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Invoker: Paragon-level Feats

To be born thus empty into this modern age, this mixture of good and ill, and yet steer through life on an honest course to the splendors of success — this is a feat reserved for paragons of our kind, a task beyond the nature of the normal man. - Ihara Saikaku

As there are fewer paragon feats than heroic feats, there are fewer must-have feats at paragon. Danger Sense is a must-have. After that, it depends on your build. Resounding Thunder is a must for thunder builds, especially Devoted Orators. This is massively inadequate and needs rewriting.

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Back to the Wall (PHB) - It's +1 typeless AC for standing by a wall. This is rather silly, but it works, as long as there's a wall to stand by. (Most GMs won't let you nickname a party member Wally, though.)
strong>Clinging Radiance (DP) - This thwarts a number of annoying defensive abilities, and should be up most of the time for radiant-focused builds.
Danger Sense (PHB) - Winning initiative is key.
Devastating Critical (PHB) - Many invoker builds have 19-20 or even 18-20 crits at paragon, on top of making many attack rolls due to AOE attacks. If you're interested in more specific math, this is .825 damage per attack roll if you crit on 18-20, .55 if on 19-20, and .275 baseline.
Dragonbane (D378) - Do you fight a lot of dragons? Are you not using any other channel divinities? If yes to both, go crazy.
Expansive Burst (PHB3) - In close quarters with lots of cover this can be fairly useful
Invigorating Critical (DP) - This is conditional THP, but it's enough conditional THP to actually matter and crit-focused builds will activate this most fights.
Invoker's Blaze (DP) - With the new essentials feats this has gotten fairly useless. If your a radiant build that likes playing on the bloodied side of life, this could be solid. Otherwise just pick up Implement Focus.
Invoker's Control (DP) - Most of your dailies will be save-ends, so this will come up decently often. This is sky blue for stunlocking invokers.
Justice Hammer (D381) - You're likely to already have an expanded crit range, from a paragon path or Power of Luck. Don't take this if your only expanded crit ability is Speaker of the Gods, though.
Lightning Arc (PHB) - I'm not especially fond of this, especially since invokers tend to have low-ish base damage from powers. I'd rather have more damage on fewer targets.
Overwhelming Critical (PHB3) - If you're critfishing, might as well add more to it. Just be careful with this (and remember that feat effects are always optional); unless you take the otherwise-lame Grounding Shot feat, being prone is a defense bonus against your ranged and area attacks.
Pervasive Light (DP) - If you're in a Radiant Mafia party, this lets you cheat a bit on taking all radiant powers. (For non-Morninglords in non-radiant-focused parties, this is black if you have some other way of inflicting radiant vulnerability and red otherwise.) Note that while this allows you to get the bonus damage from the vulnerability, it doesn't allow Morninglords to refresh the radiant vulnerability with non-radiant powers.
Pillar of Heaven (D387) - A bonus to defense when you miss every target of an encounter power. Not bad, but I don't like optimising missing my opponents.
Psychic Lock (PHB) - This is a solid pickup for a malvoker, since there are some decent psychic powers at heroic and low paragon.
Reserve Maneuver (PHB2) - This is for turning a lousy paragon path encounter power into something you'd actually want.
Resounding Thunder (PHB) - This is half the reason to be a thunder/lightning invoker, and it's so good that invokers who just happen to have a few thunder powers might pick this up anyway.
Solid Sound (PHB) - A little conditional boost for thunder-focused invokers.
Speaker of the Gods (PHB2) - This turns your channel divinity into a little nova engine. It's best for malvokers or invokers who have taken a minor-action channel divinity feat (like Solar Enemy), due to the ability to better control when you use your channel.
Staff of Channeled Invocations (D387) - Pretty terrible before essentials came out, now only useful to those taking Power of Skill and hoping the enemy provokes melee attacks. If your looking not to provoke OAs just get Staff Expertise and never look back.
Uncanny Dodge (PHB) - A staple of malvokers, Adepts of Whispers, and any invoker who likes self-dazing powers, since you grant combat advantage when dazed.

