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This is a compilation of the 4e Q&A thread, for those people interested in the rules, but unwilling to scroll countless pages in search for questions and anwsers in different posts. It is put on the wiki so anyone could add questions and answers. However, I would like to ask people who add questions, that they add the questions in the order that they were asked. That way, no questions are accedently skipped.
Number of last questions answered: 342 (still copying the questions from the original thread though ...)


1. General stuff
1.1. About DnD/these threads/...
1.2. General Questions
2. Races
2.1. Player Handbook
2.1.1 Dragonborn
2.1.2 Eladrin
2.1.3 Elf
2.1.4 Half-Elf
2.1.5 Dwarves
2.2. Forgotten Realms
2.2.1 Genasi
2.3. Eberron
2.3.1 Warforged
3. Classes
3.1. General Questions
3.2. Cleric
3.3. Fighter
3.3.1 Class features
3.3.2 Powers
3.4. Paladin
3.5. Ranger
3.6. Rogue
3.7. Warlock
3.8. Warlord
3.9. Wizard
3.9.1 staffs
3.9.2 wizard of the spiral tower
3.10. Swordmage (FRPG)
3.11. Spellscarred (FRPG)
3.12. Epic Destiny
4. Player's equipment
4.1. General
4.2. How to work with items
4.3. How specific items work
5. Skills and Feats
5.1. General Questions
5.2. General feats
5.3. Racial feats
5.4. Multiclassing
5.5. Skills
6. Combat / General Rules
6.1. How powers work
6.1.1 Wall/Zone/... effects
6.2. Rituals
6.3. Combat
6.4. Squares on the field
6.5. Other mechanics
6.5.1 Health: Healing surges, hit points, dying, ...
6.5.2 Forms of damage
6.5.3 Action points
6.5.4 Status effects, marks, ...
6.5.5 General actions (shifing, oppertunity attacks, delay) ...
7. Monsters
7.1. General
7.2. Kobold 


1. General stuff

1.1. About DnD/these threads/...

  • Q: What do these abbreviations mean: RAW, MAD, and DAD? 

Rules As Written, MAD

Multiple Attribute Dependency, DAD = Double Attribute Dependency.
  • Q: How soon until we get splat books/online content so my wizard doesn't have the exact same spell book as every other wizard in the world? 
: A: This is already happend: there's an article in Dragon with more wizard spells.
  • Q: Does anyone have any suggestions for a mapping tool that a group of far flung friends can use online to play dnd via videoconference - maps and minis are a little hard to do well via webcam
: A:You might use webcam/VOIP for video/sound and then use
• Gametable, a JAVA, free, gaming table environment to play. Gametable allows you to create rolling macros, load pre-made environments, and several other things.
• MapTool is java based and free
• Fantasy Grounds II has the most users but you do have to purchase the software - once, there is no ongoing fee. There is also a fan made 4E ruleset available for free.
• There are quite a few others including Battlegrounds RPG. Battlegrounds RPG has one of the best set of links to different types of VTT software you can find the links here (scroll down to Other Virtual Tabletop Programs)
  • Q: Are the MM races ok to use in official games, or will I be stuck playing a Tiefling Warlock if I want to be in the leagues?
:A: On the site you can find more information. For example here. For example, all content from Dragon Magazine is legal for players to use (for example gnolls) in Living Forgotten Realms
  • Q: Is there somewhere in particular on the forums where I can find a list of user created classes?
: A: With the renewal of the forum, I don't know yet ...
  • Q: Does anyone know if someone has taking the time to figure out a template or set of guidelines for making powers for custom classes IE only daily powers get save ends stuff or stuff like that it would make it much easier for me to organize the class concepts im considering fleshing out.
:A: no
  • Q: If you take a paragon path, can you choose an other power of lower level instead of the one you gain.
:A: No. Though you could make such a houserule

1.2. General Questions

  • Q: Is Point Buy the same as in 3.5 in 4e?
:A:No. Different base values (5 stats start at 10, one stat starts at 8), Different costs
  • Q: Is there any real reason to have a high CON over a moderately low CON in later levels? As in, does increasing the CON (apart from certain classes that use it as a to-hit or damage benefit) do anything outside of just adding a hitpoint here and there?
:A:Con mod determines your healing surges. Also, for some races/paragon paths (Dragonborn, Dwarven Durability, Combat Veteran), your Con mod is added to your Healing Surge value. It also helps you qualify to for feats (15 if you want Plate proficiency).
  • Q: When increasing your character's constitution score, does this retroactively increase your initial hit points from first level?
:A:Yes. This is explicitly stated.
  • Q: When dividing your level by half to calculate defense totals or for anything for that matter, is it at a minimum of 1 or rounded down (to 0 if at level 1)
:A:Always round down, to zero if necessary.
  • Q: Can we 'easily' get lots of bonuses to stack for combat in 4e for each class and role?
:A: As you advance in level, things actually get harder and harder to hit, and you get easier and easier to hit (for the most part). This is because there are few easy ways to raise your attack bonus or defenses. You won't be able to simply guarantee hits by yourself anymore. However, multiple things (like a leader) give stronger and stronger bonuses as you level, and can get to the point that you can guarantee hits.
  • Q: If a Paladin has 8 WIS, what happens to powers like Shielding Smite, where an ally gains bonus to AC equal to your WIS? Does the ally actually take a penalty, or is it minned at 0? Similarly for enemies taking penalty equal to WIS mod.
:A: Bonuses are always positive. penalties are always negative (or zero) this is stated on page 25 of the PHB.
  • Q: Can you take actions in any order? Say, standard-minor-move, or move actions have to come before standards?
:A: Yes, you can take actions in any order.

2. Races

2.1. Player Handbook

2.1.1 Dragonborn

  • Q: Is this correct? (1) The minimum weight for a Dragonborn character is 220 pounds. (2) Anything more than 262 pounds constitutes a heavy load for a Warhorse (PHB p. 222). (3) Moving with a heavy load causes you to be Slowed (PHB 222), which is speed 2 (PHB p. 277). This means that a Dragonborn can not expect to travel anywhere near as fast as his own walking speed while mounted , even at minimum weight for his race, if he is carrying more than 42 pounds of gear.
:A:You look to be right. Guess Dragonborn aren't going to riding horses.
2.1.2 Eladrin

  • Q: The 'Eladrin Education' racial feature says, 'You gain training in one additional skill selected from the skill list in Chapter 5.' Must this bonus skill be a class skill, or does it function as per the Feat, Skill Training?
:A:It's like Skill Training. You can get anything you want.
2.1.3 Elf

