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Invoker: Magic Items

So, for all you staff users out there, feel free to come in and post, my staff is a good one, but here is how it goes - Kralnor

Invokers want offensive boosts (including but not limited to accuracy boosts, damage boosts, control effects, and save penalties), initiative boosts, defensive boosts, and escapes for bad situations, generally in that order. Anything else is nice but unnecessary.


Optimal weapon choice varies, depending on your build and your GM's houserules. That said, it's hard to go wrong with a Staff of Ruin or a Radiant staff. Rod of the Star Spawn is fairly high level, but it's 19-20 crits if you don't have them already. If you're worried about covering an implement for another class, there are staffs to double as either holy symbols or totems. Radiant builds have some special options made specifically for them, including Torch of Misery to grant CA against targets they hit with radiant powers and (at high levels) Pelor's Scepter to grant brutal 1 on all radiant attacks.

Make sure you have something in your off-hand. You can tell an off-hand-compatible item because it grants bonuses or special effects, but doesn't specify that you apply those effects to an attack made "using this item/weapon/implement." A Mage's spiked shield is +1 AC (and +17 to looking like a doofus, sadly), a Bloodthirsty staff is +1 to hit and +enhancement to damage against bloodied foes, and a Staff of Expansion is a 1/day AOE expansion. You don't need to go all-out on the off-hand item; a cheap one will usually do almost as well as a top-quality item.

While you won't necessarily use them, Brilliant Energy Weapons, Radiant Weapons, and Sunblades, all from Adventurer's Vault, can be used by other party members to take advantage of the radiant vulnerability you inflict on enemies with certain abilities. Sunblades are the lowest-level, but they're only available on heavy blades. Radiant is available on any weapon (and is an excellent property for any class), but the lowest-level version is level 15.

Staffs "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn73"> Show

Invokers prefer staffs, as a number of options are only available with implements that double as weapons, and this guide generally assumes that such options are available. In particular, I've assumed that any [Adjective] Weapon effect can be put on a staff and used as an implement, benefiting from the [Adjective] effect. If that isn't true in your game, any enhancement named [Adjective] Weapon is not available to you, and there's little reason to favor staffs over rods unless you are using staff-specific multiclass options.

Staffs work as-is with druid, psion, sorcerer, and wizard multiclass options.

