by belile, Feb 23,2010
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The feats focus on accuracy (staff expertise, superior implement proficiency (accurate staff), impending victory, and coordinated explosion), control (unseen dread, world serpent's grasp, and psychic lock), defense (unarmored agility, improved defenses, body and mind, epic fortitude, epic reflexes, and epic will), and stealth (secret stride and untraceable).

The unseen dread feat works really well with the build's focus on invisibility and stealth. The world serpent's grasp feat combos up nicely with some of the build's disciplines that slow (e.g. summon thought warrior and phantom burden), but not others (e.g. static mote and void shard). The defensive feats and the implement focus (staff) feat synergize with the daily summoning disciplines to create robust and threatening creatures.

  • Level 01: Ritual Caster
  • Level 01: Staff Expertise
  • Level 02: Unseen Dread
  • Level 04: Superior Implement Training (Accurate Staff)
  • Level 06: Unarmored Agility
  • Level 08: Toughness
  • Level 10: Improved Defenses
  • Level 11: Psychic Lock
  • Level 12: Impending Victory
  • Level 14: Implement Focus (Staff)
  • Level 16: Body and Mind
  • Level 18: Skill Focus (Stealth) retrained to Untraceable at 21st
  • Level 20: Secret Stride retrained to World Serpent's Grasp at 23rd
  • Level 21: Psion Implement Expertise
  • Level 22: Epic Fortitude
  • Level 24: Epic Reflexes
  • Level 26: Epic Will
  • Level 28: Superior Initiative
  • Level 30: Coordinated Explosion

Several feats could be swapped out in favor of other feats that better fit your playstyle or party makeup. The more "optional" feats include: coordinated explosion, superior initiative, body and mind.

Alternative feats include improved initiative, shadow skulk, get in your head, vicious advantage, controlling advantage, danger sense, vanishing act, aggressive construction and stalk the senseless.