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Invoker: Heroic-level Powers

God is my strength and power: and he maketh my way perfect. - 2 Samuel 22:33

At-will powers

Slow but sure moves the might of the gods. - Bacchae, Euripides

Nearly every invoker will initially take one of the two multi-target at-wills: Divine Bolts and Hand of Radiance. Don't take both! Which one you choose will depend on your feat support and personal preference, but the ability to hit multiple targets is generally more valuable than the small amount of control you'll get from an unenhanced at-will, especially by the time you're using at-will powers. A rare few domain-enhanced powers might compete with these two; Sun-domain Sun Strike and Luck- or Storm-domain Vanguard's Lightning are two of the notables.

The second at-will is more of an open choice. Mantle of the Infidel is quite effective at heroic levels, Grasping Shards might be useful in a heavily ranged-focused party, and Visions of Blood is your only useful power that doesn't provoke against enemies in melee range. Sun Strike isn't a bad secondary choice in a party with a warlord or bard who can make the most of powerful ranged basic attacks. Generally, humans will be picking their third power from this pool as well.

Vanguard's Lightning and Sun Strike aren't bad powers, but they suffer from redundancy with your main multitarget power. Most non-human builds won't have a place for them, unless they are enhanced by domain power feats, generalized feat support, paragon paths, other party members' abilities (particularly warlord and bard abilities that use ranged basic attacks), or other such abilities. Avenging Light and Astral Wind are downright awful, and won't fit into many builds at all.

Included in the at-will listings is advice on domain power feats. Domain power feats (all of which are named "Power of (the) [blank]" and are from Divine Power) are rated at the cost of taking both the domain and the feat, rating the combined power you end up with afterward. All deities are core unless otherwise noted. Domain lists for core deities are in Divine Power, and domain lists for non-core deities come from Dragon #378.

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Astral Wind (DDM) - Targets fort. This power is from PHB Heroes series 2, in the Divine Heroes 3 pack. Hey, it's invoker Thunderwave! Only it has a weak, tiny push! And it doesn't get arcane feat support! In fact, it's designed to be entirely immune to any existing or future feat support! At least you get an invoker miniature with a very yellow robe.

Avenging Light (PHB2) - Radiant, targets fort. This has little to recommend it, as the least-versatile, least-accurate of the shoot-a-dude at-wills. Don't be fooled by the d10 damage; this isn't good, even in con-based builds. If you want a ranged basic attack, take Sun Strike or Divine Bolts with Power of Skill.

Domain support "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn17"> Show
  • Fate (DP) - +1 to hit for a bad power on bloodied enemies only isn't worth it.
    Ioun, the Raven Queen, Kelemvor (FRPG), the Sovereign Host (EPG), the Undying Court (EPG). Evil deities: Beshaba (FRPG).
  • Hope (DP) - +1 to hit for an ally for hitting with Avenging Light isn't a bad feat.
    Bahamut, Pelor, Angharradh (FRPG), Chauntea (FRPG), Ilmater (FRPG), the Silver Flame (EPG), Dol Arrah (EPG).
  • Life (DP) - Weak effect on a weak power.
    Melora, Pelor, Berronar Truesilver (FRPG), Chauntea (FRPG), Silvanus (FRPG), Arawai (EPG).
  • Strength (DP) - +2 damage on an at-will isn't a bad feat, but it still doesn't make this power better than Divine Bolts when there's more than one target.
    Kord, Bahamut (FRPG only), Tempus (FRPG), Balinor (EPG), Dol Dorn (EPG), Onator (EPG). Evil deities: Grummsh (core/FRPG).
  • Trickery (DP) - A weak leader effect on a lousy power. It's a hat trick of bad.
    Sehanine, Garl Glittergold (FRPG), Oghma (FRPG), Sune (FRPG), Kol Korran (EPG), the Traveller (EPG). Evil deities: Lolth (core only), Beshaba (FRPG), Cyric (FRPG), the Mockery (EPG).
  • Vengeance (DP) - Like Strength, only the damage is conditional. Ugh.
    The Spirits of the Past (EPG). Evil deities: Tiamat (core/FRPG), Loviatar (FRPG), the Fury (EPG).

Divine Bolts (PHB2) - Lightning, targets ref. Few fights won't have a second target for you to attack, making this one of the two standard shoot-a-dude at-wills. The decision between this and Hand of Radiance comes down to what damage types you prefer and what domain powers you plan to take. If Power of Skill is available to you, this is a good alternative to Sun Strike for invokers with warlord allies.