  • If Elven Accuracy lets you reroll one attack roll, but the power you used calls for two attack rolls to be made (Such as Split the Tree), does Elven Accuracy let you reroll both the attack rolls, or just one?
:A: Only one. It would help more on powers that compare against multiple defenses, since those are one attack roll.
  • When using an ability suck as twin strike or Split the tree as an elf, would I roll both attack dice and then decide whether to use elven reroll on the lowest or would I roll one die at a time die and then decide whether to reroll that die? It could make a difference if I was unaware whether I would hit the target or if with Splitting the tree I would hit one target but not the other.
:A: If I am correct, then you'd have to decide immediately, before comparing the first attack roll to the defense of the target. However, Split the Tree is a special case. You explicitly make two attack rolls and then compare the higher to the two target's defenses. I'm pretty sure you can make both the attack rolls and then choose to reroll the lower one, hoping to get a higher result on your attack roll against both targets. A single attack roll against two targets for a daily without a miss effect is a very good use of Elven Accuracy.
2.1.4 Half-Elf

  • Q: A Half-Elf gets a dillitante racial power, which basically means you can pick another classes at-will power and make it available to your character as an encounter power. At first level, a half-elf has the dillitante racial power which is usuable once an encounter AND his class's encounter power. PHB clearly states he has 1 encounter power. Do I get to use BOTH powers during an encounter or do I need to pick which one to use?
:A:You get both. Your confusion stems from the unfortunate practice of the book using the term "Encounter Power" as a synonym for "Encounter Attack Power"
2.1.5 Dwarves

  • Q: Do dwarves get their +5 bonus on saves if an effect is both fire and poison?
:currently not answered

2.2. Forgotten Realms

2.2.1 Genasi

  • Q: Question regarding Promise of Storm Genasi racial power from Forgotten Realms Preview. (Until the end of your next turn you deal an extra 1d8 with any Lightning or Thunder power you use.) when a power specifies two attacks, for example Twin Strike, is the extra damage from Promise of Storm applied twice if both attacks hit?
:A: It's worded terribly. It suggests only once per power, but there is no text expressing how to adjudicate how it would work then. Does it only apply to an attack of your choosing? It doesn't clarify at all. As it is, I'd say that the way it is probably intended is once per power.
  • Q: What is the range of Tumbling Gale (whirlwind genasi, FRPG, p 70)?
:A: This will probably be in the errata.
  • Q: How do you pronounce 'Genasi'?
:I believe it is (Jen-ah-si'). However, as with most FR stuff, other pronunciations usually works just as well.

2.3. Eberron

2.3.1 Warforged

  • Q: Historically speaking, knights often wore some sort of armor beneath their plat email to compensate for the joints, anything from padded to chain mail. Can a warforged have one sort of armor attached to his body and wear a different armor on top of it?
:A: No. Plate most likely includes such padding, if you want to be pedantic. At any rate, warforged can't wear multiple armor any more than a human can slap on two suits of chainmail and claim a +12 bonus.

3. Classes

3.1. General Questions

  • Q: Paladins start with: Weapon Proficiencies: Simple melee, military melee, simple ranged Does this give each of the proficiency bonuses for each of the weapons in these categories? i.e. +3 longsword, +2 flail, +2 battleaxe, +2 Crossbow, and +2 Mace, etc.?
:A: Yes. Note, he does not gain "inproficiency penalties" of 3e when wielding weapons NOT in this group.
  • Q: If a character is granted armor proficiency through a class, do they still need to meet the Str and Con minimums to wear the armor?
:A: No, you do not need to meet the prereqs.
  • Q: I haven't read through everything yet but it looks like familiars, Paladin's Horse and the leadership feat are all gone?
:A: You are right. Most effects that involve controlling a creature/character other than your PC have been removed or heavily altered. It's been said that at least some of them, definitely including familiars, will be coming back once they figure out a balanced and streamlined way to do it. For example, Bag of Tricks (summoning creatures) is in the Adventurers Vault.
  • Q: For our game, we'll be shorthanded: only myself and one, possibly two others. The one I know of will be going for a gish type thing, though i don't know his build. If we have a third, I have no idea what it'll be. So...given that, would a rogue or ranger be a better addition to the party? I'd be shooting for a melee focus either way, if that plays into things...
:currently not answered
  • Q: Do powers gained from Paragon Paths or feats count towards your Total Powers Known at each level (PHB 29) or are they in addition to those powers?
:A: Yes, they count towards your total powers known.
  • Q: Does retraining allow a fighter to switch from getting +1 for one handers to getting +1 for two handers?
:A: No: the retraining rules specify that you can retrain feats, powers, and skill selection.

3.2. Cleric

  • Q: Has anyone done an in-depth look at the cleric "summoning" powers, and their optimizability or even their playablility? And would the Unyeilding Knights of valor or other summons that dont specifically attack provide flanking bonus with other party members?
:A: It doesn't appear so. The power goes into specifics as to say "the knights grant allies cover" but says nothing about granting combat advantage against enemies. I guess it would be DM's call as to wether the knights granted combat advantage, but the RAW say no, they do not.
  • Q: I have a human cleric so I get to pick 3 at-will powers. I prefer a divine cleric over a battle cleric so I have Lance of Faith and Sacred fFame already. What should my 3rd at-will powers be and why?
:A: They're both pretty much useless if you have low strength, but Righteous Brand provides a much-needed attack bonus in case you should hit, so it is probably superior.
  • Q: Does the cleric's channel divinity: divine fortune stack with itself? I am wondering if a cleric demigod could just keep refreshing it to give himself an infinite bonus to his attack roll?
:A: At the moment, yes. Unnamed bonuses stack (will probably be errata'd). So as a Demigod, you could enter an infinite loop giving you an infinite amount of +hit or +save. Note however, that Channel Divinity says "Regardless of how many different uses for Channel Divinity you know, you can use only one such ability per encounter." So your DM could enforce this (creating a hard limit of 1 use per encounter that demigod wont change).
  • Q: Does Consecrated Ground heal a character that is dying? In other words, are you still bloodied if you go below 0 hp?
:A: I don't see why not. You're certainly below half hp.
  • Q: Do attacks made with a weapon imbued by Weapon of the Gods satisfy the requirement "when you use a power that has a fire or radiant keyword"?
:A: Nothing in the power says it adds the radiant keyword to attacks/powers using it, and I don't know of a general rule that would do so, either, so no.
  • Q: Could you give some explanation about moving for the cleric power 'Spiritual Weapon'?
: A: If the target moves, the weapon does not move with the target. And you can move the weapon then sustain it (move action then minor action), since it attacks when sustained.
  • Q: Does the DM control the monster movement when "cause fear" (cleric lvl 1) is cast on it?
:A: Yes

3.3. Fighter

  • Q: Is there a specific reason why the Fighter section lists Wisdom as the optimization stat for Polearms when none of the Powers that benefit from polearms use wisdom? Or is there something i'm missing?
:A: Polearm Gamble and likely any other polearm feats that come out.
Also, Polearm gamble increases the number of oppertunity attacks you make, and thus, since fighters get their wisdom to oppertunity attacks, they benefit from a high wisdom.

