by elmoradin, Feb 10,2011
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Invoker: Paragon-level Powers

What elements of power we wield! Truth unmixed with error, flashing as God's own lightning in its brightness, resistless if properly wielded, as that living flame! - T. M. Eddy, reported in Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), p. 455.

Level 13 encounter powers

Wrathvokers are using Deadly Doubt, which does double duty as a nova enabler and a catalyst for Malediction of Rigidity. Everyone else is choosing between a long-ranged ally-friendly AOE in Winds of Celestia or a more-accurate short-ranged non-ally-friendly AOE in Brilliant Revelation.

You're probably dropping your level 1 encounter power, unless you're a wrathvoker. If you're a wrathvokers, you're probably dropping whatever you took at level 3, since Lightning's Revelation is still good.

Level 13 encounter powers "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn46"> Show

Compel Attention (PHB2) - Psychic, targets will. Daze a dude. It's accurate and the damage is passable but meh. The skill-based extras are baffling.
Pillar of Guardian Flame (PHB2) - Fire, targets ref. Well, it's good damage, and the conditional punishment isn't hard to trigger. I'd just hope to get more control out of encounter powers.
Seal of the Heretic (PHB2) - Targets will. Multiple targets, accurate, and passable damage. The only caveat is that it needs to come after a daily with save-ends effects or it isn't inflicting any meaningful debuff.
Winds of Celestia (PHB2) - Targets fort. An ally-friendly, good-damage, long-ranged AOE with a debuff is lovely for everyone. While this is nice for everyone, presevokers are almost guaranteed to waste the turn of anyone hit who doesn't have reach.
Brilliant Revelation (DP) - Psychic, targets will. Dazed and slowed with a punishment from attackers is lovely, and, while the malvoker kicker is nice, anyone can make use of this.
Deadly Doubt (DP) - Psychic, targets will. This is another wrathvoker-only nova-enabler, this time much easier to use than Rain of Blood. If you can set up the AOE area without any allies, however, following this up with Malediction of Rigidity is even more effective. As, for non-wrathvokers, this is black. It still combines well with Rigidity, but that's all it does, and other powers are just plain easier to use.
Earthen Reversal (DP) - Targets fort. It's Winds of Celestia with a slightly-larger area and slightly different bonuses and absolutely abysmal damage. It's not a good trade.
Thunderous Rebuke (DP) - Thunder, targets fort. It's an off-action attack, which is nice, but it's a non-ally-friendly AOE triggered attack, which is less nice. I can see this just hitting one enemy or going to waste a significant amount of the time, and that's not worth it.
Word of Blindness (DP) - Radiant, targets will. Blinding enemies is nice, but this gives away your position and doesn't let you move after using it, which is less nice and prevents you from using this as a melee escape. This is red for non-malvokers, who are risking life and limb by using this.
Stormclaw (D383) - Lightning, targets fort. This targets fort to slide one dude. Wasn't this rated red twelve levels ago?

Level 15 daily powers

Level 15 is an unexciting level for dailies. Three Beacons of Twilight, an usual battlefield-reorganization ability (but a horrible action suck), and Vile Plague from Dragon #380, an absolutely huge save-ends daze/slow AOE (with lousy damage), are the only standouts. You may just want to go back and get whichever one of Fourfold Invocation of Doom and Malediction of Rigidity that you didn't take at level 9. If you don't do that, Wall of Blades and Shadowdark Invocation are passable powers of a sort invokers don't usually get, and God Hammer and Storm of Punishment are functional but not terribly remarkable.

You're probably dropping your level 1 daily, although if you took Silent Malediction at level 1 and Searing Orb at level 5 you're probably better off dropping Searing Orb. This is an excellent level to consider a power-swap feat.