Domain support "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn18"> Show
  • Arcana (DP) - +1 to hit with an at-will you will end up spamming isn't bad at all. Some combos may also find a use for the added arcane keyword on this power, since it allows you to use feats intended for other classes, such as in Arcane Power.
    Corellon (core/FRPG), Selûne (FRPG), Aureon (EPG). Evil deities: Sseth (FRPG), the Shadow (EPG).
  • Change (DP) - +1 to hit with encounter/daily powers after using this power is an okay feat.
    Avandra, Selûne (FRPG), Tymora (FRPG), Olladra (EPG), the Traveller (EPG).
  • Sea (DP) - Save penalties are very strong, and this even comes with a (weak-ish) alternate effect. If you're going for a stunlock invoker, this is an obvious choice, and most builds will have at least some powerful save-ends effects. Note that it only works on one target, though.
    Melora. Evil deities: Umberlee (FRPG), the Devourer (EPG).
  • Skill (DP) - Like Power of Arcana, this is a combo piece, although in this case it's a combo piece that does nothing on its own. If you can find some way to take advantage of the fact that this makes an already-great power a ranged basic attack, or if your party has someone who can give you free ranged basic attacks (such as a bard or warlord), this can go as high as sky blue depending on the synergy.
    Corellon (core/FRPG), Ioun, Oghma (FRPG), Sune (FRPG), Dol Dorn (EPG), Kol Korran (EPG), the Path of Light (EPG). Evil deities: Bane (core only).
  • Tyranny (DP) - Another save penalty domain. This one is more reliable than Sea, but it's evil-only and doesn't come with the alternate option.
    Evil deities: Asmodeus (core/FRPG), Bane (FRPG), Tiamat (FRPG only).

Grasping Shards (PHB2) - Radiant, targets fort. Slowing is powerful, but nearly nothing else about this power is. Low damage (alleviated somewhat at epic) and targeting a strong NAD limit this power's utility. Radiant Mafia invokers or invokers in an ranged-focused party might want this, but few others will.

Domain support "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn19"> Show
  • Creation (DP) - +1 AC to you or an ally is unexciting but functional.
    Erathis, Moradin (core/FRPG), Garl Glittergold (FRPG), Gond (FRPG), Onatar (EPG), the Traveler (EPG).
  • Destruction (DP) - If you're spamming Grasping Shards for whatever reason, extra damage on unbloodied foes isn't bad at all. This is an evil-only domain, though. Evil deities: Grummsh (core/FRPG), Tharizdun, Ghaunadaur (FRPG), Talona (FRPG), the Dark Six (EPG), the Devourer (EPG).
  • Knowledge - +1 to all defenses is nice but it's on the wrong power.
    Ioun, Gond (FRPG), Oghma (FRPG), Waukeen (FRPG), the Sovereign Host (EPG), Aureon (EPG), the Undying Court (EPG). Evil deities: Vecna, Asmodeus (FRPG but not core), Shar (FRPG).
  • Poison (DP) - Scaling extra damage is nice if you're spamming Grasping Shards, but losing radiant hurts most of the builds that actually take Grasping Shards, though. Evil-only.
    Evil deities: Zehir (core/FRPG), Lolth (FRPG only), Talona (FRPG).
  • Undeath (DP) - Like Poison, only the damage type is very slightly better. At least it isn't evil-only if you play in Eberron.
    The Blood of Vol (EPG), the Undying Court (EPG). Evil deities: Vecna, Shar (FRPG).

Hand of Radiance (DP) - Radiant, targets ref. You won't always have a third target you can see, but you will often enough that choosing between this and Divine Bolts is a toss-up. The add-on support for this is very interesting, and depending on your build this can benefit from the Radiant Mafia or frostcheese (Lasting Frost/Wintertouched, both from PHB).

Domain support "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn20"> Show
  • Moon (DP) - -2 to ref until EONT on a hit isn't bad at all.
    Sehanine, Selûne (FRPG).
  • Winter (DP) - You lose radiant, but you gain cold and 2 damage on each target. In addition to the big damage boost and the ability to use frostcheese, with Lasting Cold you get to tag cold vulnerability onto an awful lot of enemies, enabling other frostcheese-using party members.
    The Raven Queen. Evil deities: Auril (FRPG).

Mantle of the Infidel (DP) - Radiant, targets will. A single-target -2 to hit isn't bad as far as at-will debuffs go, and this has quite amazing range. At heroic levels, this even competes with Divine Bolts/Hand of Radiance, but after that you'll probably want to retrain since you're almost always adding some sort of kicker ability to one of your two multitarget at-wills. You might keep this as a human, though.

Domain support "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn21"> Show
  • Civilization (DP) - This will get you killed.
    Erathis, Amauntor (FRPG), Torm (FRPG), Waukeen (FRPG), the Sovereign Host (EPG), Boldrei (EPG), Kol Korran (EPG), Onator (EPG). Evil deities: Asmodeus (core but not FRPG), Bane (FRPG).
  • Justice (DP) - The effect is theoretically powerful, but it's too rare to have a great impact on the game most of the time.
    Bahamut (core/FRPG), Erathis, Amaunator (FRPG), Kelemvor (FRPG), Torm (FRPG), the Silver Flame (EPG), Aureon (EPG), Boldrei (EPG).
  • Torment (DP) - One shot of combat advantage on a hit is okay. Evil-only.
    Evil deities: Torog, Asmodeus (FRPG only), Loviatar (FRPG), the Keeper (EPG).

