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Invoker: Base Stats and Class Features

Without the Fear of God, all that is fashioned is false. Useless is the mold, and useless are the hammer-strokes on the mold. - Gopal Singh's translation of the Guru Granth Sahib

Invokers are divine ranged controllers who rely on wisdom and one of intelligence or constitution. They can use staff and rod implements, and their stat spread allows them wide multiclassing access. On the other hand, they have poor armor proficiencies, poor durability, and next to no weapon proficiencies, so they generally avoid melee when possible. Unlike their other divine cousins, they lack proficiency with holy symbol implements.

HP, Surges, and Proficiencies "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn9"> Show Hit Points - 10 + Con score at 1st level; 4 at each level thereafter. You are crunchy and taste good with ketchup. As you're tied with the wizard for lowest HP in the game, you'll want to take advantage of ranged attacks whenever possible.

Healing Surges - 6 + Con modifier. Your healing surges are also typical of a non-defender and non-striker. You may not be too badly off in this department, however, as many invokers have high constitution.

Proficiencies - Invokers use rods or staffs, and generally prefer staffs due the the ability to use weapon-specific options with them. There are a number of Invoker-specific rods and staffs, and some of them are even worth using. Unlike other divine classes, invokers cannot use holy symbols.
Chain armor proficiency is somewhat poor, but int-based invokers can simply use hide armor, while con-based invokers can take scale armor proficiency if they need it.

The choose-your-own-class-feature of invokers is their Divine Covenant. The Covenant of Wrath (wrathvokers or cows) is con-based and focuses on a striker-lite AOE damage boost and offense-oriented buff kickers on powers, the int-based Covenant of Preservation (presevokers or cops) gets some leader-lite mobility and buff kickers, and the stat-neutral Covenant of Malediction (malvokers or commies) moves or incapacitates enemies while making personal sacrifices to get extra effects.

Divine Covenants "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn10"> Show Covenant of Wrath (PHB2) - Wrathvokers get a winner class ability; adding extra damage for each enemy in an AOE effect is quite lovely. However, their Channel Divinity power is nothing to write home about. Armor of Wrath should be threatened, rather than used, since it's your main melee escape. Wrathvokers are the best nova-enablers; starting at level 1 they're adding +con to hit to all enemies hit by a daily-power AOE and it only gets crazier from there.

Covenant of Preservation (PHB2) - I am not that bullish on presevokers. Their kickers are unremarkable and mostly defensive, their Channel Divinity is nice but is ill-suited to an AOE-focused class, and a few small slides (which can be duplicated to some degree with utility powers) never seem to be worth all of the other mediocrity. With the addition of Divine Power, int-based invokers can simply take the Covenant of Malediction.

Covenant of Malediction (DP) - Malvokers get a so-so class ability; it's a shame it doesn't affect everyone hit pre-epic. Their Channel Divinity is a winner, especially if you go in for a stunlocking strategy. Their kickers are fairly nice, as long as you're very careful about the often-associated drawbacks. A few Malediction powers have con-based kickers, but none of them are so powerful that a malvoker can't choose int or even dex as a secondary stat.
Universal features "mbSBlockBtn" id"sBlockBtn11"> Show Ritual Casting - Invokers are ritual casters, which is not terribly useful without some sort of house rules to fix ritual casting. Free use of Hand of Fate is quite helpful, however.

Channel Divinity - Invokers get Channel Divinity powers based on their Divine Covenant choice, plus Rebuke Undead. Rebuke Undead is a huge close blast which wrecks any undead in the area quite effectively. Doing striker-level damage with a big ally-friendly AOE (assuming none of your allies are undead) is very handy, if awfully situationally.