +2, +3 feat bonus to attack at heroic, paragon and epic levels for the new expertise feats. This one also allows you to use ranged or area attacks without provoking opportunity attacks. In addition, your melee weapon attacks with a staff have reach 2, which may be useful if you picked up the melee training feat.
  • Staff Fighting (D368) – The Wis 13 prerequisite can be achieved no matter which discipline focus you choose. +1 bonus to AC is solid. Also opens up the two-weapon feats.
  • Steady Feet (PHB3) – You could see quite a bit of mileage out of this feat depending on how much difficult terrain you face. Highly situational though.
  • Superior Implement Training (PHB3) – The new "must have" feat from the PHB3. Good choices include the accurate staff, accurate orb and crystal orb. Decent choices include the guardian staff, petrified orb and mindwarp staff.
  • Teamwork Defense (PHB3) – The +1 bonus to AC is pretty conditional, but it is untyped.
  • Timely Respite (PHB2) – Largely dependent on whether or not you have a leader who can grant saving throws.
  • Toughness (PHB) – This feat is a real boost to your survivability. Take early to avoid dying at low levels.
  • Two-Weapon Defense (PHB) – If you want a +1 shield bonus to AC and reflex take a look at hafted defense instead.
  • Unarmored Agility (PHB3) – A nice +2 feat bonus to AC brings cloth wearing psions up to par with those who chose leather armor.
  • Unfailing Vigor (PHB3) – This feat may have some value for those who are optimizing saving throws.
  • Versatile Expertise (PHB3) – For those that want to use both a staff and an orb, are multiclassing or are playing a hybrid and don't want to take two feats. All others should consider either orb expertise or staff expertise. This feat gets the increased bonus to attack at 15th and 25th level instead of 11th and 21st, putting you at a disadvantage for 8 levels.
  • Vicious Advantage (PHB3) – You have several disciplines that slow and immobolize making this a worthwile pickup to get the most out of them.
  • Vicious Intrusion (PSP) – A +3 power bonus to damage rolls that doesn't scale against the target of your distract discipline is pretty negligible. If only it was a bonus to attack instead of damage...
  • Watchful Redoubt (PHB3) – Untyped bonuses to attack are pretty hard to come by. Of course, this one is highly situational. Only really worth it if you have some kind of synergy going on (e.g. timely respite, shifting defense, etc.).
  • Weapon Focus (Staff) (PHB) – If you're considering this feat, you'll want to take the implement focus feat instead since weapon focus now only applies to weapon attacks.
  • World Serpent's Grasp (HotFK) – This feat is great for adding a little extra control to your disciplines. Better if others in your party have consistent ways to slow enemies, but even if they don't it still works well with disciplines like mind lock, force hammer, force grasp, and phantom burden.

  • Befuddling Thoughts (PSP) – This is a nice little boost to your changling trick racial power, making it more usable. But, it's hard to justify spending a feat to get this ability. I do like the fact that it makes the send thoughts discipline more useful in battle though.
  • Psionic Trick (D388) – Strictly superior to the paragon feat, opportunistic withdrawal. Combos really well with the changling trick racial power, allowing you to safely disengage or use a ranged or area attack against an adjacent enemy once an encounter. Also allows you to use distract to safely move passed an enemy.
  • Shapeshifting Contortionist (EPG) – Since you probably won't be trained in either acrobatics or athletics, having the ability to attempt up to three escape actions in a round could be handy. However, you're probably better off eating an opportunity attack and manifesting a discipline like betrayal or something else with forced movement.

  • Auspicious Lineage (PHB2) – Essentially a +1 (on average) when using memory of a thousand lifetimes. Solid.
  • Battle Intuition (D374) – If you're a kineticst, take this feat instead of improved initiative.
  • Potent Rebirth (PHB2) – +2 attack and damage when you drop to 0 hitpoints until the end of the encounter.
  • Radiant Power (PHB2) – Only if you're playing in an undead heavy game.
  • Resurgent Memory (D388) – The free shift when you use memory of a thousand lifetimes doesn't seem all that great since you'll probably have already shifted if you needed to before the attack. The temporary hit points when you fail with your racial power is nice, but you generally don't want to optimize on failing.
  • Upright Revival (D374) – Allows you to stand and shift one square as part of becoming conscious. Not bad, but better if you also take the winged revival feat.
  • Immortal Skill (D374) – Allows you to take the average on a below average roll of your memory of a thousand lifetimes racial power. Only usable if you're modifying a skill check though. Needed for the immortal resillence and immortal prowess feats.