3.3.1 Class features

  • Q: Combat Challenge reads, "... whenever a marked enemy that is adjacent to you shifts or makes an attack that does not include you, you can make a melee basic attack against that enemy as an immediate interrupt". Combat Superiority reads, "An enemy struck by your opportunity attack stops moving ..." Am I correct is saying that a marked enemy that shifts away provokes a melee basic attack but not an opportunity attack, and therefore does not stop if you hit it?
:A: Yes.
  • Q: Does the Fighter's Combat Challenge penalties apply to anyone you mark, or just people you mark using Combat Challenge? If you have two Combat Challenge and Divine Challenge, does the -2 penalties stack?
:A: It applies to anyone you mark. Before the "update", it was anyone who was marked, which included targets of divine challenge, or people marked in other ways. You can't have multiple marks on the same foe. Each new mark supersedes the previous one. They would stack, though.
  • Q: Do the fighter weapon talents apply to melee weapons only? I'm pretty sure that's RAI, but I can't find a RAW justification.
:A: It says 'Pick one-handed or two-handed. +1 when wielding that type of weapon'. There is no restriction to melee only. So RAW, you are fine, unless there is some other text somewhere that changes it.
  • Q: The Steel Grace feature for the Swordmaster path allows you to make a "Containing Strike" or "Reaping Strike" at the end of a charge instead of a basic attack, but I cannot find "Containing strike" anywhere. Where is it? And can you use Reaping Strike if you do not know it?
:A: That feat was errata'd: It should list all four of the fighter's at-will powers; you can use any one of them (that you know) each time you use the ability. So if you know cleave and sure strike, you can cleave, but you can't use reaping strike.
  • Q: The fighter's combat superiority class feature allows him to stop an enemy with an opportunity attack. An opportunity attack interrupts the movement action that caused it, taking place before it according to PHB pg290. My question: In which square does the enemy stop? If I, for example, make an OA on an enemy moving adjacent to me with the polearm gamble feat, will the enemy stop adjacent to me or 1 square away from me?
:A: There has been some discussion about that. My Oppinion is that, since the fighter interrupts the movement and ends it if he hits, the creature stays 1 square away.
  • Q: Can a fighter benefit from effect that grant additionals OA's (such as Viper’s Strike (warlord lvl 1) "If the target shifts before the start of your next turn, it provokes an opportunity attack from an ally of your choice.").
:A: In this case, yes: the fighter gets an oppertunity attack and spends his immediate action (of which he has only 1 per round) to hit the shifting opponent.
  • Q: When you wield 2 weapons (i.e. 2 Craighhammer), does Kensei Focus/Mastery apply to the weapon type (i.e. Craighhammer) and so apply to both weapons?
:A: Kensei bonuses apply to one weapon type, so you're fine with adding it to both of them.
3.3.2 Powers

  • Q: Can I use Cleave's extra damage (Fighter lvl 1) on the same creature I'm attacking?
:A: No. this has been errata'd.
  • Q: When a warrior uses Cleave (Fighter lvl 1), does it mark both targets or only the original one?
:A: Only the original one. You only mark when you attack a target (as in, roll an attack roll against them).
  • Q: How many attacks do you get with Rain of blows (Fighter lvl 3)?
:A: It has been errata'd to 3 attacks.
  • Q: Does the damage of ablities like "Rain of Steel" (Fighter lvl 5) that give an automativ 1[[w]] damage scale with weapon focus, magic weapons and similar?
:A: Yes, since it's a weapon power with a [[W]] in it weapon focus, and the magic weapon enhancement is added.
  • Q: can you use "Come and Get It" (Fighter lvl 7) to pull monsters off a cliff?
:A: This is found in the errata: You pull each target 2 squares to a space adjacent to you. You cannot pull a target that cannot end adjacent to you.
Either way, if you could be able to pull them in an unsafe square, they are allowed a save: DMG page 44 says "Targets of forced movement in hindering terrain (pits, precipices, fire) can avoid plunging into a pit or over the edge of a cliff or being pushed into a raging fire. The creature makes a saving throw rolled immediately before entering the unsafe square, with success leaving the creature prone at the edge of the precipice."
  • Q: Can the attacks from Storm of Blows (Fighter lvl 13) be repeated against the same creature if you keep shifting?
:A: No. It specifically says 'another target', and then says 'third target', which makes it even clearer.
  • Q: Does Serpent Dance Strike (Fighter lvl 15) result in 3, 4 or 5 attacks?
:currently not answered
  • Q: The fighter power Serpent Dance Strike (among others) allows you to shift and perform the attack against another target within reach. Does this mean that the second and tertiary targets need to be different from the first or can the attack be repeated three times against the same target? The text of the power is a bit ambiguous in game terms, but does suggest that the secondary targets must be different from the first. However, powers like the Kensei's capstone specify that you must attack different targets, so I hesitate to take the implication as the rule.
:A: The Compendium has the updated version and reads: Effect: After the attack, you can shift 1 square and repeat the attack against another target within reach. You can shift and repeat the attack up to three times against different targets.
  • Q: Why is Deadly Payback (Pit Fighter level 12) a daily? It's a small bonus for only two turns. Shouldn't it be an encounter or better or something?
:A: I guess the best answer would be: Different powers are not equal. Whether or not something should be something else for balancing reasons isn't generally a simple question.
  • Q: Crescendo sword (Swordmaster lvl 20) lets me regain 1 daily power if I hit. Epic trick (Deadly Trickster Epic Destiny) is a daily utility power which lets me regain all other daily powers. Could I use these 2 to keep refreshing all my daily powers?
:A: No. Crescendo Sword let you regain one daily or encounter power, but not Epic Trick, as stated in Epic Trick:
"Once you use this power, you cannot recover it except by taking an extended rest."

3.4. Paladin

  • Q: Can you lay hands on yourself?
:A: Yes. Lay on Hands says, "Target: One creature". This includes you.
  • Q : Does using Lay the Hands provoke an opportunity attack?
:A. No. Moving, ranged and area attacks provoke OA. Lay on Hands doesn't provoke an OA because it is a melee ability.
  • Q: Do paladin powers that mark several target simply apply the marked condition or do they also function as a Divine Challenge? I lean towards the former.
:A: I was actually rather annoyed by the lack of precise terminology here. The text under Divine Challenge seems to be definitional, defining what marked means (at least for the paladin). Marked is also defined in the fighter "Combat Challenge" text, but I'm pretty sure that the definition of "marked" is supposed to be simply the condition (what is in the "Conditions" text on pg. 277), which would go along with the "Combat Challenge"... guess that wasn't much help, other than a confirmation of your assessment.