Awaken God Fragment (D382) - This is actually a dozen or so feats in one, depending on your deity, so the ratings differ depending on your deity. The winners are Corellon, Pelor, and the Raven Queen.

Awaken God Fragment miniguide "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn58"> Show

Avandra - Granting saves is okay. The daily/encounter rider is nicer if you use ally-friendly AOEs.
Bahamut - How fast can you burn through your encounter powers? Probably not fast enough to justify this.
Corellon - A handy escape for a risky or unlucky use of a close burst, particularly a self-dazing one.
Erathis - -2 to hit until EONT against you only is only useful to an invoker who focuses on close bursts, and even then it's not gamebreaking.
Ioun - Two wholly mediocre effects.
Kord - The Corellon fragment inside out, but the skill bonuses are worthless and I'd rather have the escape than the weak push.
Melora - Weak slides, weak save bonuses.
Moradin - A small amount of THP.
Pelor - If this double-dips radiant vulnerability, it's sky blue in Radiant Mafia builds. If it adds the radiant keyword to the attack, it lets you poach one non-radiant encounter/daily power in a radiant build and that's very good. For those, you're going to need to ask your GM. Adding your kicker stat to one juicy AOE is worth it even if you aren't allowed to to those things.
Raven Queen - A significant extra rider on an encounter/daily, especially one that slows or knocks prone.
Sehanine - Like the Corellon fragment, but it doesn't play nicely with self-dazing powers.

Divine-covenant-specific feats
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Accursed Isolation (D387) - Maledictor's Doom required. At this level you are most likely using your Doom for saving throw lock downs. But if you find yourself in a lot of solo fights this could be ok.
Footsteps of Doom (DP) - Covenant of Malediction only. It's hard to capitalize on this vulnerability, and most likely you're the only one in the party with a significant number of fear attacks.
Forceful Covenant (DP) - Covenant of Malediction only. Doubling the push is nice. Not essential, but nice.

Broadened Manifestation (D378) - Covenant of Preservation only. Doubling up your ally slides is handy.
Preserver's Vengeance (PHB2) - Covenant of Preservation only. This is an often-on damage boost.
Warding Covenant (DP) - Covenant of Preservation only. Didn't you just slide that ally? Just use the slide to prevent flanks.

Focused Wrath (DP) - Covenant of Wrath only. Lame. You don't want to be using Armor of Wrath that much.
Overbearing Retribution (PHB2) - Covenant of Wrath only. If you're not using your channel for something else, this adds some much-needed oomph to Armor of Wrath.

Race-specific feats "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn60"> Show

Ascendant Lineage (PHB2) - Deva required. This is a silly awesome feat to boost a silly awesome racial.
Dwarven Durability (PHB) - Dwarf required. Wrathvokers and malvokers tend to spend a lot of time near melee and make tempting targets.
Githzerai Mobility (D378) - Githzerai required. This is immunity to opportunity attacks. Nice.
Versatile Master (PHB2) - Half-elf required. This is why you're a half-elf, but, unfortunately, most other at-wills aren't anything special for an invoker. Nonetheless, if you've made a half-elf, doubtless you had an at-will in mind.
Action Recovery (PHB) - Human only. A lifesaver. Save-ends effects start to stack up at paragon, and a second crack at cleaning them off is always helpful.

Multiclass feats "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn61"> Show

Nightmare Master (D379) - Assassin multiclass. This dazes until the start of the target's next turn, not the end. So this can grant a bit of combat advantage or prevent out-of-turn actions to the rest of the group, but it doesn't hamper enemies on their own turn.
Arbiter of Justice (D382) - Avenger multiclass. Assuming you're in avenger for some reason, +2 damage all the time to bloodied targets is nice.
Expert Sneak (MP2) - Rogue multiclass. Combat advantage is difficult to come by for invokers, and this tacks combat advantage onto nearly every debuff you might inflict.
Arcane Admixture (AP) - Arcane multiclass required. This is an oddball combo piece, but in combination with Power of Arcana, this allows you to add your choice of acid/cold/fire/thunder to Divine Bolts.