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Snapshot: Level 21

The level 21 snapshot is highlighted by entry into the topaz crusader epic destiny. The topaz focus feature makes you immune to the dazed and dominated conditions. The topaz focus feature gives you a +1 untyped bonus to AC, which is good since the bound to greatness feature doesn't boost your intelligence score.

At level 20 you obtained your 4th daily power, all which are summoning disciplines that benefit from the evolved form feature. You should almost always grant the alabaster wings trait to your summoned creatures. Summon your creatures directly above the enemy or enemies that you want to control. That way, they'll be forced to provoke an opportunity attack if they want to move. Even the "shift, then charge" option won't work since they'll still be adjacent after the shift. For the ideal champion discipline, you should almost always select hooked stinger as the second trait in order to make its opportunity attacks more deadly.

You also have two new at-will disciplines to play with. The void shard discipline is a strict upgrade of the static mote discipline. Use the augment 1 option to pull creatures adjacent to the shard which will slow them when they start their turn. You can also use the augment 1 option to pull allies (since it doesn't do damage). The augment 4 option can daze and slow creatures, but does suffer from some timing issues so you'll want to choose wisely when to use it.

The thought guardian discipline has replaced memory hole as your defensive option. The unaugmented version (when combined with the psychic lock feat, will give give enemies a -6 to attack you with their first attack. The augment 1 option provides some additional incentive not to attack you (although it shouldn't see much use), but the augment 4 option is provides some serious control. Conjure it behind enemy lines to effectively deny their attack if they decide to advance on you and your allies position (unless they charge).

Your two new utility powers are warded summons and mind blank. The warded summons power is handy for when a summoned creature is about to die, saving you a healing surge. The mind blank power gives you and allies in the burst invisibility for an entire encounter. This is great for making stealth checks to become hidden and giving allies combat advantage against your enemies.

As far as feats go, you've picked up some excellent ones since level 11. The psion implement expertise feat is a huge boost to your critical threat range. The secret stride and untraceable feats greatly increase your ability to become hidden without hindering your speed. The implement focus (staff) feat helps your summoned creatures do more damage, so enemies will think twice before provoking opportunity attacks.

  • Race: Gnome
  • Class: Psion
  • Discipline Focus: Shaper
  • Paragon Path: Master Summoner
  • Epic Destiny: Topaz Crusader
  • Background: Fugitive from a Vengeful Rival
  • Theme: Escaped Slave
Ability Scores:
  • Str: 10 (+0)
  • Con: 12 (+1)
  • Dex: 12 (+1)
  • Int: 26 (+8)
  • Wis: 15 (+2)
  • Chr: 22 (+6)
Hit Points, Power Points and Defenses:
  • Max HP: 119; Bloodied: 59; Surge Value: 29; Surges/Day: 7
  • PP: 13
  • AC/Fort/Ref/Will: 36/30/35/35
Initiative and Movement:
  • Initiative: +15
  • Speed: 5
Skills and Feats:
  • Trained Skills: Arcana (+25), Bluff (+22), Diplomacy (+22), Perception (+17), Stealth (+28, +33 vs creatures that can't see you), roll twice use the better result
  • Feats: Ritual Caster, Staff Expertise, Unseen Dread, Superior Implement Training (Accurate Staff), Unarmored Agility, Toughness, Improved Defenses, Psychic Lock, Impending Victory, Implement Focus (Staff), Body and Mind, Secret Stride, Untraceable, Psion Implement Expertise
  • At-Will: Psychic Anomaly, Void Shard, Thought Guardian
  • Encounter: Fade Away, Ghost Sound, Shaped Consciousness, Minor Creation, Hidden Strike, Sustaining Harvest
  • Daily: Summon Phantasmal Killer, Summon Thought Warrior, Summon Mind Weirds, Ideal Champion
  • Utility: Mind Shroud, Wary Defense, Force Barricade, Warded Summons, Mind Blank
At-Will Attack:
  • Thought Guardian: +28 (+29 vs bloodied) attack vs Will, 1d8+23 (+27 vs bloodied) damage
  • Main Hand: Accurate Summoner's Staff +5
  • Off Hand: Orb of Nimble Thoughts +4
  • Armor: Shadowflow Feyweave Armor +4
  • Arms: Diamond Bracers
  • Feet: Lightstep Slippers
  • Hands: Gauntlets of Blood
  • Head: Headband of Intellect
  • Neck: Assassin's Cloak +4
  • Ring: Ring of Mental Power
  • Waist: Belt of Vim
  • Tattoo: Demonskin Tattoo
  • Dragonshard Augment: Siberys Shard of the Mage
  • Potion: Cryptspawn Potion
  • Potion: Potion of Vitality
  • Potion: Elixir of Invisibility
  • Potion: Potion of Regeneration
  • Potion: Potion of Clarity
  • Potion: Elixir of Flying
  • Gear: Standard Adventurer's Kit