Sun Strike (PHB2) - Radiant, targets ref. Your best single-target DPR at-will in most cases. That doesn't count for much, since Hand of Radiance or Divine Bolts will be more damage if there's a second target to shoot. This does get some notable support, however, including nice warlord synergy and Sun domain granting one of the lowest-level Radiant Mafia abilities you can get.

Domain support "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn22"> Show
  • Love (DP) - What? No. Barney the Dinosaur is not a good example of an invoker.
    Sehanine, Sheela Peryroyl (FRPG), Sune (FRPG).
  • Strife (DP) - An extremely variable bonus damage feat. This can be a lot of damage, but it's never going to be more damage than simply using a multitarget at-will instead. Evil-only.
    Evil deities: Tiamat (core only), Cyric (FRPG), Lolth (FRPG only).
  • Sun (DP) - This is your heroic-level Radiant Mafia entry. You'll retrain out if you go Morninglord, but until then giving all of Team Radiant +3 damage isn't even a little bit bad.
    Pelor, Amaunator (FRPG), Dol Arrah (EPG), the Path of Light (EPG).
  • Wilderness (DP) - I cast "win chase through the forest". It's the perfect tool for a rare circumstance. I can't recommend this for everyone, but I'm sure there's someone who got to be a rockstar because of it.
    Corellon (core/FRPG), Melora, Mielikki (FRPG), Sheela Peryroyl (FRPG), Silvanus (FRPG), Arawai (EPG), Balinor (EPG). Evil deities: The Dark Six (EPG).

Vanguard's Lightning (PHB2) - Lightning, targets ref. An at-will AOE is a useful power; it's just a shame that invokers get more-selective powers that do 90% of what this power does. The follow-up int-based damage is nice when it comes up, but it won't come up often. The quite amazing feat support, including Mark of Storm and domains to make it crit on a 19-20 or change its type to thunder, can bring this up on par with Bolts/Hand.

Domain support "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn23"> Show
  • Freedom (DP) - A weak leader-role ability is not worth a feat.
    Avandra, Ilmater (FRPG), Mielikki (FRPG), Olladra (EPG), the Path of Light (EPG).
  • Luck (DP) - Extra criticals at heroic? On a power that you'd actually want to use? This works quite well once you get a +2 weapon, and continues to work well as you get more access to effects that are triggered by a crit.
    Avandra, Tymora (FRPG), Olladra (EPG).
  • Protection (DP) - A decent leader-role ability on a so-so power isn't a bad feat, but you can do better.
    Bahamut, Moradin (core/FRPG), Angharradh (FRPG), Berronar Truesilver (FRPG), Tempus (FRPG), Torm (FRPG), the Silver Flame (EPG), Boldrei (EPG), the Spirits of the Past (EPG). Evil deities: Luthic (FRPG).
  • Storm (DP) - Thunder is a lovely keyword, and +2 damage per hit is also great. This is a must-have for anyone who wants to use the thunder/lightning combined feat support.
    Kord, Silvanus (FRPG), Arawai (EPG). Evil deities: Auril (FRPG), Grummsh (FRPG only), Umberlee (FRPG), the Devourer (EPG).

Visions of Blood (DP) - Fear/psychic, targets will. -1 to defenses in a blast is lovely, but close party-unfriendly blasts are difficult to use (especially when they don't help you escape melee), and the damage type is one of your least useful. Power of Earth adds a slow and Psychic Lock adds -2 to hit (either turns this into a sky blue powerhouse). Without the supporting feats, only humans are likely to ever find room for this.

Domain support "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn24"> Show
  • Darkness (DP) - You need to hit and it only protects against one attack. So, no. Plus, this one is evil deities only.
    Evil deities: Lolth (core/FRPG), Zehir (core/FRPG), Shar (FRPG), Sseth (FRPG), the Shadow (EPG), Dragon Below cults (EPG).
  • Death (DP) - Extra damage on bloodied foes is nice, but how often will you be spamming Visions of Blood? Situational powers need control effects, not flat extra damage.
    The Raven Queen, Kelemvor (FRPG), Blood of Vol (EPG). Evil deities: The Keeper (EPG).
  • Earth (DP) - Speaking of control effects, yowza. This turns Visions from a ho-hum power into a combination sand pit/melee escape. It's still hard to use, but now it's worth using.
    Moradin (core/FRPG), Chauntea (FRPG), Balinor (EPG). Evil deities: Torog, Ghaunadaur (FRPG), Luthic (FRPG).
  • Madness (DP) - Insert 300 reference here, etc. -1 to hit isn't bad at all, especially if you're already using Psychic Lock as well. This is evil-only, however.
    Evil deities: Tharizdun, Cyric (FRPG), Ghaunadaur (FRPG), the Fury (EPG), Dragon Below cults (EPG).
  • War (DP) - +1 to hit against unbloodied targets is perfectly reasonable if you use Visions of Blood routinely.
    Kord, Tempus (FRPG), Dol Arrah (EPG), Dol Dorn (EPG), the Spirits of the Past (EPG). Evil deities: Bane (FRPG), the Mockery (EPG).