Level 15 daily powers "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn47"> Show

God Hammer (PHB2) - Thunder, targets ref. And stay down! This knocks everyone in the area down, and keeps anyone in the area knocked down. This is a surprisingly hard-to-escape sand pit.
Mark of Anathema (PHB2) - Radiant, targets fort. Set a single dude on fire. Next.
Three Beacons of Twilight (PHB2) - Radiant, targets ref. An accurate, high-damage, ally-friendly chessmaster power. If you want to reshape the battlefield, here you go.
Wall of Blades (PHB2) - Radiant, targets ref. A murder-pinball-compatible wall that you can turn into a decent damage-only at-will power.
Deific Imprecation (DP) - Targets fort. Much cooler than it is effective. Setting yourself on fire for the ability to zap minions is cool, but not especially effective.
Dire Banishment (DP) - Necrotic, targets will. This is your first banish ability, but normally you can get save-ends lol-you-don't-fight abilities in AOE flavors, and those hit multiple targets and don't damage you.
Shadowdark Invocation (DP) - Cold, targets fort. It's invoker Stinking Cloud! Sort of. It's a movable damage zone and invokers don't get many of those. The damage doesn't scale, it doesn't allow murder pinball, and it moves slowly, but on the other hand it slides around the victims and has a large area.
Storm of Punishment (DP) - Thunder/lightning, targets fort. This is Searing Orb with more damage.
Vile Plague (D380) - Necrotic/poison, targets fort. That's a big burst of save-ends daze, slow, and poor damage, and enemies will need to spread out or they'll burn each other up even more. Just be careful of catching allies in the huge burst.
Eye of Dawn (D381) - Radiant, targets fort. Except for targeting fort, this is a neat little package with everything in the right place. It's a long-ranged ally-friendly AOE with a nice damage type, nice damage, and a rearrange-the-battlefield ability. This isn't earthshaking but it fills the niche.

Level 16 utility powers

There are lots of nice utility powers at level 16, and many of them would be pushing sky blue at other levels if it weren't for the competition. Int-based invokers will almost certainly want Pennant of Heaven's Armies. Walls of Hestavar are an amazing battlefield-shaping ability, and Word of Refuge and Confounding Utterance are great defensive abilities, especially for short-ranged focused invokers. Of the two, Confounding Utterance is better for invokers who use self-dazing powers, and Word of Refuge is better for everyone else, since you cannot use Word of Refuge when already dazed.

Level 16 utility powers "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn48"> Show

Covenant of Life (PHB2) - Daily. Anyone in the party can burn a surge and an action to give the target a second wind. Since the healing target can't change from round to round, this is only useful in games with MMO-style aggro focused on the defender.
Icon of Life (PHB2) - Daily. How much time do people spend dying? If that's a major problem for your group, you need more serious help than this iffy utility.
Shield of Justice (PHB2) - Encounter. Force a miss and call out the attacker to get jumped. It's not the most potent defensive encounter utility, but the offense-oriented followup makes it a bit more useful.
Walk Between Worlds (PHB2) - Daily. Massively useful outside combat. Walking through walls for up to five minutes has tons of uses.
Confounding Utterance (DP) - Daily. Encounter-long rerolls on melee attacks against you. This is a staple for wrathvokers and malvokers, who will spend plenty of time near melee, often dazed.
Pennant of Heaven's Armies (DP) - Daily. The errata has shifted it to int and dropped the defense boost, but +int to damage for the whole party for a whole fight is still amazing. If you have an int-based invoker, you're taking this.
Serene Visage (DP) - Encounter. You can probably come up with a more-versatile repositioning feat, but I find that this is somewhat underrated. It's just hard to fit into any build.
Walls of Hestavar (DP) - Daily. Do-it-yourself minor-action masonry. Walls are extremely useful tools for controlling the battlefield.
Word of Refuge (DP) - Encounter. A reliable, encounter-based escape power, but self-dazing kind of sucks. It's still worth it.
Vengeful Dead (D380) - Daily. This is terribly entertaining when you get to use it, but if you're using this power at all your group has serious issues.
Guidance of Heavenly Hands (D381) - Encounter. This turns a forced move on an ally into a versatile teleport. It'll always be up when you need it, but how often do you care?
Blessing of the Storm Father (D383) - Daily, save-ends. This is two decent powers glued together to make one good power.

Level 17 encounter powers

Glyph of Radiance is the winner here; targeting will to blind makes up for the smallish non-ally-friendly AOE. Curse of Haemnathuun is popular but overrated; it's inaccurate and hard to use, and I don't recommend it. Astral Dust is a must for radiant-vulnerability builds and isn't anything special for other builds, but it overshadows a whole series of similar, mediocre powers.

