by elmoradin, Feb 10,2011
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Invoker: Skills

Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. - Samuel Johnson, The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia

Invokers automatically have Religion as a class skill, and can choose three more. Unfortunately, they only have one wisdom-based skill on their class list, and it's a weak one. Invokers have the only con-based skill on their list as well, and it, too, is a weak skill. It isn't all bad, however, as invokers do get two of the four monster knowledge skills as class skills.

Non-class skills you may want to consider are Perception, Heal, or the other two monster knowledge skills, Nature and Dungeoneering.

Arcana - Intelligence-based skill. This is a very broad skill, since nearly everything is magic in many D&D games, and this is the monster knowledge skill for elemental, fey, and shadow creatures to boot. There's really no reason not to take this as an int-based invoker, but it tends to be less useful to con-based invokers (as they often dump int).

Diplomacy - Charisma-based skill. Diplomacy doesn't actually do anything unless the GM makes rules on the fly to give it some use. Plus, it's based on a dump stat. Invokers get a number of powers that give boosts to diplomacy, but those generally aren't very good powers.

Endurance - Constitution-based skill. This is narrow in effect and hard to work into a skill challenge, but it's the only con-based skill.

History - Intelligence-based skill. This is another skill which only has an effect if the GM makes up an effect for it. However, this is one you might actually be good at, and sometimes it's a source of clues or something.

Insight - Wisdom-based skill. It's based on your main stat, which is something, and for some reason it's a common addition to diplomacy-based skill challenges.

Religion - Intelligence-based skill. It's a monster knowledge skill and it's a knowledge skill, and religious stuff is lots of stuff in D&D. But even if it sucked, you're still taking it, since it's not a choice.