3.5. Ranger

  • Q: when does the extra damage from Hunter's Quarry apply? I always assumed it was on a hit, but it never actually says so. It just says that "Once per round, you deal extra damage to your quarry." Does that mean I can add Quarry Damage to powers that give half damage on a miss or automatic damage from Scimitar Dance or similar?
:A: This has been Errata'd: Replace the first sentence of the second paragraph with the following: "Once per round, when you hit your quarry with an attack, the attack deals extra damage based on your level."
  • Q: Hunter's Quarry states that you can deal extra damage to your quarry once per round. With the Battlefield Archer paragon path, you get the ability called Battlefield Experience. This gives you multiple quarries. Are you now able to deal the extra damage to EACH quarry once per round (provided you attack it)? What if it is all with the same attack (such as a burst), would that get around the "once per round" limitation?
:A: In RAW, it seems that you cannot get around the 'once per turn' limit. On the other hand, it doesn't say how you go about tagging several enemies at once when you are only supposed to be able to tag your nearest enemy...
...actually, is it clear that you are allowed to tag more than one enemy in the same minor action, or can you just tag new ones without losing the old one?
  • Q: Can you use the storm warden paragon abilties Blade Storm and Twin Blade-Storm both at the same time? For some reason when reading the paragon path I assumed you could not but in looking at it I'm not so sure. Twin-Blade Storm says specifically two enemies, so I don't think you could stack all three on one mob but two of them should be able to if you can use both abilities in a round.
:A: There is nothing to suggest you could not use them both every round so long as you meat the prerequisites.
  • Q: Am I missing something with the 3rd level ranger power Shadow Wasp Strike? It appears to be inferior in every way to the 1st level encounter power Evasive Strike which does the same damage but doesn't require your target to be marked and allows you to shift during the attack.
:A: It is completely inferior, despite being a higher level power. No idea why, probably unintentional, but thems the breaks. The RAW is the law, and we abide by it.
  • Q: Do blade storm and twin blade storm (from the Stormwarden path) stack? That is, at 16th level and on, does one enemy take damage equal to your dex and two enemies (one of which might be the enemy effected by blade storm) take lightning damage from your dex?
:A: Yes.
  • Q: the two weapon defence feat does not specify 'mellee' weapon, so if Im an archer ranger with my bow on hand, and I draw my blade, I gain the +1 bonus to AC?
:A: The Compendium says, "Benefit: While holding a melee weapon in each hand ...". Probably in an update...

3.6. Rogue

  • Q: Would a rogue be able to get around his "once per round" limitation by doing a burst and get sneak attack on multiple targets? I am assuming an area-type ability which has a single damage roll shared among multiple targets.
:A: Sneak attack damage is applied to 'an attack' - so you'd need a power that had only one attack to hit multiple creatures with, like Split the Tree(ranger daily 1), I think. On the other hand, it also says 'an enemy' so there may be no way...
  • Q: When a Rogue scores a crit with a sneak attack are the sneak attack dice maximized?
:A: according to cust serve, all damage from an attack is maximized on a crit with the only exception of damage that only happens on a crit. Sneak Attack is specifically is meant to be maxed on a crit.
  • Q: The dagger, is it both a light blade and a ranged weapon? Does it get destroyed if thrown? Sneak attack requires that you wield a light blade among other things. Does throwing it count too?
:A: A dagger is classified as a light blade, therefore it can be used in melee or ranged and would allow extra Sneak Attack damage to be applied.
Only amunition is destroyed when used. Thrown weapons are not amunition. In fact, magical daggers return to their thrower.
  • Q: A Drow Rogue with Str 8, Con 11, Dex 20, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 16 at level 3 has 2 feats. It seems to be the primary choices are from Backstabber, Nimble Blade, and Improved Initiative. Which two of these feats should be taken first? (The third will be taken next level, likely). Is there something important missing in the stat distribution that will prohibit certain vital feat choices later? Thank you.
:A: I'd put off Improved Initiative -- your +5 is a pretty good start already. I don't see any issues with your attributes.
  • Q: What's a good paragon path for a Brutal Scoundrel rogue? Daggermaster? Kensei? Something else?
:currently not answered
  • Q: Why use Sly Flourish when you can use Piercing Strike? It's generally much easier to hit with Piercing Strikes (since it's Dex vs. Reflex), and the few dmg Sly Flourish offers does not really match Piercing Strikes ?
:A:Longer Range.
  • Q: Rogue Weapon Talent: Do you gain the +1 to attack rolls when using a Rapier in main hand and Dagger in off-hand?
:A: The RAW is unclear but most of us agree on here that the RAI is that the +1 only applies to the dagger.
  • Q: if a rogue has combat advantage against several enemies, will his AoE's do the sneak attack damage to each enemy?
:A: No. You can only deal Sneak Attack damage once per round, so you must choose who gets to take the Sneak Attack damage after you have rolled all of the AoE's damage (this way, you can at least save the Sneak Attack damage for and enemy that's still alive :))

