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Psion Basics: Tapping the Mind's Potential
Class Traits:
  • Role – They've learned a few things on how to design a good controller since the wizard first came out.
  • Power Source – The psionic power source probably will never have the support that the original power sources (martial, arcane and divine) have, but is on par with the primal power source and a step above the shadow power source.
  • Key Abilities – With intelligence as your primary ability, that ensures your AC will be decent. Not having dexterity as a secondary ability is also a bonus.
  • Armor Proficiencies – It doesn't get any worse than cloth armor.
  • Weapon Proficiencies – It doesn't get any worse than simple weapons.
  • Implements – There's some good staffs out there already and orbs are also (mechanically) decent. Most aren't going to be tailored to the psion at this point though. I don't particularly care for reflavoring crystals as orbs. If they thought they needed a second implement a much better fit would have been dojores reflavored as wands. At least they nixed the idea of bringing in circlet as a new implement, however the artwork in the debut article looks a little silly.
  • Bonus to Defense – A +2 to Will defense is decent. Probably better than a +1 to two different defenses but not as good as a +1 to three. Having it apply to your secondary stat defense is nice though.
  • Hit Points – You're on the upper end of controllers, but that's still at the bottom.
  • Healing Surges – You're at the very bottom. Good news is, you have company there.
  • Trained Skills – Four trained skills is average. Not being forced to pick arcana is nice even though you'll probably want to train it. Your class skills are all keyed off either your primary or secondary ability scores and you have the option of taking the all powerful perception skill.

Class Features:
  • Discipline Focus – Currently none of the psion disciplines (powers) have any rider effects based on which discipline focus you've chosen. Also, there are only a couple of feats that depend on which focus you've chosen (befuddling thoughts and lingering force). Therefore, whether or not you pick telepathy focus, telekinesis focus or shaper focus doesn't really affect you outside of the two discipline powers you gain (and feats that improve these powers). Also, the diverse focus feat (elan bloodline) allows you gain a second discipline focus.
  • Psionic Augmentation – Power points make their 4e debut. The flexibility of augmenting powers in 3.5e was a huge boon.
  • Ritual Casting – One ritual of your choice and you also get either Sending or Tenser's Floating Disk which you can use for free once per day.

  • Telepathy – Control the minds of your foes. Uses charisma as a secondary stat. Gain the powers distract and send thoughts. The powers tend to target will and do psychic damage.
  • Telekinesis – Physically slide your foes around as if they were toys. Uses wisdom as a secondary stat. Gain the powers forceful push and far hand. The powers tend to do force damage and target either fortitude or reflex.
  • Shaper – Channel the latent psionic energy in your environment, molding it to serve your needs. Uses charisma as a secondary stat. Gain the powers shaped consciousness and minor creation. The powers tend to be conjurations and summoned creatures that target various non-AC defenses.