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Psion Epic Destinies: Psionic Immortality
Epic destinies in this section are available to any psion.

Cosmic Soul (PSP) – This epic destiny is pretty flavorful and definitely fits the psion class. However, its best feature is the level 30 capstone and it lacks any ability boosts.

Destiny Features:
  • Cosmic Awareness (21st level) – Not having to expend components for a scrying ritual once a day is nice as is not needing a focus and the +5 untyped bonus to scrying skill checks. The real benefit to this feature is truesight. Too bad it's only 5 squares.
  • Cosmic Experience (24th level) – A +5 untyped bonus to initiative, knowledge checks and monster knowledge checks is pretty sweet.
  • Cosmic Connection (30th level) – Having a range of sight for ranged and area attack powers is awesome, especially considering you can scry for free once a day.
  • Merge with the Cosmos (26th level) – As far a the "save me from death" powers go, this one is pretty good. It will take you out of the battle for a while until you can heal up, but at least you can still grant a free standard action to one of your allies.

Demigod/Chosen (PHB/FRCG) – The default epic destiny for most characters and for good reason. You can't really go wrong with this pick. Worth noting though is that the version of Chosen in Divine Power (DP) for the core deities has a divine class prerequisite. This would require that you multiclass which could be a major drawback. The Forgotten Realms Player's Guide (FRPG) version of Chosen and Demigod epic destinies do not have this issue.

Destiny Features:
  • Divine Spark (21st level) – A +2 to two ability scores is a big reason why this is the epic destiny to beat.
  • Divine Recovery (24th level) – Healing back to half hit points when you drop to zero or below once a day is sweet.
  • Divine Miracle (30th level) – Good and bad. With the exception of your 11th level paragon path power, none of your encounter powers are attack powers. This means you'll gain access to this ability sooner, but it probably won't be nearly as potent.
  • Anthem of Progress (Erathis – 26th level) – Being able to critical with an at-will on a 16-20 is great for you since you have an additional and more versatile at-will attack powers. Becomes even better with feats like tower of iron will. It's not bad for your allies either.
  • Battle Judgement (Torm – 26th level) – The chances of you dropping an enemy with a melee attack are pretty slim.
  • Celestial Balance (Pelor – 26th level) – Being able to spend an action point as an immediate interrupt is a nice ability. However, it's not overwhelming for a level 26 power. In addition, the trigger is a bit situational.
  • Death is Nigh (Raven Queen – 26th level) – This is the type of power that you'll want to use at the start of an encounter. Unfortunately you'll have to wait until someone fails a death saving throw. This requirement turns a great power into a highly situational one with reduced duration.
  • Divine Regeneration (Demigod/Silvanus – 26th level) – Regeneration equal to your highest ability score. The standard to which all other level 26 utility powers are judged.
  • Forge of Creation (Moradin – 26th level) – Regaining your second wind and a healing surge is nice, but the real bonus is gaining the use of another daily magic item power. Potentially works for the entire party! Be sure to set this up with a fully augmented mind blast.
  • Freedom is Life (Avandra – 26th level) – Essentially an auto save for you and your allies for one round a day. Pretty nice.
  • High Arcana (Corellon – 26th level) – An awesome power for the entire group. Better, of course, if the group consists of a lot of implement wielders who can take advantage of the untyped +2 bonus to attack. Even if you don't though an untyped +4 bonus to non-AC defenses is huge.
  • Horn of Life (Chauntea – 26th level) – Not as much healing as divine regeneration, but your ally that needs it the most gets it. Only problem is that nobody can regenerate past the lowest party member's maximum hit point total.
  • Horns of the Moon (Sehanine – 26th level) – Giving an ally an essential +4 to attack for the entire encounter seems pretty good to me.
  • Renewing Dawn (Amaunator – 26th level) – Has the potential to do some serious damage. However, having to sustain the effect is a real bummer. The charisma bonus to damage makes it a decent choice for telepaths or shapers though.
  • Sheltering Wings (Bahamut – 26th level) – Not bad, but not great either. Seems more suited to melee types.
  • Sune's Censure (Sune – 26th level) – Combines really nicely with the augment 2 option of mind break. Unfortunately, you've probably already retrained that discipline to something else.
  • Supreme Knowledge (Oghma – 26th level) – If this power was simply once a day turn a hit into a miss it'd be pretty good. Not quite as good as that though since the attack has to target a non-AC defense and your knowledge check must beat the attack roll. You're only really likely to succeed against an attack against your fortitude and even then, the chances aren't great.
  • Tempus's Glare (Tempus – 26th level) – Hopefully creatures aren't attacking you. But, if they are, this can be a serious deterrent.
  • Test of Strength (Kord – 26th level) – Your melee basic attack isn't likely to out damage an opponent.
  • True Death (Kelemvor – 26th level) – A huge heal and some serious debuff with no need to hit. Too bad it only works on undead. Even so, in the right circumstances, this power can be a game changer since it's so strong.
  • Unerring Foreknowledge (Ioun – 26th level) – A power that essentially gives the average party 4 extra standard actions an encounter is awesome.
  • Waxing Fortune (Selûne 26th level) – Your party's damage potential is directly tied to your ability to hit. That makes bonuses to hit especially good for you. The bonus triggers off both allies and enemies who are bloodied and within 10 squares of you. This power can be anywhere from great to mediocre depending on the situation.
  • Wild Surge (Melora – 26th level) – Doesn't seem nearly as impressive as anthem of progress, especially since other in your party will probably have ways to increase their threat range by epic level.