3.7. Warlock

  • Q: Can a Warlock swap out either his Eldritch Blast or his pact-based at-will attack power after 1st level? (the same way that you can usually swap out a single power at each new level for another one of the same type/level).
:A: No, as both of those Powers are chosen by A) Your Class choice (Eldritch Blast), and B) Your Pact choice. Therefore, they cannot be changed. (PHB p28).
If you're a human, then you'll get another At-Will, and that one, you can retrain.
  • Q: Is there any info on magic daggers for warlock? I haven't managed to find any in the phb.
:A: Any light blade can be enchanted as a Pact Blade with serves as both a magic weapon and a warlock implement. See PHB pg. 235.
  • Q: Under Collect Life Spark on PHB page 142, it says that when you expend a Fey spark "a successful attack you make on your current turn also causes your target to become dazed." How long do they stay dazed? Seems like a pretty big oversight, unless there's some kind of generic answer that I missed.
:A: Dazed is an encounter condition, therefore it lasts until target saves. That power should probably ready "(Save Ends)."
  • Q: Can Blood Pulse and Radiant Pulse (from Paladin) be combined with Blood Action and Bolstering Blood? How much extra damage would be dealt to the targets?
:A: Yes. It's debatable as to exactly how these all interact, but Blood Action clearly only applies to the attacks on the action you gain from the action point. Bolstering Blood applies its damage whenever the power it was used on deals damage (debatable, but I find the arguments against this lacking). Now, you have to determine when the Blood Pulse damage for leaving is done. Is it done as the creature leaves each individual square, or is it done more like: "when a creature leaves squares, Blood Pulse deals xd6, where x is the number of squares left at the end of the movement." The latter seems more intuitive, but it's ambiguous. In the former, the damage would get ridiculously high with forced movement and Bolstering Blood.
  • Q: The warlock gets patrons favor feature at 16th level (Feytouched). It says that when you throw a 3 on your d6 you immediatly have to make a saving throw... why?
:A: It's not 'you must make a saving throw' but 'you may immediately attempt to save against an effect on your that you don't like'.
Saving throws in 4E are things you roll against each (relevant) effect on you at the end of your turn.
Note also that you can still choose to use your Misty Step as normal instead if you want to.
  • Q: If you take Pact Initiate and choose the Fey Pact, and then go into the Feytouched paragon path, what happens with the Patron's Favor ability? Since you never had Misty Step in the first place, is the ability worthless or would you still get its benefits anyways (effectively bypassing Misty Step)?
:A: It's worthless. Patron's Favor says "Use Patron's Favor in place of your Misty Step..." Since you don't ever have Misty Step activate, you can't ever use Patron's Favor in place of it. Though I think houseruling is a good plan.
I am inclined to house rules that one to allow you to have the boon and the at-will. The warlock seems flawed to begin with in that capacity.
  • Q: For the warlock's pact bonus to certain moves, does that extra entry stack w/ the rest of the power or supersede it?
:A: There is nothing to really support this other than contextual implications, but my assumption is that it supersedes any effect that is at a lesser degree when it is unclear. It adds effects when the effect is not already there, and sometimes it is clear that it supersedes (Witchfire and Dreadful Word both say "the penalty to...", which implies that the one that already exists is being modified.
  • Q: Can I Warlock's Curse my party members so that when they die, my pact boon triggers?
:A: no: "Once per turn as a minor action, you can place a Warlock's Curse on the enemy nearest to you that you can see." (PHB pg.131)
  • Q: Can warlocks normally damage multiple enemies with their warlock's curse?
:A: This is somewhat debatable. I believe that you apply the damage to the damage you do to an enemy, and so would only be able to apply it to one enemy per round, but it can be argued that you can add it to the damage roll of an 'attack' that uses multiple attack rolls but only one damage roll. You can only apply your damage once per round, (once until the start of your next turn is actually the case since the update) in any case.
  • Q: What should the range on a Warlock's Curse be? We were looking through the class features and we didn't see anything about it. Is it also an auto hit, or do they get a save or defense?
:A: It's not a 'hit' per se. It does automatically make the opponent cursed, though. The range is given, it's Ranged sight.
  • Q: About Improved Fate of the Void: 1 Cursed Enemy Means +2 to dice roll bonus. What does 2 cursed enemies do? (i have seen cust service responses both ways)?
:A: RAW is that it only gives +1 to the overall effect. Read the actual text. It gives a bonus to the d20 roll. It doesn't give a bonus to the bonus you get from each enemy.
  • Q: Does a warlock/daggermaster with heavy blade mastery crit on implement powers?
:A: I'd rule that it does, but there's not necessarily a logical connect between 'crit with daggers on 18-20' and 'crit when using a dagger as an implement on 18-20'.
I'd rule that 'with daggers' pretty much means any use of an item under the weapon type of dagger, but it could be argued that it means using an item typed as a dagger as a dagger.
What I mean is that when it's used as an implement, it is not being used as a weapon under the category of 'dagger', it's being used as an implement.
I have no idea if there's actually a distinction in the game for a "weapon use" reference of an item, though. Even if there is, I'd still stick with the interpretation that 'with daggers' means 'any use of item under weapon type dagger'.
  • Q: Can a warlock get Dark Pact at level1, then get Twofold pact (Star Pact) at level 11, while at the same time get Student of Caiphon Paragon Path?
:A: Technically, no. On page 27 it details the order in which things occur. Paragon Path or Epic Destiny is the 3rd thing to happen when you level, feats is the 6th. However, I wouldn't see a problem with it as a DM, personally. Especially since it's possible if you'd done it differently. Talk to your DM about it.
  • Q: Can the DarkSpiral Aura points be spread out or should they be used up all at once? For Example, if you have 4 points and a minion attacks you, you chould choose to deal 1d6 damage only and keep the rest of the points for later?
:A: Once per round as a free action when an enemy makes a melee attack or a ranged attack against you, you can use your Darkspiral Aura as an immediate interrupt, dealing 1d6 necrotic and psychic damage to that enemy for each point of your Darkspiral Aura’s current value. If this attack deals less than 12 damage, the value of your Darkspiral Aura becomes 0. If this attack deals 12 damage or more, you can cause the enemy to be weakened for its attack (which means the attack deals half damage), and the value of your Darkspiral Aura becomes 1.
Technically, it does not say you can't use only 1 point, but seeing as you'd only deal 1d6, 1d8, or 1d10 damage depending on your level, your pool will reset to 0 due to doing less than 12 damage. So yes, I suppose you can, but you should always use all your points.

3.8. Warlord

  • Q: About the Warlord's Commander's Strike (at-will lvl 1 power). Does the Warlord have to be adjacent to the target and holding a melee weapon, or does the ally who is making the Basic Attack have to be adjacent to the target with the melee weapon. The flavor would suggest the latter, but then you get into some sticky issues with Heavy Blade Opportunist ("Ack! Goblin A is running past me towards Wizard. Quick, Paladin, smash Goblin B!")
:A: The warlord must be holding a melee weapon in order to use the exploit. The target is one creature, in melee weapon range. The ally is then granted a basic melee attack (which requires them to be holding a melee weapon and within range of the target).
  • Q: Would the following to-hit bonuses stack: The Warlord's 'Warlord's Favor' and 'Lead the Attack' (these would seem to give a potential +8 to hit)?
:A: They are both bonuses with the same type "Power" and thus don't stack.
  • Q: If there are multiple warlords in the party, do all their benefits stack? Say I have a inspiring presence warlord and a tactical presence warlord. If the fighter spends an action point to make an extra attack, does he both regain hp and get a bonus on his attack roll, or must he choose which benefit he wants to get?
:A: He gets both. You just need to watch out for 'Power Bonuses' to the same thing which won't stack.
  • Q: Suppose a warlock and a warlord (with the tactical assault feat.) The warlock would use their action point go gain a standard action to cast Armor of Agathyus. Does the warlock gain the damage bonus from the warlord's tactical assault feat for the AoE effect from the Armor of Agathyus.
:A:The feat text says that the action point has to be used to make an attack in order to receive the bonus. Armor of Agathys has an "Effect" description, but no "Attack" entry, so I would not grant the bonus at all.
  • Q: What class would be optimal to take knight commander as a paragon path with?
:A: Warlord, probably, since it's a warlord paragon path
  • Q: I know that a Tactical Warlord is a great character, but is he still good in a group in which nobody has a decent strength score?
:A: What it looks like is your campaign is missing the most important role of leader. You have no one to heal. Warlord can do a bit, but in this case I would recommend making a Cleric. Either build will work for you, I would recommend the combat oriented one. judging by the fact that none of the other players can really go toe to toe.
  • Q: About Iron Dragon Charge (Warlord lvl 9) If you choose to charge a target that is 5 squares in front of you, and the ally you choose to charge with you is 5 squares behind you, making it a 10 square movement for him, can he charge if his movement is only 6 squares?
:A: No, unless otherwise specified all normal limitations still apply. You need a specific conflict/contradiction to override a general rule. It's similar to this text: You can use a power whenever you are able to take the action the power requires.
Clearly this text doesn't mean that you can use any power at any time, and is still bounded by normal restrictions.

