by belile, May 28,2010
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Snapshot: Level 21

The level 21 snapshot is highlighted by the dreaming manifestation feature of the dreamwalker paragon path, which, when using a psionic attack power that is area burst, allows you to target one additional creature that is outside the burst and adjacent to your dream form. This is an awesome ability for when enemies start spreading out to avoid your area attack disciplines and ensures that you should almost always be able to attack two or more enemies. Use psionic area attacks as much as possible to maximize this ability. One extremely useful trick is using dimensional scramble to teleport an enemy up to 23 squares away (adjacent to the area burst). You can also attempt to teleport them into the air which, if they fail their saving throw, will cause an additional falling damage and probably knock them prone. With an elixir of flying you can really optimize this tactic, doing up to 11d10 extra damage (even more for large or larger creatures).

Entry into the planeshaper epic destiny has given you the ultimate adaptation feature, which grants a bonus to intelligence and allows you to use an encounter power twice an encounter. This isn't as great as it could be if you didn't use the psionic augmentation system. However, it isn't limited to encounter attack powers. Good choices include mind over flesh if you're frequently running into enemies that daze, stun or dominate or dream blade if you're running short on power points to bring your dream form out with.

You've also become the master of restricting your enemies movement. The thunder tether discipline's augment 1 option is excellent for keeping enemies at bay so they can't engage either your or other ranged party members. Since it's a area burst thunder power you can also use it to slide an additional enemy into the zone by placing your dream form in a strategic location. It's not quite as good on large or larger creatures since only one square of their base needs to remain in the zone, but it's still a pretty powerful effect for only 1 power point. Also note that since the enemy can't leave the zone on its turn, it also prevents teleportation, making it better than immobilization against enemies that can teleport. If enemies are getting too close, a forceful push (which you can now do twice an encounter) followed by a thunder tether is great for keeping them at bay.

For when enemies aren't really inclined to move, you have shield crack, which acts as either a minor AC debuff or a nova round enabler when you use the augment 4 option. Also note that since shield crack does lightning damage it can also slide enemies that you hit thanks to mark of storm.

The living barrage daily discipline is a strict upgrade from living barrage. It's best used in opening rounds when enemies are still somewhat grouped together. Don't forget that you can always use forceful push to catch enemies in an area attack that you wouldn't otherwise be able to.

You also now have an awesome powerhouse daily that summons your true dream form. Its instinctive action allows it to use an unaugmented psionic at-will attack power. Since it has fly and can hover, you should be able to keep it safe from melee and close attacks. Having it use an unaugmented psionic at-will attack power is almost certainly better than using its standard action attack.

Your other new daily discipline is shred reality. It's a great opening move for when you're facing a lot of enemies because it's extremely large area of effect. By rearranging the enemies you hit into a tight group you can also follow it up with an action point (or the daily power of your quickening staff) and a smaller area attack for maximum effect. Don't forget about the secondary attack either. It is extremely powerful since it doesn't allow any kind of saving throw. At the very least you can have the target reappear 5 squares up in the air. It's even better if you can fly up (or send your dream form) even higher. You can also use terrain to your advantage possibly dropping the enemy off a cliff.
  • Race: Shardmind
  • Class: Psion
  • Discipline Focus: Telekinesis
  • Paragon Path: Dreamwalker
  • Epic Destiny: Planeshaper
  • Background: Auspicious Birth
Ability Scores:
  • Str: 10 (+0)
  • Con: 12 (+1)
  • Dex: 12 (+1)
  • Int: 28 (+9)
  • Wis: 20 (+5)
  • Chr: 15 (+2)
Hit Points, Power Points and Defenses:
  • Max HP: 135; Bloodied: 67; Surge Value: 33; Surges/Day: 7
  • PP: 13
  • AC/Fort/Ref/Will: 38/30/37/36
Initiative and Movement:
  • Initiative: +20
  • Speed: 6
Skills and Feats:
  • Trained Skills: Arcana (+26), Dungeoneering (+20), Insight (+20), Perception (+22)
  • Feats: Ritual Caster, Staff Expertise, Unarmored Agility, Superior Implement Training (Accurate Staff), Hafted Defense, Improved Defenses, Toughness, Discipline Adept, Mark of Storm, Staff Fighting, Impending Victory, Superior Will, Implement Focus (Staff), Psion Implement Expertise
  • At-Will: Dimensional Scramble, Thunder Tether, Shield Crack, Manifest Dream Form
  • Encounter: Shard Swarm, Far Hand x2, Forceful Push x2, Dream Blade
  • Daily: Echoing Boom, Living Barrage, Shred Reality, True Dream Form
  • Utility: Transport Self, Shared Recovery, Mind over Flesh, Dream Stride, Dream Traveler
At-Will Attack:
  • Shield Crack: +27 attack (+28 against bloodied) vs Ref, 1d8+19 lightning damage and -2 AC, plus slide 1
  • Implement: Quickening Accurate Staff +4
  • Implement: Orb of Nimble Thoughts +1
  • Armor: Temporal Feyweave Armor +4
  • Arms: Diamond Bracers
  • Feet: Boots of Eagerness
  • Hands: Antipathy Gloves
  • Head: Circlet of Mental Onslaught
  • Neck: Periapt of Cascading Health +4
  • Ring: Ring of Mental Power
  • Waist: Diamond Cincture
  • Tattoo: Eager Hero's Tattoo
  • Dragonshard Augment: Siberys Shard of the Mage
  • Gear: Standard Adventurer's Kit