Most invokers are simply dropping their level 3 powers at this point, since none of the level 3 powers are remarkable enough to use despite their low damage. Nova-enabling wrathvokers, however, are going to have to either sacrifice one of the three nova-enabling encounter powers (Lightning's Revelation, Rain of Blood, and Deadly Doubt) or skip taking a power this level.

Level 17 encounter powers "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn49"> Show

Blood Debt (PHB2) - Radiant, targets will. Single-target and the buff is so weirdly timed that it may not even help anyone, depending on initiative.
Curse of Haemnathuun (PHB2) - Targets fort. Curse of Haemumble! Large non-ally-friendly close-ranged AOEs are hard to use. Compare this to Brilliant Revelation from level 13 or to Glyph of Radiance, which is easier to use and more accurate.
Glyph of Radiance (PHB2) - Radiant, targets will. Blinding is powerful, and this is nice and accurate.
Glyph of Three Blades (PHB2) - Targets ref. Non-ally-friendly conditional-punishment powers are nearly impossible to actually use effectively. This is only good if you win initiative, and if you win initiative and the enemies are tightly grouped you probably have a more-devastating daily to use.
Astral Dust (DP) - Fire/radiant, targets ref. It's a large-ally-friendly AOE, but don't expect the defense penalty to count for much, depending on how initiative lines up. For Radiant Mafia builds, however, this double-dips radiant vulnerability.
Chainfire (DP) - Fire, targets ref. It's an ally-friendly AOE...and nothing else. The damage isn't even anything special. I guess if you already took Winds of Celestia and really want another ally-friendly AOE, this might be worth a pick.
Daunting Blasphemy (DP) - Necrotic, targets fort. Astral Dust has superior accuracy, a better damage type, and a better debuff. Who would want this garbage?
Sound of the Golden Clarion (DP) - Thunder, targets fort. Likewise, this is Just Plain Worse than Curse of Haemnathuun. Deafening is a really lame debuff.
Word of Pain (DP) - Psychic, targets will. Weakening isn't a bad debuff, but this is dangerous to try and use, since it's not ally-friendly and it dazes you. Again, Astral Dust looms large.

Level 19 daily power

This is another unexciting level for dailies, but it's not as bad as level 15. Summon Angel of Light is an all-round amazing summon, Forced Submission is save-ends single-target dominate (with a save penalty for malvokers), and Tomb of Magrym is a very odd AOE banish that works well on controllers and lurkers.

At this point, you could be dropping anything, particularly the level 5 or level 15 dailies, but you may even skip this level, since nothing here is absolutely indispensable. This is a good level to consider a power-swap feat.

Level 19 daily powers "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn50"> Show

Astral Tempest (PHB2) - Targets fort. The damage is striker-worthy, but the debuff is ho-hum, the accuracy isn't anything special, and this isn't ally-friendly.
Malediction of Gartak (PHB2) - Targets will. Waste one guy's turn. Woo.
Summon Angel of Light (PHB2) - Radiant, summon, targets ref. Blade Angel gets an upgrade, this time adding automatic marks, greater accuracy, and a basic attack that limits LOS.
Tomb of Magrym (PHB2) - Targets ref. It's a banishment effect that doubles as a sizable wall. It's good all the way to epic levels against foes with poor melee attacks, but even level 19 brutes and soldiers are breaking out in two or three turns.
Forced Submission (DP) - Psychic/charm, targets will. Hey, it's domination! With a save penalty for malvokers! And it's reliable! This is how to make a single-target daily worth using.
Mark of Forbearance (DP) - Radiant, targets will. And this is not. This doesn't impede the target at all until your allies are bloodied, at which point the damage has been done.
Thunderous Shout (DP) - Thunder, targets fort. There is nothing good about this power. It's 100% worse than Astral Tempest, and it even compares poorly to Winds of Celestia, an encounter power you got six levels ago.
Wrath of the Fallen God (DP) - Psychic, targets fort. It's not ally friendly and you can't sustain the zone. The only nice thing about this is that you get a turn of slowing and -2 to hit no matter what, but that's not terribly exciting.