Aftershock Weapon (AV2) - Level 2+, staff. Interesting in a crit-focused build.
Blastwarp Staff (AV2) - Level 10+, staff. This doesn't work as often as you'd hope it would, and it's awfully expensive. However, note that you gain combat advantage on your next attack, not on your next attack against those targets.
Bloodiron Weapon (AV) - Level 13+, staff. More extra damage for crit-heavy builds, but not quite as cheap this time.
Bloodthirsty Weapon (AV) - Level 13+, staff. It's a conditional bonus, but it is a bonus, and this is off-hand compatible to boot.
Challenge-Seeing Weapon (AV2) - Level 1+, staff. Cheap condtional extra damage. Note the lack of extra crit damage. Contrast with Rod of First Blood.
Communal Weapon (AV) - Level 4+, staff. A pool of extra bonuses. Off-hand compatible.
Cunning Weapon (AV) - Level 8+, staff. Once a stunlocker staple, now heavily nerfed. It's still somewhat handy, though.
Dessicating Weapon (AV) - Level 13+, staff. Invokers get both a lot of fort attacks and a lot of opportunities to take save penalties.
Flaming Weapon (PHB) - Level 5+, staff. Mildly interesting for a tiefling with Hellfire Blood, but too expensive for the benefit.
Goblin Totem weapon (Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting) - Level 2+, staff. A cheaper, slightly situational alternative to the Staff of Ruin. The bonus damage from this weapon is untyped, however, so you can make use of other item bonuses to damage.
Legendary Weapon (AV) - Level 25+, staff. A bonus standard action 1/day when you crit. Off-hand compatible, but probably too expensive to be practical in either hand.
Lightning Weapon (PHB) - Level 5+, staff. This allows thunder/lightning builds to take powers they wouldn't normally have access to, but it's awfully expensive for what it does.
Radiant Weapon (AV) - Level 15+, staff. Radiant is a great damage type, invokers have many options to enhance radiant attacks, and this also doubles as a Staff of Ruin. Definitely worth the slight increase in cost over a Staff of Ruin.
Staff of Divinity (AV2) - Level 2+, staff. A must for invokers with cleric (or avanger or paladin) implement powers from multiclassing or a paragon path.
Staff of Elemental Prowess (AV) - Level 9+, staff. A little extra elemental damage.
Staff of Expansion (D365) - Level 2+, staff. This is a cheap stretch on one AOE, plus it's cheaper than a Staff of the War Mage and the size increase scales. Off-hand friendly.
Staff of Power (PHB) - Level 19+, staff. For high-crit builds, you'll see this daily almost every day. This is an off-hand-compatible staff, although the cost may be prohibitive.
Staff of Ruin (AV) - Level 3+, staff. A boring-but-effective staple. You may want to upgrade to a Raidant staff at high paragon, however.
Staff of the Sunburst (PHB2) - Level 14+, staff. Pricey, but it's an almost guaranteed 1/day escape. Off-hand compatible but probably too expensive to offhand.
Staff of the Discerning Watcher (PHB3) - Level 2+, staff. The level 2 version is a cheap way to take 10 on initiative as an item daily. Offhand fact, you probably shouldn't mainhand this or ever get any version of this but the level 2 version.
Staff of Time (AV2) - Level 30, staff, part of the Time Wizard's Tools set. The ultimate tool for any crit-focused invoker.
Staff of the War Mage (PHB) - Level 3+, staff. This is a cheap stretch on one AOE, but overshadowed by a Staff of Expansion as long as you don't mind blowing a minor action. Off-hand friendly.
Tempest Staff (AV2) - Level 15+, staff, part of the Armory of the Unvanquished set. This has interesting interaction with Devastating Invocation for thunder-focused invokers.
Thunderwave Staff (PHB) - Level 8+, staff. Best for malvokers, but not great even for them. Invokers don't generally get lots of big pushes. Off-hand friendly.
Tyrant's Weapon (AV) - Level 8+, staff. Another choice of on-crit effect, this time a knockdown.
Verdant Staff (AV2) - Level 2+, staff. As the Staff of Divinity, but for shaman-multiclassed invokers. (Druid-multiclassed invokers can just use any staff.)
Vicious Weapon (PHB) - Level 2+, staff. Cheap extra damage for crit-heavy builds.
Weapon of Evil Undone (AV2) - Level 10+, staff. A staff of divinity variant that trades a higher cost and lower crit damage for a second dose of the deva racial ability and a very weird daily power.

Rods "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn74"> Show

Rods don't benefit from weapon-based options, like the Weapon Focus feat, dragonshard augments, and [Adjective] Weapon enhancements. However, depending on the whims of your GM, neither do staffs.

Rods work as-is with artificer and warlock multiclass options.

Adamantine Rod (AV) - Level 14+, rod. A decent sop for occasional radiant resistance, pre-epic.
Pelor's Scepter (AV2) - Level 27, rod, part of the Relics of Creation set. A rod/holy symbol with brutal 1 on radiant attacks. It's a shame it's a rod.
Rod of the Bloodthorn (AV) - Level 17+, rod. A conditional bonus given a common condition is always welcome. Contrast with a Bloodthirsty Weapon.
Rod of Brilliant Wrath (PHB2) - Level 14+, rod. One of many 1/day incapacitate-the-targets weapons. Notable only in that it incapacitates multiple targets, albeit in a non-ally-friendly way.
Rod of Burgeoning Memory (AV2) - Level 2+, rod. Somewhat interesting for deva invokers.
Rod of Dual Invocation (PHB2) - Level 30, rod. An extra attack, but it's hideously expensive.
Rod of First Blood (PHB) - Level 8+, rod. Extra damage is extra damage.
Rod of Obliterating Wrath (AV2) - Level 9+, rod. Very conditional extra damage.
Rod of Retributive Justice (PHB2) - Level 20+, rod. Very expensive. It applies defensive penalties on a crit (contrast with a Tyrant staff's knockdown), and its daily allows an out-of-sequence attack on an enemy that just hit you. The daily is off-hand compatible.
Rod of the Star Spawn (AV) - Level 22+, rod. If you don't have expanded crit range from anywhere else, you might as well get it here.
Torch of Misery (AV2) - Level 10+, rod. Combat advantage is hard to come by for invokers, and this gives radiant-focused invokers CA simply for focusing fire.