Demiurge (PSP) – This is a great epic destiny, especially if you find yourself routinely facing four or more encounters a day. Telepaths and shapers will get the most out of this epic destiny (because of the boost to charisma), but it's not a bad destiny for telekinetics either.

Destiny Features:
  • Becoming One (21st level) – A +2 to charisma and one other ability (intelligence). The current bar for level 21 features.
  • Perfection in Action (24th level) – This feature ensures that you'll have an action point to spend in every encounter except your second one of the day. Once you reach your second milestone, you'll be able to pull off some sick nova turns. You'll want to consider the vistani heritage and vistani foresight feats in order to have an action point every encounter. It's just too bad that the adroit explorer paragon path relies heavily on encounter powers since it'd also be the perfect complement to this epic destiny.
  • Deification of the Self (30th level) – A +5 untyped bonus to saving throws is awesome. Immunity to the attacks of creatures of level 20 or lower, while cool, probably won't help you in most encounters. To top it all off this feature also has a nice defensive option for when you first become bloodied in an an encounter.
  • Demiurge Resistance (26th level) – A great utility power that becomes even better once you hit 30th level (due to synergy with the deification of the self feature). Human demiurges should consider taking feats like human perseverance and stubborn survivor.

Eighth Seal (PSP) – If you're in an aberrant-themed game this epic destiny is going to be hard to beat. If you're not, this destiny loses a lot of its appeal so you'll want to make sure you'll be facing at least a few aberrations during epic tier. Another highly flavorful destiny that doesn't quite live up to expectations on the "crunch" side.

Destiny Features:
  • Keeper of the Cerulean Seals (21st level) – The +1 untyped bonus to all defenses is great, but not as good as a +2 to two abilities. The extra psychic and radiant damage to aberrant creatures is pretty substantial, but only situationally useful. Immunity to fear effects is a very strong ability, but likely won't come into play all that often.
  • The Mind's Shining Corridors (24th level) – Will is likely your highest defense, which increases the chances of this feature coming into play. Unfortunately, the enemy is only dazed (or stunned) until the end of your next turn, so it may not lose any actions at all. Being able to save against the nastiest conditions at the start of your turn is pretty sweet although you most likely have the superior will feat which is strictly better.
  • (30th level) – This feature isn't likely to come into play that often unless you're planing in an aberrant-themed game.
  • Call Forth the Seven Keys (26th level) – This utility power is like seven powers in one. The only downside is that it takes a standard action to activate. Be sure to keep the the keybearers out of harms way in order to get maximum benefit of this power's effect.

Godmind (PHB3) – This epic destiny starts out a bit slow, but finishes up strong. The main draw is the rejuvenate mind utility power. Telepaths will get the most out of this epic destiny, although it's not a bad pick for shapers or telekinetics either.

Destiny Features:
  • Lay Bare the Mind (21st level) – The vulnerability to psychic damage is sure to come into play for telepaths, not so much for shapers or telekinetics. However, even for telepaths, it pretty much pales in comparison to even a +2 to an an attack ability score.
  • Startling Insight (24th level) – You're not one of the classes that will be using your second wind every encounter, making this feature of limited utility. If you have someway of taking your second wind as a minor action (e.g. dwarven resilience) then this feature is actually pretty good.
  • Wellspring of Mental Power (30th level) – Gaining 4 additional power points is pretty sweet. This essentially gives you an extra use of a fully augmented paragon tier power.
  • Rejuvenate Mind (26th level) – Regaining use of all your daily powers is pretty incredible and a much better option than regaining all of your power points. The temporary hit points you gain are just the icing on the cake.

Master of Moments (PSP) – If you selected time bender as your paragon path, this epic destiny may interest you. It's just too bad you can trade two move actions for a standard action.