Level 1 encounter powers

Wrathvokers are taking Lightning's Revelation; this is not up for discussion. Presevokers are making a hard decision between Thunder of Judgement and Astral Terror, while Malvokers are making the same decision between Whispers of Defeat and Thunder of Judgement.

Level 1 encounter powers "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn31"> Show

Astral Terror (PHB2) - Psychic/fear, targets will. An ally-friendly close burst 3 is very large and push 2 is useful.
Blades of Astral Fire (PHB2) - Radiant, targets ref. One of the best presevoker kickers around (which says more about presevoker kickers than this power, alas). Is it worth your turn just to make two party members unhittable for a turn, though?
Spear of the Inquisitor (PHB2) - Radiant, targets ref. This might be interesting if it were an at-will.
Thunder of Judgement (PHB2) - Thunder, targets fort. Multitarget non-AOE powers are lovely and even better when they come with bonus damage for single-targeting. Dazing is a nice debuff at this level. Alas, wrathvokers have already committed their level 1 encounter power elsewhere, and targeting fort sucks.
Forceful Denunciation (DP) - Thunder, targets fort. There is already a much cooler fort-targeting debuff power and a close burst push power that targets a weaker defense. When are you going to want this?
Lightning's Revelation (DP) - Lightning, targets ref. This is one of the best nova turn powers around, and almost single-handedly makes a case for both wrathvokers and upping your con for con-based kickers. This is a wrathvoker-only choice, mind; other covenants are rating it black at best.
Summons of Justice (DP) - Radiant, targets will. I have been wracking my brain to come up with a use for this power. To date, I have failed.
Whispers of Defeat (DP) - Psychic/fear, targets will. This does terrible damage even if you are a malvoker, but a close burst 5 covers a significant portion of the battlefield with a -2 to hit debuff.
Angelic Harrier (D383) - Targets ref/fort. One target, and it needs secondary roll to have a real control effect. I can't imagine why you'd ever use this over Thunder of Judgement.
Scourge of Heaven (D383) - Fear (for malvokers only), targets AC. This 100% worse than Blades of Astral Fire for presevokers, has nothing to recommend it to malvokers, and is an inaccurate damage-only attack for wrathvokers. It's a hat trick of bad.

Level 1 daily powers

You're taking Binding Invocation of Chains or Silent Malediction, depending on if you like safe plays or risky ones. Storm Call is a long-lasting anti-solo power but the sky blues are probably more useful more often, and Angelic Protector and Brilliant Beacon from Dragon #383 are both interesting powers for those who prefer longer-lasting battlefield effects. The rest of the choices are impractical at best or downright awful at worst.

Level 1 daily powers "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn32"> Show

Angelic Echelon (PHB2) - Radiant, targets will. Dailies should have a noticeable impact on the battle. Doing slightly more damage than your at-wills is insufficient.
Binding Invocation of Chains (PHB2) - Save-ends, Targets ref. Slowing the entire field is quite a thing. This doesn't do any damage, though.
Purging Flame (PHB2) - Fire, save-ends, targets ref. Unacceptable. Doing mediocre damage to one target is insufficient.
Summon Angel of Fire (PHB2) - Fire, summon, targets ref. While summons are nice for clogging up the battlefield and you do benefit from wrathvoker bonus damage on this summon's standard attack (arguably), it's barely more damage than your at-will. Why are you feeding this actions?
Crown of Retaliation (DP) - Radiant, save-ends, targets will. Single-target conditional damage is a terrible daily, but it multidips radiant vulnerability, which isn't all bad.
Execration (DP) - Save-ends, targets will. Two-target Purging Flame with a side-effect that sets you on fire. No.
Invocation of Ice and Fire (DP) - Fire/cold, targets ref. A huge close blast that isn't ally-friendly, but does leave a (non-Murder-Pinball-compatible) damage zone. I always want to find a use for this power but it's completely impractical most of the time.
Silent Malediction (DP) - Thunder, save-ends, targets fort. Big risks, big payoffs. Save-ends stun is huge at any level.
Storm Call (DP) - Lightning/thunder, save-ends, targets ref. A handy little single-target stunlock power. Silent Malediction and Binding Invocation of Chains loom large, however.
Angelic Protector (D383) - Summon, targets ref/fort. It's invoker Flaming Sphere! Sort of. It's a little angel minitank, with an immobilizing OA and a standard-action attack you'd actually want to use at low levels. This doesn't level well; drop or retrain this by paragon.
Brilliant Beacon (D383) - Radiant/fear, targets will. The damage doesn't scale, but a movable, sustainable, ally-friendly -2-to-everything zone is quite interesting.