  • Infectious Wrath (D388) – A leader-like feat that grants a +1 racial bonus to attack rolls for allies within 5 squares. However, "the first time you become bloodied in each encounter" trigger sinks this feat as it's possible the bonus will never come into effect since it only last until the end of your next turn.
  • Io's Roar (PSP) – Dragonborn don't make the greatest psions, but this feat likely to generate more damage than the vicious intrusion feat.

  • Haunted Darkness (PSP) – Useful for adding the psychic keyword to your unaugmented psion at-will attacks, but the damage inflicted isn't overwhelming.
  • Mindfire (D389) – The cloud of darkness racial power is better than darkfire, so most of the time you'll be using that instead. Plus, darkfire is a bit redundant when you have distract.

  • Unstoppable Drive (D388) – You should be shifting away from enemies, not adjacent to them.

  • Fey Escape (D373) – Sounds great until you realize you could have just used a move action on your turn and saved a feat. Still, it does shore up one of your biggest weaknesses, being grabbed.
  • Moon Elf Resilience (FRPG) – The effect is great, but the three conditions kill a lot of its appeal. You can't have this an sun elf grace.
  • Sun Elf Grace (FRPG) – +1 to all defenses once an encounter with conditions isn't that great of a feat. You can't have both this and moon elf resilience.
  • Ubiquitous Step (PSP) – Generally you shouldn't be planning on dropping to zero hit points very often, making regaining the use of your fey step not come into play very often.

  • Psionic Accuracy (D389) – Not bad, but not great either. If you're thinking about taking this feat, consider taking discipline adept instead.

  • Elemental Recovery (D389) – Trade a power point for typed damage resistance when you haven't expended your racial power. Scales up at each tier, which is nice, but not being able to use it when your racial power has been expended could be a serious drawback.
  • Extra Manifestation (FRPG) – Not that great, but a prerequisite for the epic feat double manifestation.
  • Manifest Resistance (FRPG) – Makes your primary resistance just that much better. Useful for friendly-fire situations.
  • Versatile Resistance (FRPG) – This feat starts out good, but by the time you hit epic level it's not that great.
  • Fast Manifestation (D367) – Nice ability if you've already taken extra manifestation. The bummer is that it's only usable once per day.

  • Alhahn's Mindful Relocation (PHB3) – Adding 3 squares to your shifting fortunes feature isn't bad, but it's not great either.
  • Dakshai's Body-Mind Union (PHB3) – Being able to make a saving throw as immediate interrupts is a great ability and this one comes with a +5 untyped bonus.
  • Iron Resolve of Zerthadlun (PHB3) – Starting at level 13, you will probably have an odd number of power points. With this feat, keeping one power point in reserve will always net you a +2 feat bonus to saving throws.
  • Iron Retreat (D378) – Useful for extracting yourself from a melee enemy once an encounter.
  • Miryath's First Strike (PHB3) – Adding extra damage on your first attack is nice. You'll need to optimized initiative and use an area attack to take full advantage of this feat though.
  • Zerth Instincts (PSP) – If you're thinking about taking this feat, take iron retreat instead since it's strictly better.
  • Zuwoth's Enlightened Step (PHB3) – Useful for positioning yourself during the first round of an encounter. You'll also have to optimize your initiative though.

  • Get In Your Head (D389) – Spend 1 power point to teleport when you use fade away. A nice defensive feat that can get you out of a sticky situation.
  • Haunting Sounds (PSP) – The ghost sound racial power has a lot of role-playing potential, but not a lot of optimimzation potential. Spending a power point to gain combat advantage seems situationally useful, especially since you likely already have the distract discipline. Best used when using daily disciplines.
  • Lingering Fade (D385) – Your fade away racial power gains sustain standard. You'll take damage, but that can be lessened via the student of the plague feat. You may also want to consider items like a sustaining cloak.
  • Shadow Skulk (D373) – This feat may seem like a trap, but if you build your character correctly, it can be a huge boon. You'll probably want to take the feats secret stride at paragon and untraceable at epic.
  • Unseen Dread (PSP) – Sliding an enemy 2 squares can be a pretty strong effect for a race that has the best potential for becoming hidden.

