by belile, Apr 15,2010
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Other Epic Destinies: Alternative Ascension
These epic destinies are only available to psions who have multiclassed into another class or can otherwise can meet certain prerequisites.

Sage of Ages (AP) – The main draw of this epic destiny is the keeper's prescience feature. You'll need to the meet the arcane class prerequisite in order to take this epic destiny. You'll also want to be trained in arcana to get the most out of the destiny's utility power. Kineticists will get slightly more out of this epic destiny due to the 2 of the skill bumps from paragon of learning being wisdom based, however that's only a slight advantage, making it an excellent pick for either build.

Destiny Features:
  • Paragon of Learning (21st level) – A +6 untyped bonus to arcana, dungeoneering, history, nature and religion is twice the bonus that the skill focus feat gives you in 5 different skills. And since it's untyped it'll stack with any other bonuses you have. Amazing feature for optimizing skills.
  • Keeper's Prescience (24th level) – A free d20 roll that you can substitute for any d20 roll you make before the start of your next turn. Usable every round. This ability is simple amazing. Rolled a natural 20? Use a daily power. Rolled a 1? Use an area attack on an ally without worrying if you're going to hit them. Rolled a 10? That'll be great for making that save at the end of your turn.
  • Reverse Time (30th level) – The standard, you do not die feature. This one doesn't come until level 30, but you regain full hit points and can act again immediately after the creature that attack you.
  • Trick of Knowledge (26th level) – A random benefit for each encounter based on an arcana check. With the paragon of learning feature and bumping your intelligence at every opportunity, you should have around a +36 to arcana checks. There's a decent chance that you'll only get a +2 to attack rolls with arcane powers, which may be useless. But, if you can bump your arcana skill up to a +45 or more you'll get at least one awesome benefit every encounter.