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Snapshot: Level 30

The level 30 snapshot is highlighted by a couple of epic destiny features that have brought the build to the pinnacle of its power. The astral critical feature works really well with the psion implement expertise feat and the focus on disciplines that can target multiple enemies, allowing you to critical more. As mentioned in the build's introduction, removing an enemy from play is an extremely strong effect and, by having allies use the ready an action standard action, is still useful even when there is only one enemy on the board.

The shape reality feature is an awesome capstone to the planeshaper epic destiny. The aura is pretty cool allowing you to bend your surroundings to your will. In order to get the most out of changing the temperature, you'll want allies to have either fire or cold resistance, preferably both. Filling unoccupied squares with stone, can create a little impenetrable cage to protect yourself or trap your enemies. Creating difficult terrain seems a bit situational, but getting rid of it can be pretty handy.

The dream form makes the space vortex and concussive detonation at-will disciplines much better. In the case of space vortex, a great use is to place your dream form 5 squares in the air and then teleport the enemy 10 squares into the air, which, if they fail their saving throw against the teleport, will do 5d10 plus your int modifier and leave them prone in the square of your choice. This is a bit of a downgrade in damage from what you could do with dimensional scramble, however the improved targeting and placement options make it a better option. The main downside of concussive detonation (having to be close to the enemy) is mostly mitigated by using the discipline through your dream form. The concussive detonation discipline also works well with the world serpent's grasp feat, which will knock enemies prone when you hit them on the round following the attack that slowed them.

The two new daily disciplines, far realm's embrace and clasp of the psion offer some powerful zone effects. The main drawback of far realm's embrace (taking 5 psychic damage to sustain the zone) is mitigated by the shardmind's inherent resistance to psychic damage. The clasp of the psion discipline works well with concussive detonation, immobilizing enemies you hit that are within the zone. Both daily disciplines work well with the world serpent's grasp feat, knocking prone enemies that are immobilized or slowed.

The warding shield utility power provides a scaling bonus to most defenses which should probably negate most if not all the attacks against you and your allies. Careful timing is crucial to get the most out of this power. It's also a prime candidate for the ultimate adaptation feature, allowing you to use it twice in one encounter. The planar refuge utility power can be a battle turning event if used at the right moment. Be sure to use it when you and your allies all have a good encounter power to regain.

  • Race: Shardmind
  • Class: Psion
  • Discipline Focus: Telekinesis
  • Paragon Path: Dreamwalker
  • Epic Destiny: Planeshaper
  • Background: Auspicious Birth
Ability Scores:
  • Str: 10 (+0)
  • Con: 12 (+1)
  • Dex: 12 (+1)
  • Int: 30 (+10)
  • Wis: 22 (+6)
  • Chr: 15 (+2)
Hit Points, Power Points and Defenses:
  • Max HP: 173; Bloodied: 86; Surge Value: 43; Surges/Day: 7
  • PP: 17
  • AC/Fort/Ref/Will: 47/42/49/47; +2 defenses against ranged or area attacks
Initiative and Movement:
  • Initiative: +26
  • Speed: 6
Skills and Feats:
  • Trained Skills: Arcana (+36), Dungeoneering (+26), Insight (+26), Perception (+28)
  • Feats: Ritual Caster, Staff Expertise, Unarmored Agility, Superior Implement Training (Accurate Staff), Hafted Defense, Improved Defenses, Toughness, Discipline Adept, Mark of Storm, Staff Fighting, Impending Victory, Superior Will, Implement Focus (Staff), Psion Implement Expertise, Epic Fortitude, Epic Reflexes, Epic Will, World Serpent's Grasp, Rejuvenating Shard Swarm
  • At-Will: Thunder Tether, Space Vortex, Concussive Detonation, Manifest Dream Form
  • Encounter: Shard Swarm, Far Hand x2, Forceful Push x2, Dream Blade
  • Daily: Shred Reality, True Dream Form, Far Realm's Embrace, Clasp of the Psion
  • Utility: Transport Self, Shared Recovery, Mind Over Flesh, Dream Stride, Dream Traveler, Warding Shield, Planar Refuge
At-Will Attack:
  • Thunder Tether: +37 attack (+38 against bloodied) vs Reflex, 1d8+19 thunder damage, plus slide 1
  • Implement: Quickening Accurate Staff +6
  • Implement: Orb of Nimble Thoughts +1
  • Armor: Temporal Starweave Armor +6
  • Arms: Diamond Bracers
  • Feet: Boots of Teleportation
  • Hands: Antipathy Gloves
  • Head: Mirrored Mask
  • Neck: Periapt of Cascading Health +6
  • Ring: Opal Ring of Remembrance
  • Ring: Ring of Mental Power
  • Waist: Diamond Cincture
  • Dragonshard Augment: Siberys Shard of the Mage
  • Tattoo: Eager Hero's Tattoo
  • Gear: Standard Adventurer's Kit