Most invokers will wear chain. These invokers will almost certainly want Time Link Armor, as it's available starting at low levels and it gives you that all-important item bonus to initiative, plus an initiative reroll when you need it. If you're getting your initiative boost elsewhere, Rebuking Armor is a nice AC boost and Tactician's Armor boosts all of your int-based kickers.

Many int-based invokers will wear hide. In that case, Battle Harness's initiative boost and Feytouched Armor with its initiative boost and melee escape both loom large, but that's not available until paragon. Until then (or if you're getting your initiative boost elsewhere), Darkleaf and Great Cat Armor are interesting.

If you've plumped for scale armor, it was to get the best AC you can. In that case, just go ahead and take Bloodiron Armor, since it's the best AC-based boost you'll find.

Armor "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn75"> Show

Astral Fire Armor (PHB2) - Level 2+, chain. Particularly nice for malvokers, who tend to be in close when they use their channel, but any invoker with a close-range channel from a feat should consider this.
Armor of Essence Involate (AV2) - Level 13+, any type, part of the Ayrkashna Armor set. You can't be sure you'll be able to have this bonus activated when you need it.
Battle Harness (D368) - Level 4+, hide. If you read this as written, granting a power bonus to initiative, it's the best invoker armor in the game period, since it stacks with some other initiative-boosting item. If you read this as an error and that it's intended to be an item bonus to initiative, this is merely a very good choice for heroic levels, and is replaced at paragon levels by Feytouched armor.
Bloodiron Armor (AV) - Level 18+, scale/plate. If you've spent the feat(s) to qualify for this staple, might as well benefit from it.
Darkleaf Armor (PHB) - Level 4+, hide. You won't take too many melee attacks, especially as a presevoker, so you'll get the +2 against most of the attacks you take.
Displacer Armor (AV) - Level 14+, hide. A powerful defensive daily that lasts an entire encounter. If you're wondering why Bloodvine armor isn't listed, this is why.
Dwarven Armor (PHB) - Level 2+, chain/scale/plate. A cheap extra daily heal.
Feytouched Armor (MOTP) - Level 12+, hide. An initiative boost and a 1/encounter escape power? This was made for invokers.
Great Cat Armor (AV2) - Level 19+, hide. Doubling your shift is always nice.
Lifeblood Armor (PHB2) - Level 10+, hide. It's a little pad against the first hit per fight, but it's awfully expensive. Contrast with Darkleaf.
Moon Armor (AV2) - Level 3+, chain. The boost is situational, but the armor is cheap.
Rebuking Armor (PHB2) - Level 4+, chain. Very fiddly to keep track of, but an often-on benefit.
Righteous Armor (AV) - Level 9+, plate. This has some interesting possibilities in a Radiant Mafia build with plate armor proficiency. Or you can make it for the party defender, that's also good.
Summoned Armor (AV) - Level 6+, any type. This is normally unremarkable. However, a set of summoned plate can be summoned when you need it, then banished before making any attacks, even if you're not proficient in plate. This will tend to get you beaten by your GM and friends, however; I take no responsibility for DMG-shaped bruises.
Tactician's Armor (AV) - Level 5+, chain/scale/plate. A boost to your int-based kickers and skills.
Time Link Armor (AV2) - Level 4+, chain. An initiative boost and an init reroll. Lovely. One of the best places to get an initiative boost.
Versatile Armor (AV) - Level 3+, chain/plate. For a minor AC loss you can ignore the normal disadvantages of heavy armor.

Arm slot items

Trollhide Bracers are one of the few interesting items in this slot. The rest are situational or build-specific options.

