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by belile, Feb 23,2010
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Unlike most psionic augmentation builds, this build features quite a bit of variety in its at-will power selection. The focus is on conjuration disciplines that deal several different damage types (lightning, psychic and force). You will always have the ability to slow creatures (static mote, void shard and phantom burden) and at-will invisibility (memory hole and psionic veil) should be available a good chunk of your career. Some of the disciplines can be hard to use effectively because of their party unfriendly nature and timing issues (e.g. static mote and void shard). However, the upside is the nice status conditions and area of effect. And when you can't use them effectively, you'll usually have some powers that target only enemies (e.g. psychic anomaly, phantom burden and psionic veil).

As far as daily disciplines, you don't really have a lot of options since there is only one summoning daily discipline at each of the levels. The good news is that none of them are too terrible (summon though servant and summon phantasmal killer) and some are quite good (summon mind weirds and ideal champion). Once you get the evolved form feature at 16th level, all of your summons present a good threat to enemies.

The utility powers are where this build has the greatest flexibility. Most of the disciplines selected reinforce the stealth capabilities (mind shroud, mind blank) or conjuration and summoning themes (force barricade, summon fleeting thoughts) of the build, but you could easily shift the focus to other areas if that fits your playstyle better.

  • Level 01: Psion At-Will – Memory Hole
  • Level 01: Psion At-Will – Static Mote
  • Level 01: Psion Daily – Summon Thought Servant
  • Level 02: Psion Utility – Mind Shroud
  • Level 03: Psion At-Will – Psychic Anomaly
  • Level 05: Psion Daily – Summon Ebony Stinger
  • Level 06: Psion Utility – Wary Defense
  • Level 07: Psion At-Will – None
  • Level 09: Psion Daily – Summon Phantasmal Killer
  • Level 10: Psion Utility – Force Barricade
  • Level 11: Master Summoner Encounter – Sustaining Harvest
  • Level 12: Master Summoner Utility – Warded Summons
  • Level 13: Psion At-Will – Void Shard replaces Static Mote
  • Level 15: Psion Daily – Summon Thought Warrior replaces Summon Thought Servant
  • Level 16: Psion Utility – Mind Blank
  • Level 17: Psion At-Will – Thought Guardian replaces Memory Hole
  • Level 19: Psion Daily – Summon Mind Weirds replaces Summon Ebony Stinger
  • Level 20: Master Summoner Daily – Ideal Champion
  • Level 22: Psion Utility – Summon Fleeting Thoughts
  • Level 23: Psion At-Will – Phantom Burden replaces Void Shard
  • Level 25: Psion Daily – Summon Emerald Terror replaces Summon Phanstasmal Killer
  • Level 26: Topaz Crusader Utility – Topaz Corona
  • Level 27: Psion At-Will – Psionic Veil replaces Thought Guardian
  • Level 29: Psion Daily – Summon Thought Champion replaces Summon Thought Warrior

If you're in a larger party you may have trouble using some of the more party-unfriendly disciplines like static mote and void shard. These can easily be replaced with mind lock and ectoplasmic servant.

As was mentioned above, there are no alternatives to the daily powers if you are going to stick with summoning dailies. However, if you want to deviate from that until you can pick up the evolved form feature from the master summoner paragon path, there's certainly some good options out there (e.g. living missile, force spheres, mind blast, living barrage, etc.).

There's a lot of flexibility in the utility disciplines. If you don't want to focus as much on stealth, intellect fortress is a solid alternative to mind shroud, faulty memory may serve you better than wary defense. The mind over flesh utility power is a solid alternative to force barricade. The dream traveler discipline is a solid alternative to mind blank, especially since your summoned creatures won't be affected by the weakened condition.