3.9. Wizard

  • Q: I have to make a wizard. Which race would work best with this?
:A: Human and Eladrin are both powerful wizard races. Another option is Tiefling.
  • Q: I can't find anything that states you need a hand free to cast wizard powers. Can you multiclass into wizard and cast spells while holding a sword and board?
:A: Under "Implements" section in any class that uses implements it states that you do not need an implement to cast a spell, but you do not get the benefits of using one when you do.
  • Q: I don't have the exact wording handy, but the arcane implement mastery for wands says that you can apply a bonus to an attack roll when you use it. Since you roll individual attack rolls for each target in an area attack or can you apply the bonus to each target in the area?
:A: "Wand of Accuracy: Once per encounter as a free action, you gain a bonus to a single attack roll equal to your Dexterity modifier."
I interpret this as meaning 1 attack roll. If you are targeting say 4 creatures in a burst, you would be able to announce your use of the wand before you rolled for the creature you wished to have a bonus to. It would not apply to all attack rolls for the power.
  • Q: I noticed that under the wizard spell light is the following lines: "Special: You can have only one light cantrip active at a time. If you create a new light, your previously cast light winks out". Does that mean that normally with at will powers, you can have multiple castings of the same spell going at once? For instance, could a wizard have a nigh infinite number of cloud of daggers running simultaneously? Furthermore, do they dispel when you go out of range?
:A: They last their duration by default. There is nothing in the basic rules saying you can't have multiples of the same spell in effect.
However you are going to have trouble getting more than 4 Clouds of Daggers active at once (one extended with the Orb, then AP cast 2 more and a final one in the third round just before the other 3 vanish).
  • Q: Regarding the use of daily powers such as Fireball. Is there any way to use the daily powers more than 1/day? I have a very hard time seeing my Wizard cast a fireball once per day with no exceptions...I know I must be missing something.
:A: There exist powers which let you recall daily powers you have already spent, most notably in Archmage epic destiny, but also Spellstorm Mage with good wisdom (which a blaster wizard won't have, so...), and there's an epic feat as well.
Also, critical hit with fireball while using a staff of power (1/day).
  • Q: A Wizard holds an orb in one hand, and a longsword in the other, can the wizard effectivly use the orb for her powers, and the longsword for OA's without penalties? And, using this same idea, can a Warlock use a Dagger in main hand and Rod in his off hand?
:A: I cannot find reference to the size/type of an implement in game weapon terms. However, PHB238 "An orb is a heavy, round object, usually made of lass or crystal, of a size to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand."
However, as with most other implements you can't make melee attacks with an orb, rod, or wand. As per the rules, theres nothing that says whether an implement is "off handed". So thats up to your DM.
It doesnt break the game if they can be held off hand while a weapon is held main hand, as long as that weapon isnt 2handed.
But looks like we will need to wait for a cust serv or sage ruling on this one.
So, if implements like wands are ruled OH weapons, then yes. As it stands now, however, a dagger is considered an OH weapon, so you could wield the 1handed implement MH and use the dagger OH with no penalties.
Remember, there are no penalties for holding 2 weapons. As long as the OH is an acceptible weapon. In 4E you have no iterative attacks outside of specific powers.
  • Q: Is it possible to hold a staff implement and a longsword at the same time? "Gandalf style" if you so wish. Also, if the staff was magical, would I be able to ativate its powers with the mentioned setup?
:A: I say yes, as you are capably weilding it. Are there any spells or powers that have both the implement and weapon keywords?
Staffs have activated powers, and I can't find anything about "activating a staff requires one hand or two hands". Staffs can be fashioned as walking stick, and its on adventuring gear list, so I guess its ok to use with one hand.
  • Q: Can a Wizard use a +1 Orb in one hand for his attacks, and still have a regular Staff in their other hand for the defense bonus?
:A: Yes, because you are wielding the staff. This may be false with the new FAQ. However, the FAQ is on the CustServ site, and until I find out that someone competent made it, I am going to disregard that ruling.
  • Q: what is the highest AC I can get out of a Human Wizard at level 1?
:A: supposing you rolled a 18, and put it in your int; you're playing a human (+2 stat bonus also to int), taking both feats in armor proficiency (or leather armor/light shield), and taking the wizard's staff of defence option
AC: 10 + 5 int + 3 armor + 1 staff = 19
  • Q: how does the sleep power work?
:A: lets go over it step by step:
(1) the wizard casts sleep.
(1 - miss) the target is slowed (save ends). nothing special here.
(1 - hit) the target is slowed (save ends). procede to step 2
(2) at the end of the targets turn, it makes a save vs the slow effect.
(2 - succes) the slow ends. nothing else happens. sleep ends here
(2 - failure) the target gains an additional effect: unconsious (save ends), and thus the target drops unconcious. proceed to step 3
(3) at the end of the now unconcious enemy's turn, he makes 2 saves: one for slow (since the slow effect remains until a succesfull save is made), and one for unconcious
(3 - both fail) nothing happens. next turn, repeat step 3
(3 - save vs slow success) the target is now only unconcious (save ends) nothing else special
(3 - save vs unconcious success) the target wakes up (at the end of his turn), but is still slowed (save ends)
(3 - both succes) the target wakes up (note that this is at the end of his turn), and is not slowed
some DMs houserule that, when you drop unconcious, you don't need to make the save vs slow anymore (as they see it as an effect that increases in power)
Note how sleep makes enemies slow and/or unconsious, not sleepy. So any enemy that can get those effects (like normal humans, but also most undead, ...) are effected by the sleep spell
  • Q: Does the Wand of Accuracy ability allow you to add the + to hit mod after you roll an attack? Or does it have to be done before?
:A: Using wand of accuracy is a free action (just like elven accuracy), so you can infact add it after you rolled your attack.
  • Q: Can I use a Wand to ensure that the spell lands, and then later use the Orb to ensure that the spell save effect sticks, or extend the duration?
:A: Yes, that's perfectly fine. The Orb Mastery ability doesn't require you be using the orb in the attack that produces the effect. (as you don't need to be wielding it when you use the power, just when you want to use the orb's ability) The Wand's does.
  • Q: I've got a question regarding the Bigby's Icy Grasp daily wizard power. Let's imagine we have the following situation: I casts Bigby's Icy Grasp on a the enemy. The spell hits, I grab the enemy, and he takes the damage. The enemy tries to escape, he succeeds. Now we have two alternatives: Either the enemy thinks that getting away from the hand that squished his guts might be a good idea. He runs away from it. Or the enemy holds his ground, doing something else (a.k.a. doesn't move). Now, Do I have to waste a standard action to attempt another grab at the enemy that escaped in the 4b situation and/or 4a, or do I just need to use a minor one to sustain the power? The description of the spell doesn't clearly explain whether I can use a move action to, well, move the hand every single round. Can I? It may seem obvious, but still...
:A: Yes, you need to grab again using a standard action. Also note that grabbing only prevents moving. (immobilized) They can still attack without a penalty.
  • Q: As a move action you can move the hand(s) 6 squares. The description of Grab says one can move at half speed and move the target at half the "grabber's" speed, assuming it succeeds on checks. So as a move action can a character move its Bigby's 3 squares while grabbing if it succeeds on the checks? A few nice options come to mind if this is possible...drag them off a cliff...keep dragging them vertical (hand can move vertical?) and if the target breaks free they take some nice falling damage. If the hand(s) doesn't have vertical movement this isn't all that bad, cast it on a flying creature and once grabbed it falls?
:A: Technically the hand doesn't have a move speed. The Wizard has the option to use a move action to move it 6 squares, and it's not the hand having a move speed of its own. Personally, I'd allow it, and would think it to be quite an interesting idea.
However, you can't force someone to move vertically. PHB p.285
  • Q: Can a wizard use an implement that he has not mastered? For example, can a wizard use a daily power from a wand? Can he actually cast a spell with the wand and get the enhancement bonus from the wand?
:A: Yes, a Wizard can indeed use the bonuses and powers of any wand, rod, or staff, no matter what his Mastery is.
  • Q: Can you use your Orb class feature to extend Cold vulnerability, created by Ray of Frost in combination with the Lasting Frost feat?
:A: I see the text saying "Alternatively, you can choose to extend the duration of an effect created by a wizard at-will spell" as saying that it only works for the effects directly created by the at-will, rather than indirectly created by it. so I'dd say no, because cold vulnerability is created by the Lasting Frost feat, not the wizard at-will power.
  • Q: about Storm Cage (Spellstorm Paragon path) combined with the Resounding Thunder feat. Resounding Thunder increases the Storm Cage from burst 2 to burst 3. Does it also increase the wall created from 16 squares to 24?
:A: I'd say that yes, it does do so, as I see it as more important (central to the concept) that it creates a wall surrounding the effected area than that it uses 16 wall squares. An alternate interpretation that also works pretty well is that it stays only affecting the 16 squares outside a burst 2. I don't like the idea that it'd create on the outside, but only 16 squares. I think it works best as expanding to fit the new burst.
  • Q: Greater Invisability says that it ends if the receiver of the spell attacks. It also has the ability to sustain the spell as long as the reciever is in range. Can the caster of the spell sustain the spell throughout the attack?
:A: Greater Invisibility ends when the target attacks. Even though "Effect ends" is never explicitly defined in the PHB, it stands to reason that once an effect ends, regardless of when it ends, it can no longer be sustained. The text in the description of sustained powers on page 278 of the PHB supports this.
  • Q: Mordenkainen's Sword states "Sustain Minor: When you sustain the sword, it attacks again." - Does that mean you can attack (with the sword) with only a minor action and still use (i.e.) an at will attack in your standard action?
:A: Yes
3.9.1 staffs