  • Helpful Hint (PSP) – Halflings don't make the best psions, but this feat gives you a solid leader-like ability that you can use once an encounter. Another feat that makes the send thoughts discipline more useful in combat.

  • Action Surge (PHB) – Great feat for hitting with those daily powers.
  • Courageous Mind (D388) – A +2 untyped bonus to initiative is nice, as is the +1 untyped bonus to saving throws when you're bloodied. Good feat for optimizing both initiatve and saving throws.
  • Franatic Recovery (D383) – Being able to use your second wind as a minor action when you use an action point seems pretty handy.
  • Human Ingenuity (PSP) – Excellent feat since you'll most likely be using your action point action to make an attack. Regaining power points is always helpful.
  • Human Perseverance (PHB) – The save boosting feat of choice for those taking the adroit explorer paragon path. Who knows if adroit explorer will mesh with the psion class though since you don't have any encounter attack powers.
  • Human Resolve (D377) – Since you should be using your action point to attack, this feat gives you some decent temporary hit points every other encounter (more often if you're an adroit explorer).
  • Skill Swap (D383) – Since psion at-will powers don't scale at 21st level and a human psion's bonus at will power can't be augmented, swapping for a high level skill power is probably a good deal.
  • Stubborn Survivor (FRPG) – Unless you like to hoard your action points, this feat is usually better than human preserverance.

  • Dual Mind Strength (D385) – Slightly better than implement focus if you're a kalashtar telepath focusing on powers with the psychic keyword.
  • Psion Hashalaq Initiation (D385) – Adds forced movement to your distract telepathy discipline power. Very nice since distract doesn't require an attack roll. Also makes the discipline adept power a bit more attractive.

Longtooth Shifter:
  • Psycic Feast (D389) – There is some serious regeneration synergy out there for longtooth shifters. This feat along with rapid regeneration and plagued regeneration (or longtooth spirit shifter) bumps it up quite a bit.

Razorclaw Shifter:
  • Enlightened Transformation (D389) – A +1 untyped bonus to Will and a +5 untyped bonus to Insight checks while under the effects razorclaw shifting is pretty solid.

  • Benighted Birthright (D372) – A resistance to necrotic damage and a bonus to saves vs ongoing necrotic damage is highy situational.
  • Darkening Mind (D389) – For the cost of 1 power point, you improve your shadow jaunt racial ability. The increased distance of the teleport is pretty solid, but the duraction of the insubstantial is pretty negligible.
  • Deathly Disruption (D372) – I may be missing something, but your attacks probably aren't going to be dealing necrotic damage.
  • Devious Jaunt (D372) – Adding your int modifier to your shadow jaunt teleport distance is handy.
  • Life on the Edge (D372) – Like action surge except you have to be bloodied and the bonus is only +2. Applies to all rolls though, not just attack rolls.
  • Winter Favored (D372) – A resistance to cold damage and a bonus to saves vs ongoing cold damage is highy situational.

