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Invoker: Ability Scores

Choose rather to be strong of soul than strong of body. - Pythagoras

Wisdom is your primary stat, and the stat that all of your attacks are based on. This is is your chief stat, and an 18 after racial adjustments is non-negotiable. You'll also want to raise this stat at each opportunity. (Recommended Starting Score: 16-18, before racial adjustments)

Constitution - Adds HP, healing surges, and fort defense, which are always handy if you're inordinately averse to dying. Many kickers are based on constitution, particularly wrathvoker - but also many malvoker - kickers. Constitution can also be turned into AC, if indirectly, by picking up Armor Proficiency (scale). Intelligence-based invokers should not dump constitution (as HP and surges are important), but it's of tertiary importance at best for them. (Recommended Starting Score: 10-14, before racial adjustments)

Intelligence - Adds AC in light armor and reflex defense, which are also useful when you don't want to die. Presevoker kickers and some utility powers are based on intelligence. Constitution-based invokers can dump intelligence entirely. (Recommended Starting Score: 8-14, before racial adjustments)

Dexterity - This will affect your reflex defense and initiative, but is unlikely to affect your AC. You'll only want dex for feat qualification and initiative. It's possible to skip kicker powers entirely and make a wis/dex invoker, if the initiative bump is better than the kickers for your particular build. (Recommended Starting Score: 11-13, before racial adjustments)

Strength - Dump stat for most builds, useful only for feat qualification. There are a number of feats worth swinging the couple of stat points to qualify for, including armor proficiencies and multiclass feats. (Recommended Starting Score: 8-12, before racial adjustments)

Charisma - Dump stat for most builds. Some builds will want a 12 or 13 at paragon for feat prerequisites or paragon path abilities (e.g. Morninglord). (Recommended Starting Score: 8-11, before racial adjustments)

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Feat-qualifier or high-dex array. 18 goes in wis, 13s go in dex and a kicker stat, possibly fiddling to get a 11 for cha if you're going Morninglord. This is useful if you're wanting to get a 15 going on an off-stat for plate armor, a multiclass feat, etc. This is what I'd use most of the time, if just for the initiative.

SAD array. 18 goes in wis, 14 goes in your kicker stat, 11 goes in dex (or wherever). Invokers can be pretty SAD and that's not a bad thing to be.

MAD array. 16 in wis, 16 in kicker stat, 13 in dex or a feat-qualifier stat. This is for an invoker who wants to use multiclass or paragon path powers off of one of the secondary stats, or for builds that rely very heavily on kickers.