  • Q: can a staff be used as an implement (rather than a weapon) one-handed? I looked at the customer service responses in another forum and found both yes and no answers, so now I'm more confused than when I started. Can anyone break the tie?
:A: I don't have any links to back this up, but I've always seen it ruled that a staff used as a weapon must be held with two hands but a staff used as an implement may be held in one hand. I don't believe there's any rules text that indicates that any implement type needs more than one hand to hold.
  • Q: This is my train of thoughts: When you use a weapon or implement to execute a power, you are 'attacking with' that object. If a wizard is using a +1 flaming staff as his implement, and activates the at-will power, 'all damage dealt by this weapon' is fire damage, and the power gains the Fire keyword. That is to say, the weapon (which is incidentally also an implement while being used in this manner, pg 240-241) is in the process of dealing damage, which satisfies the condition of the ability. There is no text requiring the weapon to deal weapon-damage that I can find. Am I correct?
:A: Custserv has consistently ruled that weapon-enchanted staves are not implements, even though implement staves function as weapon. However, the situation you envisioned is still possible with a Wizard of the Spiral tower and a cold/flaming longsword, and the answer to whether or not that one works is still up in the air.
  • Q: The special text of a pact blade and holy avenger specifically call out that you do not add your proficiency bonus from the weapon to your attack rolls for an implement-based attack made through them. According to page 219, 'Proficiency with a weapon gives you a proficiency bonus to attack rolls...' Using a staff, which is a weapon, as the implement of choice for a Wizard power that requires an attack roll, then, seems to, by default, allow you to claim this bonus. The 'general rule' states that you get the bonus to attack rolls, and there is no specific rule I can find which overrides it for a staff. Am I correct?
:A: No, you're missing relevant text. On the bottom of page 55 and continued on page 56, it tells you that you add your proficiency bonus to attack rolls when you use a power with the Weapon keyword. It's not gained through wielding the weapon, but using the weapon to attack with a power using the Weapon keyword.
3.9.2 wizard of the spiral tower

  • Q: When a Wizard of the Spiral Tower uses a longsword as an implement, does he get his proficiency bonus? The fact that the pact blade specifically says you don't seems to imply that a weapon without that special rule would do so.
:A: No. See page 275. Proficiency bonus is only for powers with the Weapon keyword. For a wizard that will only be his two Spiral Tower attack spells.
  • Q: Similarly, could he benefit from the property of a vorpal sword or the power of a berserker sword or frost sword when using his powers?
:A: Yes. For example, wielding a +6 sword gives the Wizard of the spiral tower +6 on attacks and damage of his spells ...
The rules of a vorpal sword aren't very clear: you're not really rolling the weapon's damage die, (as specified in the reroll decripytion form vorpal), although Cust Serv ruled that you can infact cast 'vorpal' spells
  • Q: Can a Warlock multiclassed into Wizard and then taking Wizard of the Spiral Tower paragon path gain the same benefit from Corellon's Implement?
:A: Maybe:
• No, you can't use it, as it needs to be one that you specialize in, (have Arcane Implement Mastery in)
• Yes, if you could theoretically use it, (talk to your DM about it) you'd be able to benefit from it on your Warlock spells, as it draws no distinction as to what kind of spells. Note however that unless your DM allows you to use the feature on an implement other than the three options they explicitly give, (the things you could be specialized in) you wouldn't be able to use Bard or Swordmage spells and would need to be using it as a Wand to use Warlock spells.