Level 2 utility powers

Most invokers will want Miraculous Fortune, because it's just so great. Wrathvokers will often want Divine Call, to set up big AOEs. Know Weakness is helpful if you didn't take the appropriate skills.

Level 2 utility powers "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn33"> Show

Divine Call (PHB2) - Encounter. This is absolutely lovely for setting up non-ally-friendly AOEs. You'll be using this right away to pull people out of Lightning's Revelation and Silent Malediction (or even Visions of Blood) and you'll get more powers like this as you go up in level. A wrathvoker staple.
Emissary of the Gods (PHB2) - Daily. A once-daily bonus to a skill check, on two skills you don't specialize in.
Shroud of Awe (PHB2) - Encounter. Very cool. Totally useless. Remove the intimidate bonus and this should be a free at-will power.
Shroud of Warning (PHB2) - Daily. I'm a big fan of the Just Win Initiative powers, especially when they help the entire party, doubly when they're given to controllers.
Wall of Light (PHB2) - Daily. A nice little AOE buff. It's probably on the wrong class, but 5 refreshing THP is nice at a level where most enemies do about 5-15 damage per attack. This ages very poorly, though.
Divine Protection (DP) - Encounter. This is useful but terribly unexciting. If enemies are in your face that often, Astral Terror is probably a better encounter-schedule solution.
Encouraging Chant (DP) - Encounter. Useful for int-based invokers if your leader isn't covering this job, but you won't want this at level 2. Come back sometime in high heroic or paragon, when everything likes to drop save-ends effects.
Know Weakness (DP) - Encounter. This is handy if you don't have the appropriate skills, but invokers easily can. Plus, many fights will obviously have no enemies with appropriate weaknesses.
Lore of Shom (DP) - Daily. Hey, skills you actually use. The value of this is going to vary greatly depending on how important skill rolls are to your campaign, but it's probably not ever going to be better than blue.
Miraculous Fortune (DP) - Encounter. This is almost as good as having Resist 5, as long as you can get out of the sticky situation. This won't come up every fight, but that's just fine.
Strategist's Epiphany (PHB3) - History skill power, daily. You Win Initiative, if you're int-based. It's probably not quite as cool if you're con-based.
Death's Denial (D380) - Encounter. Conditional surge-based healing with no bonus. Possibly useful if you don't have a leader, but probably not too hot even then.
Altar of Confinement (D383) - Daily, stance. An invoker stance? Too weird. Anyway, you're unlikely to get much damage out of this, since it's negated with little cost or difficulty.
Heaven's Bountiful Reward (D383) - Encounter. I'm not a big fan of conditional THP on invokers, but this will come up every fight if you spend a lot of time adjacent to people.

Level 3 encounter powers

This is not a huge level for you, but Chains of Carceri is a perfectly functional control power, Knives of the Soul is good damage, and if you're really risk-averse Offering of Justice doesn't require a to-hit roll. This level is a good example of why invokers don't care about their kicker stats too much: two of the three kicker powers are completely inferior to similar alternate powers, and the wrathvoker kicker is on a single-target power.

Level 3 encounter powers "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn34"> Show

Chains of Carceri (PHB2) - Targets ref. Good damage in an (ally-unfriendly) AOE, and slowing is nice.
Glyph of Imprisonment (PHB2) - Radiant, targets will. Chains of Carceri is printed right above this, c'mon. That does comparable damage all the time and slows, whereas this offers only conditional damage. This only comes into its own if you have or are a Morninglord, abusing the double-dipping of radiant vulnerability.
Offering of Justice (PHB2) - Radiant. This will make one enemy waste one attack roll or eat a decently large pile of damage. On the other hand, it always works. I maintain that burning an encounter and an action to prevent one action is insufficient, even if it's 100% reliable.
Sun Hammer (PHB2) - Radiant, targets fort. This is your obligatory ally-friendly AOE. Chains of Carceri does more damage no matter what, though, and comes with a control effect.
Knives of the Soul (DP) - Force, targets ref. That's damage enough to tempt a striker, and the malvoker kicker isn't bad. Piddling self-damage is not a big deal.
Penance Compelled (DP) - Radiant, targets will. This is the bad sort of conditional-damage power. Why use this power when there's a power right above it that does more damage, all the time? This is another double-dip-radiant-vulnerability power like Glyph of Imprisonment, though.
Symbol of the Broken Sword (DP) - Charm, targets will. Offering of Justice always works on everything, whereas this power doesn't work on anything with a halfway decent basic attack. Even if you're a presevoker, the penalty to hit is offset by the fact that you need to hit. Burning an encounter and an action to prevent one action is still insufficient.
Word of Ruin (DP) - Psychic, targets will. Dazed and slowed are a potent combination. Moving yourself into position to use a close-burst, ally-unfriendly, self-dazing power is difficult and risky.
Fires of Judgement (D383) - Fire, targets will. Who wants this over Knives of the Soul? The only interesting kicker is the presevoker kicker, and even that is nothing special.
Radiant Cordon (D383) - Radiant, targets fort. It's an encounter version of Cerulean Flames! This makes an interesting zone, but make sure to shoot and scoot, or the group of enemies are just going to crowd in the part of the zone that lets them hit you in the face. I just can't get too excited about short-ranged immobilization effects.