Bracers "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn76"> Show

Bracers of the Perfect Shot (PHB) - Level 3+. A decent boost to Sun Strike or Power-of-Skill-boosted Divine Bolts.
Bracers of Rejuvenation (AV) - Level 8. I'm fond of these for con-based invokers in short-working-day games. +1 to all rolls means both attacks and damage rolls.
Executioner's Bracers (AV2) - Level 3+. It's not a lot of extra damage, but it's extra damage for cheap.
Rapidstrike Bracers (AV) - Level 15. Another place to pick up an item bonus to initiative, but the encounter power is near-useless to you.
Trollhide Bracers (AV) - Level 19+. At level 19, it's 500 HP in a can. Screw healing surge items.

Feet slot items

Boots of Eagerness and Boots of Teleportation are still just about the best choices for everyone in the game. Boots of Dancing are interesting for any invoker fond of self-dazing powers. You can probably just go without boots for most of heroic.

Boots, greaves, and shoes "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn77"> Show

Acrobat Boots (PHB) - Level 2. Nothing special, but the competition at this low of level is weak.
Boots of Dancing (AV) - Level 11. An absolute must for any invoker that uses self-dazing powers, unless you've taken Uncanny Dodge. In fact, it might be better to just take these instead of Uncanny Dodge.
Boots of Eagerness (AV) - Level 9. Still boring. Still OP. The best boots in the game for nearly anyone for most of the game.
Boots of Furious Speed (AV) - Level 9. A cheap speed boost, although you hopefully won't need it most of the time. The choice between this and Boots of Striding is a matter of taste.
Boots of Speed (AV) - Level 22. Powerful, but by epic the competition is fairly stiff.
Boots of Striding (PHB) - Level 9. +1 speed is useful for everyone.
Boots of Teleportation (AV) - Level 28. Without a doubt the best boots in the entire game.
Dragonborn Greaves (AV) - Level 12. A nice upgrade over Boots of Furious Speed.
Rushing Cleats (AV) - Level 7. Of moderate interest to malvokers, assuming you rule that the covenant-triggered push is "the push[...] effect of a close[...] attack you perform."
Sandals of Avandra (AV) - Level 25. Powerful, but somewhat overshadowed by Boots of Teleportation.
Survivor's Boots (AV2) - Level 16. Near-immunity to opportunity attacks while bloodied is very handy.
Winged Boots (PHB) - Level 13. Immunity to falling damage has its uses.

Hand slot items

Gauntlets of Blood or Resplendent Gloves are conditional damage boosts in a weak slot, so they're probably the winners. Holy Gauntlets are almost as good in a radiant-focused build. Gauntlets of the Ram, Green Thumbs, and Spell Anchors offer some offbeat control boosts.

Hand slot items "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn78"> Show

Gauntlets of Blood (AV2) - Level 4+. You'll get this bonus often enough to matter, and extra damage is about the best benefit you can get from this slot.
Gauntlets of the Blood War (MOTP) - Level 16+. If you fight enough immortal enemies to justify this, go for it.
Gauntlets of the Ram (PHB) - Level 8. A malvoker staple. Black for other covenants.
Gloves of Accuracy (AV) - Level 16. A potent effect, but pretty much just limited to your at-will attacks.
Green Thumbs (AV) - Level 9. A spell in a can, but it's an interesting spell. Unfortunately, it doesn't level well, as higher-level enemies can just cut through the wall.
Holy Gauntlets (AV) - Level 8+. One-shot extra damage, then extra damage all fight. Plus, it lets you cheat and take one non-radiant daily in a radiant build.
Resplendent Gloves (AV2) - Level 5+, part of the Resplendent Finery set. This is a conditional damage boost, but a controllable and common one.
Spell Anchors (AV) - Level 9. A cheap way to keep a minor-action power rolling even when you are dazed.

Head slot items

If you don't have superior initiative items (e.g. Feytouched Armor, Time Link Armor, or a Timeless Locket), the head slot has some acceptable substitutes. You can also get an unnerfed save-penalty item here in Skull Mask, which is -2 to saves against Fourfold Invocation of Doom or Malediction of Rigidity. If you have initiative covered, there's too many interesting situational effects for me to list here.

