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by belile, Mar 3,2010
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The Predator
[[Image:|The Predator]]

A Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid Build

  • Race: Razorclaw Shifter
  • Class: Druid
  • Primal Aspect: Primal Predator
  • Paragon Path: Blood Moon Stalker
  • Epic Destiny: Demigod
  • Background: Auspicious Birth

Build Goal and Tactics:
The goal of this build is to fulfill the controller role while also being able to mix it up in melee as a pseudo striker. With this build, you should be able to charge right into the middle of a battle and do some pretty respectable damage. You have pretty good mobility, so charge into flanking position as often as possible to maximize items and feats that do extra damage on charges and against enemies granting combat advantage. This build likes to get bloody so it can activate its razorclaw shifting ability. At level 11, when you drop an enemy, you can activate your second wind as a free action. If you're about to die, you can shift out of combat and start dropping area effect spells.

The aim is to make this build fun to play at all levels while still keeping an eye on the higher levels. Several things could be altered in the build depending on your play style or the party makeup. One solid variation is to go into the coiled serpent paragon path instead of blood moon stalker. If you do that you'll probably want to pick up a staff of the serpent and iron armbands of power. Then, by multiclassing into assassin, you can pick up the venom hand master feat so your attacks can ignore any resistances or immunities to poision. Other more minor, variations include using rushing cleats to make better use of savage rend and taking the swarm of locusts or fire hawk at-will powers.

For more detailed tactics at different levels, check out the snapshots section.

If you have any comments or suggestions, visit the discussion thread. Any feedback is welcome!