Level 5 daily powers

If you didn't take Silent Malediction, you should take definitely take Searing Orb (or possibly Malediction of Blindness) now. Otherwise, it's more of a decision. While Searing Orb is still useful if you have Silent Malediction, some players won't necessarily want to put both of their dailies into fort-based save-ends effects. Of those players who aren't doubling up, con-based invokers are taking Lamentation of the Wicked, and other invokers are choosing one of Blade of Vengeance or Grasping Chains of the Justicar.

Level 5 daily powers "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn35"> Show

Blade of Vengeance (PHB2) - Conjuration, targets ref. This is pretty nifty, a conjuration gives you all of the benefits of a summon (except opportunity attacks, I suppose) but none of the action drain. Your minors and immediates are generally pretty weak, so this flits around and sets up flanks in otherwise-dangerous places while doing chunks of damage.
Grasping Chains of the Justicar (PHB2) - Force, save-ends, targets ref. Ally-friendly save-ends immobilization with a big AOE. It's a shame about the damage.
Icon of Terror (PHB2) - Psychic/fear, targets will. A big ally-unfriendly AOE with decent damage, but what you get out of it is a push? Even if you're getting the wrathvoker kicker, there are better AOEs at this level.
Searing Orb (PHB2) - Radiant, save-ends, targets fort. Save-ends AOE blindness. If you didn't take Silent Malediction, you'll probably want this. You might even want it anyway.
Deluge of Blood (DP) - Immediate reaction, targets fort. Out-of-sequence attacks are always handy, but not when they're this lame.
Lamentation of the Wicked (DP) - Psychic, save-ends, targets will. This is difficult to use because of the AOE's shape, but you're more interested in the Effect line; even a +2 con mod has a big effect. (For non-con-based invokers, this is merely black.) Note that the Effect line is an ongoing aura centered on you, rather than an effect placed on the enemies you hit.
Malediction of Blindness (DP) - Save-ends, Targets fort. A close blast 3 variant of Searing Orb. I don't think the disadvantages are worth the extra damage, but you might.
Sun Shard (DP) - Radiant, save-ends, targets ref. You can get save-ends immobilization or save-ends blindness in an AOE at this level. Why would you settle for single-target save-ends daze?
Trumpet the Star's Fall (DP) - Fire/radiant, targets ref. This isn't bad for suppressing a defensive position, but Searing Orb does the job better.
Rolling Thunderstrike (D383) - Thunder/lightning, save-ends, targets ref. The damage is impressive and a save-ends to-hit penalty isn't bad, but it only controls one target.
Summon Celestial Lion (D383) - Summon, targets fort. A charge-only summon with a knockdown is interesting, but this has serious targeting issues.
Dawn's Blazing Fingers (D383) - Fire/radiant, save-ends, targets ref. Dawn's Boring Fingers. You're not a warlock, you don't need their crappy ongoing damage powers with no control effects.

Level 6 utility powers

Demand Justice is a must if you have a significant amount of save-ends dailies, and by this point you should. If you don't, you've lot of so-so leader-style party buffs (Symbol of Hope being the winner of the bunch) or a decent minor-action sustainable difficult terrain zone in Solid Fog. Patron's Blessing, from Dragon #383, is a second dose of Channel Divinity, which isn't much for most invokers but is handy if you have an amazing channel from a feat.

Level 6 utility powers "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn36"> Show

