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The Mind Trickster
[[Image:|The Mind Trickster]]

A Gnome Shaper Psion Build

  • Race: Gnome
  • Class: Psion
  • Discipline Focus: Shaper
  • Paragon Path: Master Summoner
  • Epic Destiny: Topaz Crusader
  • Background: Fugitive from a Vengeful Rival
  • Theme: Escaped Slave

Build Goal and Tactics:
Unlike most psionic augmentation builds, this build features a bit of variety in its at-will power selection. From memory hole to thought guardian to psionic veil and static mote to void shard to phantom burden this build plays differently at all three tiers of play.

Although there is quite a bit of variety, there are several constant themes throughout the build. The first is invisibility and stealth. By having several methods of becoming invisible and a respectable stealth skill, the build shouldn't have too much trouble becoming hidden. Once you're hidden, any attack you make benefits from the unseen dread feat. Being hidden also increases the chances of enemies attacking one of your summoned creatures instead of you.

Another common theme is conjuration powers. Conjurations add various obstacles that can greatly hinder your enemies. From automatically slowing enemies that start their turns adjacent to a static mote or void shard to dazing enemies that move away from a thought guardian, you have a couple of different weapons to disrupt and cause havoc on the battlefield.

The last overall theme is daily summoning powers. Summoned creatures help control enemy movements. While not quite as good as having an additional team member, they do provide a threat and can act as a damage sink for enemies that spend their actions attacking them.

For more detailed tactics at different levels, check out the [[Dnd:CharOp/Controllers/Psion/Builds/The_Mind_Trickster/Snapshots|snapshots]] section.

Although the fade away racial power and the unseen dread feat make gnome the ideal race choice, anything with a bump to intelligence and charisma (e.g. shardmind, tiefling, eladrin, changeling, shade) would probably work almost as good. The shade race is a particularly interesting alternative. Another good option is human. The bonus feat is always useful and heroic effort is a solid racial power.

The discipline focus you select is mostly academic since isn't doesn't affect which powers you select. So, any of the 3 current discipline foci will work. The best alternative is probably telekinesis focus since the forceful push power is so powerful.

The fugitive from a vengeful rival background allows us to add stealth to our class list and also get a +1 untyped bonus to stealth and bluff. However, any background that lets us add stealth to our class list will work. Alternatively you can select born under a bad sign, auspicious birth or the Forgotten Realms' Thay regional background to obtain more hit points. More hit points is good for both you and your summoned creatures. If you do elect to go that route, you'll need another way to obtain stealth training. Your best option is probably the twilight adept feat, which not only gets you stealth training, but use of the rogue's cunning sneak feature once an encounter.

The escaped slave theme gives us training in bluff and the sweet hidden strike feature power. That's hard to beat, but you may also be interested in order adept for access to wizard utility powers, and a bonus to arcana checks and will defense. The argent rain power isn't a bad minion killer either. Other good themes include noble adept (bonus power point), alchemist (better use out of alchemical items), wizard's apprentice (bonus magic item), seer (roll twice on perception checks) or spellscarred harbinger (invisibility).
Dreamwalker is probably the best alternate paragon path for this build. It's conjuration feature power and daily summon power are pretty impressive and mesh pretty well with the build's overall concept.

As far as epic destinies, your best alternative is the planeshaper epic destiny. It's a good fit both thematically (you are a shaper after all) and mechanically. Since you've elected to take psion implement expertise, the astral critical feature is particularly attractive.

For a detailed discussion of alternatives for [[Dnd:CharOp/Controllers/Psion/Builds/The_Mind_Trickster/Abilities|abilities]], [[Dnd:CharOp/Controllers/Psion/Builds/The_Mind_Trickster/Skills|skills]], [[Dnd:CharOp/Controllers/Psion/Builds/The_Mind_Trickster/Feats|feats]], [[Dnd:CharOp/Controllers/Psion/Builds/The_Mind_Trickster/Powers|powers]] and [[Dnd:CharOp/Controllers/Psion/Builds/The_Mind_Trickster/Items|items]], check out the corresponding sections.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please visit the discussion thread. Any feedback is welcome!