  • Cleanse the Madness (PHB3) – In an aberrant themed game you may want to take this and the cerulean adept paragon path, but most likely this feat won't be worth it.
  • Crystalline Auger (D387) – A shardmind telepath that focuses on disciplines that do psychic damage will get the most out of this feat (all others should avoid it). Most of the time it'll be useless, but if you ever come up against a creature resistant to psychic damage, this feat will really pay off.
  • Daunting Swarm (D387) – A feat designed for shardmind defenders. Might be useful for hybrid psions, but all others should pass.
  • Distant Swarm (D387) – In general, you're going to want to teleport away from enemies, not into the middle of them. Only really useful for close burst attacks.
  • Jagged Force (PSP) – For the shardmind telekinetic who's taken exclusively force disciplines, this feat is strictly better than the implement focus feat.
  • Liberating Shard Swarm (PHB3) – The ability to grant yourself a saving throw can come in pretty handy.
  • Mineral Resilience (D387) – This feat is strictly worse than the toughness feat, but the two do stack, so you can take both for a nice boost to your durability. Like all shard swarm feats, this becomes better if you've selected the shard disciple paragon path.
  • Myriad Crystal Eyes (D387) – Ignoring concealment for two turns is highly situational, especially since you have access to so many burst and blast attacks. If you're focusing on ranged attacks, consider items like gloves of accuracy instead.
  • Psychic Focus (PHB3) – For the shardmind telepath who's focusing on psychic disciplines, you can't really beat this feat. Combine with superior implement training (crystal orb), resplendent gloves and bracers of perfect shot and you'll be doing some respectable damage.
  • Shard Link (PSP) – This can be a really strong feat for giving combat advantage to an ally, especially if you have a rogue in the party.
  • Warding Shard Swarm (PHB3) – An untyped +2 bonus to defenses when you use your shard swarm is nice, but not really overwhelming.
  • We Were Once One (D387) – This feat is better if you take feats like expanded fragments and rejuvenating shard swarm, but granting saving throws is more of a leader ability. Try to convince the leader in your party to take the mark of healing feat instead.

  • Benefit of Foresight (D387) – This feat is great for those that want to optimize intimidate checks. Requires the gaze of ruin feat.
  • Bloodhunter's Dread (PHRT) – This combos up pretty well with the psychic lock feat. An unaugmented dishearten (or mind wipe) that hits a bloodied foe can now give a -6 penalty to attack you. That's pretty crazy.
  • Bloodhunter's Flank (PHRT) – Getting into melee (flanking) may become a viable tactic in the future, but for not only hybrid-type builds will be interested in this feat.
  • Clever Tail (PHRT) – The quick draw feat was probably already better, but the 1 pound limitation on items that you can draw or stow pretty much kills this feat.
  • Diabolic Soul (D381) – This feat will take a little bit of the sting out of taking a critical hit (assuming you survive). The diabolic transformation and black wrath of hell powers are an upgrade from the standard infernal wrath power too.
  • Ferocious Rebuke (PHB) – Pushing one square when you hit with your infernal wrath racial power is somewhat situational. But, it does give you another avenue of control and can help get enemies off of you.
  • Furious Demand (D381) – An alternative to skill focus (intimidate), this feat along with the feat power can work well if you're specializing in intimidate. The power can also be used on an enemy that won't leave you alone.
  • Gaze of Ruin (D387) – A bloodline feat for tieflings. The +2 bonus to insight and perception checks made against other tieflings is highly situational, but the gaze of ruin feat power is pretty cool. Not all enemies are going to have a weapon or armor that you can target though.
  • Hellfire Blood (PHB) – Since only one of your disciplines has the fire keyword (and it's a kineticist discipline) and none have the fear keyword you'll need to pick up a flaming quarterstaff to enjoy a +1 feat bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls on most of your attacks. That, however, will overwrite the psychic keyword which means you'll no longer benefit from the psychic lock feat.
  • Hellish Defiance (D381) – This feat can discourage an enemy from attacking you if you set it up correctly. Although you never want enemies attacking you, the setup required makes it pretty situational.
  • Icy Clutch of Stygia (PHRT) – Right now there's not a whole lot of psion disciplines that do ongoing damage and the ones that do are all daily disciplines. However, that number is bound to increase over time and if you specialize in these powers, this feat can be a solid pick.
  • Imperious Majesty (D381) – Strictly better than improved initiative feat for tiefling telepathic psions. Although the two feats do stack. Open the encounter with a dishearten (or some other area attack) against a group of enemies that haven't acted and you'll effectively be immune to their first round of attacks.
  • Lasting Decay (D387) – Normally giving an object vulnerability to damage isn't that useful. Requires the gaze of ruin feat.
  • Mantle of Misfortune (D383) – A feat power that gives you debuffing combined with some control. If you like to be in the thick of things you may want to consider this feat. Too bad the rest of the tiefling bloodline feats are pretty lackluster.
  • Mindfire Discipline (D388) – Only daily psychic disciplines will have a save ends effect. However, this feat offers both control and a little extra damage, making it a good pick.
  • Psychic Corruption of Malbolge (PHRT) – A good feat for getting a little extra damage out of your fire or psychic disciplines.
  • Scion of the Gods (FRPG) – One of the few non-AC defense boosting feats at heroic tier. Solid. You'll want to retrain to paragon defenses and robust defenses at paragon and epic tiers, respectively.
  • Tail Slide (PHRT) – A free slide for an adjacent ally when you shift is pretty conditional.