Astral Step (PHB2) - Daily. Divine Call does half of this, but shuffling things around on an off-action is still very handy. It's just a shame that this is daily.
Demand Justice (PHB2) - Encounter. Getting a bit more out of your save-ends dailies is nice, and you can also use this to help the party out when you're not dropping a daily.
Shared Endurance (PHB2) - Daily. Lame leader stuff. Shifting around a little bit of damage is not worth your utility slot.
Shield of Light (PHB2) - Encounter. One-off attack penalties aren't all bad, but neither are they anything to write home about.
Symbol of Hope (PHB2) - Daily. More friendly zones, in the vein of Wall of Light. This is much easier to use than Wall of Light, and saving throw boosts are starting to become important at this level.
Brilliant Cloak (DP) - Daily. A bit out of role, and not terribly potent. I'd almost be happier with Wall of Light.
Guardian Angel (DP) - Daily. Also out of role. It's just movable Wall of Light. I'd rather have Wall of Light.
Prayer for Victory (DP) - Daily. Miraculous Fortune looms large and is usable every fight. This isn't. A better defense that doesn't work when you need it is of no value at all.
Solid Fog (DP) - Daily. Not nearly as overpowered as its 3e cousin, but a big patch of blocked LOS and difficult terrain can always be put to good use.
Symbol of Vengeance (D381) - Daily. This is a bit of a weird one, and it's a shame it doesn't work on close blasts/bursts. I'm not sure if you're going to get any use out of this every day; possibly if you play a lot more dungeon delves than I do? It's encounter-long, which is nice.
Altar of Defense (D383) - Daily. This improves as you level, but it isn't at any point actually very good. Conditional, short-duration defense boosts rarely have a great impact on a fight.
Patron's Blessing (D383) - Daily. It's a second dose of Channel Divinity. Builds with powerful channels from a feat (e.g. Solar Enemy) will want this, but none of the default channels are so amazing that a 1/day extra use of them is significant.

Level 7 encounter powers

Wrathvokers are still using Rain of Blood, even after the nerf. Everyone else is deciding between Baleful Eye of Judgement, a hardhitting AOE with a smallish area, or Tide of the First Storm, a big ally-friendly AOE with a decent int-based kicker.

Level 7 encounter powers "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn37"> Show

Baleful Eye of Judgement (PHB2) - Fear/psychic, targets will. -2 to hit isn't bad as debuffs go, and the damage is nice.
Bolt of the Rising Sun (PHB2) - Radiant, targets ref. A power that costs an action and an encounter power to (maybe) cost one enemy one action? Again, no.
Invoke Obedience (PHB2) - Psychic, targets will. This is pretty much wrathvoker only, because you need the kicker or else everyone just eats the prone. It's not quite as good as it looks on first blush, because you're letting the GM choose whichever effect is least painful. Wis and d6 autohitting damage versus a very accurate attack is a meaningful decision, but just prone versus damage isn't. Since wrathvokers get more interesting powers at this level, this is just not going to see much use.
Thunderbolt of the Heavens (PHB2) - Thunder, targets fort. Adding 10 range to Forceful Denunciation didn't turn it into a good choice. In fact, six levels later it's looking practically lame.
Rain of Blood (DP) - Targets fort. See? I don't hate fort powers. This is absolutely indispensable for wrathvokers (but only black for other covenants). Coordinate with the party to turn this into big damage, every single fight.
Tide of the First Storm (DP) - Targets ref. AOE slow combined with sliding allies out of reach is a very nice combination. This is obviously for int-based invokers only, though.
Trumpest of Celestia (DP) - Thunder/fear, targets fort. A fort-based fear power? Weird. Anyway, just use Baleful Eye of Judgement, even if you are a presevoker. Doubling the penalty isn't worth the accuracy loss and all the positioning work you need to do to make this power work.
Words of Fiery Condemnation (DP) - Fire/radiant, save-ends, targets ref. This is a close damage-only power, but it is a fair amount of damage. It's Invocation of Ice and Fire updated, and like Ice and Fire it's too hard to use to just get damage.
Written in Fire (DP) - Fire, conjuration. I'm not a big fan of these conditional powers, but I am a fan of no-hit powers and powers that force enemies to retreat from melee. Ultimately, the low damage and the lack of any practical way to force the damage is the deal-breaker.
Death's Dread Whisper (D380) - Targets fort. It's a very big AOE and dazing is nice. A large, close, non-ally-friendly AOE that does no damage is probably not worth your time, though.
Lightning Spike (D383) - Lightning, targets fort. AOE daze is perfectly respectable, and there's a shortage of decent lightning/thunder powers at this level.
Curse of the Divine Plague (D383) - Targets fort. This is an interesting and exotic logic puzzle, and I dearly want it to be worth taking. Unfortunately, it's hard to use and isn't as ally-friendly as it proports to be. I can't see how you'd use this every encounter, or why you'd take it over Tide of the First Storm.
Omen of Damnation (D383) - Radiant, targets will. It's a lose/lose power done right. If you're targeting someone engaged in melee, both loses are really painful. It's just a shame this is single-target.

Level 9 daily powers

This level is full of gems, and nearly any of the blue powers here would be pushing sky blue at other levels. Malediction of Rigidity has a lock on the actual level 9 daily slot, and indeed will keep that daily slot for most of your career. This is the first level where you'd seriously consider coming back later instead of taking a higher-level daily; Baleful Admonishment, Cerulean Flames, Fourfold Invocation of Doom, Hall of Thunderous Battle, Herald the Storm Unleashed, and Summon Blade Angel are all winners.