Destiny Features:
  • Consummate Traveler (21st level) – Similar to the level 21 cosmic awareness feature of the cosmic soul epic destiny, except for travel rituals. Features like this are a mere convenience and more flavor than anything.
  • Maximized Time (21st level) – An extra move and minor action when you spend an action point is nice, but not really needed for a ranged class that doesn't have any minor action attacks.
  • Bountiful Seconds (24th level) – An extra minor action every turn. This can be very handy for switching to defensive implements when it's not your turn (e.g. aversion staff or defensive staff).
  • Boundless Presence (30th level) – Teleport 5 as a movement mode is pretty powerful, although it's a bit late in your career to be getting it. The other part of this feature is one of the best "save me from" death features out there. Since it allows you to gain the benefit of a short rest, you not only can get back all your hit points but also all your power points and any encounter powers. To top it off, you don't even lose a turn.
  • Freeze Time (26th level) – This power is basically 3rd edition time stop except it only effects a single creature. Because the power is triggered off a successful attack, it won't be wasted. But, since the target is immune to damage while it's frozen it's not as good as the stunned condition.

Planeshaper (D372) – This is the quintessential controller epic destiny. The only thing holding this epic destiny back is that since you don't control your allies, you will need to coordinate with them to get the maximum effect. But, it shouldn't be that difficult to do.

Destiny Features:
  • Ultimate Adaptation (21st level) – A +2 to intelligence is excellent, but being able to use any encounter power twice an encounter is the real boon here. Good picks include insightful riposte and warding shield. Even better if you've picked up some awesome encounter powers from either your paragon path or via multiclassing.
  • Astral Critical (24th level) – Removing a target from play for a turn is a pretty strong effect. Even better if you've specialized in area attacks and have some other way to increase your chances of scoring a critical hit.
  • Shape Reality (30th level) – Altering the environment around is the quintessence of what being a controller is. If you can convince your allies to invest in cold or fire resistance (preferably both) this feature is even better.
  • Planar Refuge (26th level) – You'll need to coordinate with your allies in order to get maximum effect from this power. However, getting a "timeout" and allowing everyone to spend a healing surge and recharge an encounter power is just plain awesome. These types of powers can literally change the tide of a battle.

Radiant One (D366) – The main draw of this destiny is the level 26 utility power. The capstone feature is pretty sweet too. However, lack of a good level 21 feature keep this destiny from being a top pick.

Destiny Features:
  • Starborn (21st level) – A huge resistance to both radiant and fire damage and you deal extra radiant and fire damage equal to your intelligence modifier anytime you hit an enemy granting combat advantage. As a psion you probably have multiple ways to get combat advantage, but none of them will get you combat advantage against groups of enemies reliably, which is what you'd need to get the most out of this feature.
  • Starburst (24th level) – The standard, you don't die feature. This one allows you to use a healing surge and deal an equal amount of damage to enemies within 3 squares of you.
  • Starry Rift (30th level) – Once a day you can take two turns in a row. For maximum effect, you'll probably also want to spend an action point during one of those turns. This can be a pretty devastating open to an encounter.
  • Star Flesh (26th level) – A bonus equal to your intelligence modifier to your defenses for one encounter a day is pretty game breaking. As if that isn't enough, if someone does manage to hit you with a ranged, area or close attack, you get a saving throw to negate the damage. I'd imagine that most creatures will ignore you when you use this power.

Topaz Crusader (PSP) – This epic destiny starts out a little slow, but finishes up strong. There is a bit of an aberrant theme, but no so much that it handcuffs you to an aberrant-themed game. It does lack an ability increase to intelligence, but immunities to several conditions and boosts to your defenses help make up for it.

Destiny Features:
  • Bound to Greatness (21st level) – A +2 bonus to constitution or charisma. You'll want to pick charisma if you're a telepath or shaper. Telekinetics may be interested in bumping their constitution instead. Unfortunately, increasing intelligence isn't an option.
  • Topaz Focus (21st level) – A bonus level 21 feature. A +1 untyped bonus to AC is always welcome. Immunity to the dazed and dominated conditions is pretty awesome. However, the aberrant specific stuff is pretty situational.
  • Topaz Meditation (24th level) – Two additional power points is great. A +2 untyped bonus to all defenses is awesome. Immunity to immobilized and restrained conditions is very handy. Now you can completely ignore four different conditions. Ignoring polymorph effects is also nice, but probably won't come into play that often. All in all an outstanding feature.
  • Topaz Flare (30th level) – The ability to regain power points once your run out is pretty outstanding. You'll only regain 2 power points at a time, but since there are some pretty sweet 2 power point augments it's still really sweet.
  • Topaz Corona (26th level) – Although you'll need to be fighting aberrations to get the most out of this utility power, it's still great even if you're not. Regeneration and a bonus to defenses for you and allies in a zone that moves with you is pretty sweet.