  • Arcane Initiate (PHB) – Gain training in arcana and a 1st level at-will wizard power as an encounter power (chilling cloud, thunderwave and winged horde are good picks). You'll be able to use either a staff or an orb as your implement making for excellent synergy. With intelligence as a primary ability and both wisdom and charisma as secondary abilities, this feat is a good option for either telepaths or kineticists.
  • Bardic Ritualist (AP) – Might be a decent pick if you took alchemist (instead of ritual caster) and also want to cast rituals. Being able to cast bard rituals without expending components is pretty handy.
  • Bardic Dilettante (PHB2) – The Cha 13 requirement means that both telepaths and kineticists can qualify for this feat. Training in one of the bard class skills is nice. Strong candidates include religion, nature and streetwise. The bard's majestic word power is nice also (although slightly better for telepaths). The real reason you take this feat though is to qualify for the life singer paragon path.
  • Divine Healer (DP) – The Wis 15 requirement means only kineticists will qualify for this feat. Training in heal isn't bad, but I have a hard time seeing you get much out of the healer's lore class feature.
  • Initiate of the Faith (PHB) – The Wis 13 requirement means that both telepaths and kineticists can qualify for this feat. Training in religion is nice, as is the cleric's healing word once a day. The real reason you take this feat though is to qualify for the divine oracle paragon path.
  • Learned Spellcaster (AP) – The alternate wizard multiclass feat. Gain training in arcana, nature or religion. Also gain the ritual caster feat. This feat is a good choice if you want both the ritual caster and alchemist feats.
  • Pact Initiate (PHB) – The Cha 13 requirement makes it easy for telepaths to qualify for this feat. Training in a warlock skill is nice and a warlock at-will power as an encounter power isn't bad either. Good picks include eye bite (if you don't already have memory hole) or spiteful glamor
  • Student of Malediction (PHB) – The Cha 13 and Con 13 requirement means that only telepaths will probably qualify for this feat. Using the warlock's curse feature once an encoutner is pretty underwhelming though.
  • Student of the Artifice (EPG) – A good feat for those that want to add leader as a secondary role. The Int 13 requirement means any psion can qualify for this feat. However, with one of their secondary abilities being wisdom and with feats like forceful defense, it is more attractive to kineticists. Both psions and artificers use staffs as implements so there's good synergy there.
  • Student of the Plague (FRPG) – Not a traditional multiclass feat, but this feat allows you to grab spellscar powers via the novice power, acolyte power and adept power feats. The spellscar traits and powers are pretty weak, but you may want this feat if you're a gnome and planning on picking up the lingering face racial feat.

  • Elan Heritage (PSP) [Elan Bloodline] – The base feat for the elan bloodline. The elan resilience feat power grants scaling damage reduction against a single attack. Combine with boon of the made and returning resilience and you're looking at some pretty good damage reduction.
  • Foulborn Heritage (PSP) [Foulborn Bloodline] – The base feat for the foulborn bloodline. The unbalanced mind feat power provides an incentive for creatures to not engage you after you've taken damage. Unfortunately the psychic damage doesn't scale.

  • Boon of the Made (PSP) [Elan Bloodline] – Extends the duration of the damage resistance provided by your elan resilience feat power. However, it doesn't specifically retain the scaling of the original power.
  • Diverse Focus (PSP) [Elan Bloodline] – Gaining a second discipline focus could be pretty handy if you want to qualify for a feat that has a discipline focus as a prerequisite (e.g. befuddling thoughts).
  • Visions of Madness (PSP) [Foulborn Bloodline] – Dazing enemies when you score a critical hit against them is a very nice ability. This feat becomes even better at higher levels if you've taken the psion implement expertise feat and either the life singer or divine oracle paragon path.