Hats, helms, goggles, glasses, and other things that go on your head "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn79"> Show

Carcanet of Psychic Schism (AV) - Level 15. Just wanted to note that this doesn't work on self-dazing effects, since you can't interrupt your own turn.
Casque of Tactics (AV) - Level 4+. The level 4 version is nice for Just Winning Initiative, as well as the cheap always-on boost. The higher-level versions are black, as they are overpriced and other initiative items are better.
Circlet of Continuity (AV2) - Level 11. Handy for keeping a sustained power going through a self-daze effect.
Clockwork Cowl (AV) - Level 26. Initiative boosts are nice, but this is overpriced because of the lame daily power.
Crown of the Brilliant Sun (AV2) - Level 14, part of the Gifts for the Queen set. If this switches the keyword, it's a way for radiant invokers to broaden their repertoire. If this doesn't, it's a way for lightning/thunder invokers to bypass resistance or take advantage of radiant vulnerability. Either way, it's interesting.
Eagle Eye Goggles (AV) - Level 2+. A boost to hit on Sun Strike or Power-of-Skill-enhanced Divine Bolts. It's rare to get extra to-hit or damage in this slot.
Eye of Awareness (AV) - Level 23. A boring initiative item, but it's well-priced for the size of the initiative boost.
Goggles of Night (PHB) - Level 14. Darkvision is useful, although you can probably afford to hold a torch.
Headand of Intellect (AV) - Level 10+. +1 to hit on psychic attacks is decent for malvokers, since most fear attacks are psychic. Don't bother with the higher-level versions, though.
Helm of Able Defense (AV2) - Level 14, part of the Panoply of the Shepherds of Ghest. It's Darkleaf armor in a can, and it stacks with Darkleaf.
Helm of Battle (PHB) - Level 9+. I'm fond of the AOE initiative boost, but you probably want a bigger self-only boost if you don't have one already.
Phrenic Crown (AV) - Level 7+. A save penalty on will-targeting powers, of which you have quite a few. It's only one turn after the nerf, though. Contrast with Skull Crown.
Quickening Diadem (AV) - Level 29. Great for self-dazers, but so very expensive.
Skull Mask (AV) - Level 5+. -2 to saves against Fourfold Invocation of Doom or Malediction of Rigidity. Tieflings can use this on any daily by using Infernal Malediction add the fear keyword. Just keep the heroic version; you don't need necrotic resist or intimidate boosts that badly.

Neck slot items

If you need an initiative boost and don't have it on your armor, Timeless Locket has you covered. Stunlocking builds can get another -1 to fear-based saves. Otherwise, you can probably just get a boring Amulet of Protection.

Amulets and cloaks "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn80"> Show

Amulet of Elusive Prey (AV) - Level 14+. A nice little AC/ref boost for presevokers, who tend to avoid melee. Other covenants probably won't have the room to move.
Amulet of Protection (PHB) - Level 1+. While most of the neck slot items are not crucial, increasing your NADs is important, so at least get a cheap neck.
Brooch of Vitality (AV) - Level 15+. Extra HP are always nice.
Cloak of the Walking Wounded (AV) - Level 4+. I'm fond of this for con-based invokers, but it doesn't come up enough to justify the cost.
Talisman of Terror (AV) - Level 7+. More save penalties, again on fear powers, such as the level 9 save-ends dailies.
Timeless Locket (AV2) - Level 14+. An item bonus to initiative and bonus standard action 1/day is fantastic, even after the nerf.


Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor is an unexpected gem, giving a large item bonus to damage on close powers (assuming you aren't using a Radiant weapon or Staff of Ruin), and the Ring of Sorrows is a boost to hit on fear powers. Iron Ring of the Dwarf Lords is a boring staple if you're not con-based. Otherwise, nothing else stands out.