Level 9 daily powers "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn38"> Show

Cerulean Flames (PHB2) - Radiant, save-ends, targets ref. A zone that comes with respectable damage. Unfortunately, the zone is rather difficult to use as a zone; instead, it's more of a conditional save-ends blind. Save-ends blindness is a heck of an effect, but there will be situations where you'll want to use this and can't.
Fourfold Invocation of Doom (PHB2) - Psychic/fear, save-ends, targets will. Dropping a daze on the entire battlefield is worth not doing any damage. Plus, you get a little damage shield, which is nice.
Summon Blade Angel (PHB2) - Summoning, targets fort/ref. Blade of Vengeance got a body. Compared to Blade of Vengeance, you're trading some accuracy and some of your move actions in order to get the ability to take opportunity attacks (which slow enemies). If you're looking for a second dose of minor-action-only attacking summon, you're in the right place.
Visions of Paradise (PHB2) - Charm, save-ends, targets will. Look at all the other amazing save-ends debuff powers at this level. Pacifying one enemy isn't worth it.
Baleful Admonishment (DP) - Save-ends, targets will. I love this power irrationally. This is a rather ugly save-ends effect on three enemies, and you get to pick up to three targets selectively. You'll just need to coordinate some sort of healing to keep you on your feet.
Hall of Thunderous Battle (DP) - Thunder, targets fort. A persistant aura that pushes enemies away and buffs allies' defenses. This is one of those powers I want to use every single fight; it never feels like dead weight on the character sheet.
Herald the Storm Unleashed (DP) - Thunder/lightning, targets fort. It makes a murder-pinball-compatible zone. I have trouble getting too excited about this power; it's reliable and versatile damage, but the slide is not synergistic with the zone and the damage doesn't scale. The reliability of a movable damage zone is not to be discounted, however.
Malediction of Rigidity (DP) - Fear, save-ends, targets will. It's a minor action to make a large AOE that puts up save-ends immobilization and ongoing damage, with a save penalty if you're a malvoker. This is arguably the best invoker daily power period. Do not drop this power for a good long time.
Twist of Fate (DP) - Charm/psychic, save-ends, targets will. The debuff is a mild inconvenience. This is a mediocre power facing extremely tough competition.
Brand the Heretic (D383) - Fire, save-ends, targets will. This is worse than Visions of Paradise. Consider what Visions of Paradise is rated.
Cast the First Stone (D383) - Targets fort. Level 9 has the singular distinction of having the best invoker daily power in the game, and the worst. Guess which one this is.

Level 10 utility powers

Angelic Messenger, from Dragon #383, is just amazing. If that's not available for some reason, this isn't a particularly powerful level. Prayer of Vengeance is a conditional bonus to hit and Angelic Visage is a fairly good defensive trick. Divine Renewal is decent in games where adventuring days run very long. Otherwise there's a bunch of leader-lite junk that even leader classes wouldn't take. It might be worth going back and picking through the lower-level utility lists for gems you had to skip.

Level 10 utility powers "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn39"> Show

Angelic Visage (PHB2) - Encounter, fear. I'm a big fan of these defensive encounter utilities, and adding a push is nice.
Covenant of Endurance (PHB2) - Daily. Why doesn't this have the healing keyword? Oh well, it's just a mediocre surge-based healing power for a low-surge class. Nobody's using this.
Divine Renewal (PHB2) - Daily. Extra surges are very good in a specific sort of game, where the GM focuses fire, surgeless healing is scarce, and days run long. Otherwise, it's never coming up.
Martyr's Ward (PHB2) - Daily. You are the most fragile character in any given party. These sorts of powers are lame when paladins get them, and you are most definitely not a paladin.
Call of the Vanguard (DP) - Daily. I wouldn't use this over Shroud of Warning, but a second dose of winning initiative is always nice for a controller.
Enunciation (DP) - Daily. Increasing the size of AOE attacks is usually powerful, but this is one attack and only works on close effects. I always take this and never find a good use for it; don't be an idiot like me.
Prayer of Vengeance (DP) - Daily. Drop this at the same time as one of one of the wrathvoker nova powers, like Rain of Blood or Lamentation of the Wicked. It will make a glorious mess of things. Note that it has been errataed to last "until the end of the ally’s next turn" so the power isn't completely non-functional.
Word of Urgency (DP) - Encounter. Meh. Divine Call takes your minor action, but works on two allies and works with non-int-based invokers, plus Divine Call can be used just to reshuffle the battlefield. This isn't anything special.
Angelic Messenger (D383) - Daily, summon. This turns your move actions into chessmastery (as long as you plan ahead) and gives you gobs and gobs of out-of-combat surge-free healing.
Cloud of Locusts (D383) - Daily. This is....interesting. The heavy concealment cuts both ways, but invokers tend to be loaded with AOE powers. This will depend on your party; can everyone group up and benefit from using this at range? Can people use AOEs to bypass the concealment? If so, this gets better. If not, it's less interesting.