Rings "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn81"> Show

Golden Ring of Teros (AV2) - Level 24. Expensive, but a nice defensive boost.
Iron Ring of the Dwarf Lords (PHB) - Level 14. A staple for non-con-based invokers. Or non-con-based anyone, really.
Premonition Ring (AV) - Level 15. A passable initiative item with a usable daily. Overshadowed by Timeless Locket and the initiative armors.
Ring of Fey Travel (AV) - Level 22. Extra speed in an unusual slot, but awfully overpriced for the privilege.
Ring of Free Time (AV2) - Level 29, part of the Time Wizard's Tools set. Hideously expensive but oh so worth it. Either half of this item would be worth the cost, but combined it's a winner.
Ring of Protection (PHB) - Level 17. By the time you can afford this, you're going to be making lots of saving throws.
Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor (AV) - Level 15. Extra damage in an unusual slot, and a daily out-of-sequence attack. And for a bargain price, as rings go. Just be aware that it's item-typed, so it doesn't stack with a Radiant weapon or a Staff of Ruin.
Ring of the Radiant Storm (AV2) - Level 17, part of the Gifts for the Queen set. Rerolling damage isn't a big damage boost, but any damage boost in the ring slot is unusual.
Ring of Khirad (AV2) - Level 27, part of the Points of the Constellation set. See invisible foes in the usual utility slot.
Ring of Sorrows (AV2) - Level 18, part of the Relics of the Forgotten One set. Bonuses to hit in the ring slot are very rare, and malvokers already have a reason to seek out fear powers.
War Ring (AV) - Level 16. Extra damage on critical hits, for a relatively cheap price.

Waist slot items

It's a toss-up between Sash of Vitality Ceaseless or Diamond Cincture, depending on whether you want bigger or more surges. Con-based invokers may also consider Belt of Blood.

Sashes, belts, and such "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn82"> Show

Badric of Valor (AV) - Level 21. I'm fond of this item, but it's awfully expensive.
Belt of Blood (AV) - Level 10. A decent boost to your surge value for con-based invokers.
Diamond Cincture (AV2) - Level 10+. This is essentially a pile of extra healing surges with minor-action activation. That's useful for everyone.
Sash of Regeneration (AV2) - Level 28. Hideously expensive, but very worth it.
Sash of Vitality Ceaseless (AV2) - Level 14, part of the Ayrkashna Armor set. One of the better healing-surge-value items.
Wraith's Cord (AV2) - Level 30. Also hideously expensive, but amazing in crit-focused builds.

Miscellaneous slots

A Mage's spiked shield, and/or Siberys Shard of the Mage are as cheap as free after low heroic levels and are essentially slotless, so there's really no reason not to take them if they're available. Pelor's Sun Blessing is a fantastic divine boon, if you can get it. Curse Eye Tattoo is a must for stunlockers, and Solitaires are handy for crit-based builds.

Miscellaneous items "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn83"> Show

Avandra's Boon of Escape (DMG2) - Level 3+, divine boon. An essentially-slotless escape tool.
Pelor's Sun Blessing (DMG2) - Level 3+, divine boon. +wis to damage for Morninglord or epic radiant builds. Niiice.
Curse Eye Tattoo (AV2) - Level 8, tattoo. Helps your save-ends effects to stick.
Mage's spiked shield (AV) - Level 2, offhand. Yes, I realize how lame it is. It's still +1 AC in a slot you'll almost never use. This is better than a Mage's parrying dagger, because you need a weapon in your mainhand to benefit from that, and you might be wielding a rod or some other tool in your mainhand.
Siberys Shard of the Mage (EPG) - Level 3+, dragonshard augment. Nearly-slotless extra damage for staff users.
Solitaire (Aquamarine) and Solitaire (Violet) (AV) - Level 16/26, woundrous item (solitaire). The best way to get crits is to make many attacks and get an expanded crit range. Invokers happen to do both.

Slotless items

Soak up the rest of your daily magic item uses with Dice of Auspicious Fortune, Stones of Light/Storms, and Salves of Power. After that, well, it's just not D&D without a Bag of Holding.

Slotless miscellaneous items "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn84"> Show

Bag of Holding and Handy Haversack (PHB) - Level 5/10, wondrous item. A near-bottomless backpack is still just as cool as it was in the 1974. It's just not D&D without a Bag of Holding.
Dice of Auspicious Fortune (D381) - Level 11, wondrous item. Every single adventurer should have at least one set of these if they can.
Portable Hole (PHB) - Level 19, wondrous item. Another infinitely useful classic.
Salve of Power (AV) - Level 10, wondrous item. They're awfully expensive, but con-based invokers have excellent encounter powers and surges to spare.
Stone of Light and Stone of Storms (AV2) - Level 12, part of the Fortune Stones set. A reroll is always handy.