3.10. Swordmage (FRPG)

  • Q: Where do I find the Swordmage handbook, if there is one?
:A: I actually have no idea if there is a 'handbook', but if there is, it's not going to be much of one... There are barely any options available, and mostly only up to level 5.
  • Q: Does a swordmage with heavy blade mastery crit on implement powers?
:A: No, as heavy blade mastery specifies it needs to be a melee weapon attack. so heavy blade mastery only applies if you use a power with the 'weapon' descripior.
  • Q:: Does weapon focus work on implement powers for swordmages?
:A: I've seen a CS ruling on this that indicated that abilities that refer to a specific weapon (like the Daggermaster ability) will work when you're using such a weapon as an implement but that abilities that refer to a weapon group (like Weapon Focus does) will not work. The rational was that a dagger is still a dagger whether it's being used as an implement or a weapon, but a dagger being used as an implement is not being used as part of the light blades group. I don't know that I agree with that ruling, but it's the only semi-official response to the issue I'm aware of.
  • Q: Would the feat bonus to damage rolls with a longsword from Eladrin Soldier apply to powers used by a Swordmage with the implement keyword if he is using a longsword as his implement?
:A: I'd say that both this and Weapon Focus would apply to the powers using a longsword as an implement. (of course they still wouldn't stack) Some may disagree, but I think this is the best reading.
Also, Cust serv ruled that wizards can use Weapon Focus(staff), so longswords for swordmages shoudn't be a problem
  • Q: About 'Armathor's Step' (If you end this move adjacent to an enemy, you gain a +2 power bonus to the next attack roll you make against that enemy during your turn). Does this work for multiple enemies? For example, if I used this power to teleport into a group of enemies, such that several were now adjacent to me, could I then get a +2 to each attack roll for sword burst, earth tremor, or another close burst power that targets multiple adjacent creatures?
:A: I can see the argument for multiple +2's, but grammatical loopholes were not added to be exploited. They are just the result of the English language being terribly unspecific. This would not be the first example.
RAI: No, you get a single bonus to a single attack against a single enemy.
  • Q: Are there special ways to gain Concealment as a Swordmage?
:A: Swordmages gain concealment the same way any other character can. Their class list has no powers that grant concealment, and the only swordmage specific way to gain concealment that I could find was the Umbriri paragon path feature "Shadowy Action.
  • Q: Is there any advantage to taking the Initiate of the Pact for a swordmage and using a Pact Blade? (i.e. are there any warlock powers or feats that are really nice for a shielding swordmage)
:A: A Pact Blade would mean you only have to have one implement for both your Swordmage powers and Warlock powers, which is advantageous. As for the synergy between warlocks and swordmages; its definitely there, but theres too much info to lay out in a simple answer. I would suggest building a character and asking for criticism.

3.11. Spellscarred (FRPG)

  • Q: I'm probably missing something, but for the Spellscarred multiclass, what kinds of implements can you use?
:A: That's a good question... It doesn't say as far as I can tell, but I think the intent was for it to be that you can use whatever implements you could already use for your Spellscarred powers. (and I guess if you can't use any already, you're out of luck)

3.12. Epic Destiny

  • Q: Do you descide to use Tricksters disposition (from the epic destiny) before or after you know the GMs dice-result? I can see nothing stating either, and I really have no particular "feeling" that either is right...
:A: I would say that Trickster's Disposition is intended to be used before they tell you the result, because of the way it is worded. It says, "Once per day, you can tell your DM to treat the result of a d20 roll he just made as a 1..." It seems to me that if they wanted it to be able to be used after the result is made clear, it would say, "change the result of a d20 roll to a 1" or something similar, and would also have clarification text saying that it could be used after the result is clear (they usually do if it is possible). Also, "just made" also seems to imply that it is right when the roll is announced, as opposed to after calculations are made and the result is announced. Still, I'm not sure about it...
  • Q: Do an eternal seekers "Seeker of many things" ability work for retraining skills? In other words, can you start taking the powers from other classes if you retrain previous powers too? As far as I can see, nothing dictates otherwise.
:A: I don't think so. Eternal Seeker's ability says, "When you gain a class encounter or daily power by gaining a level..." When you retrain, you are not "gaining a class encounter or daily level by gaining a level," you are deciding to change a previously gained power for a new one of the same level or lower.
  • Q: Demigod states its 30th level benefit as: "When you have expended your last remaining encounter power, you regain the use of one encounter power of your choice..." By "encounter power", does it mean encounter attack power, or any power you have that has the "encounter" usage keyword (including encounter utility and racial powers)?
:currently not answered
  • Q: Can an Eternal Seeker choose Paragon Path powers?
:A: No, as Paragon Path powers are not class powers, which is specifically what you are allowed to choose from (any class power)

4. Player's equipment

4.1. General

  • Q: Where are the instructions on how to make Godplate armor and those specialized armors? It states its levels of masterwork armor, yet i cant find any writeup on masterwork armor. I do see it requires a minimum enchantment of +6... so are they saying as soon as the armor receives +6 its bumped up to "godplate" ?
:A: No. You can't have godplate with enhancement below +6 - as for making magic items, it looks like you just find a non-magical object and hit it with the ritual for making a magic item and 'pouf!' your magic item appears...
  • Q: I wonder if my DM would let me have a dwarf as a mount? An 8 strength dwarf can carry 399 pounds at speed 5 (same as a Warhorse)!
:A: Ask your DM about changing the loads that the horse can carry. I think it's a reasonable house-rule, since they were obviously intended to be used, and you can't reasonably use them.
  • Q: For the "special" mounts, such as a Dire Wolf, Manticore, etc, how does one determine the cost of buying such a mount?
:A: There is no official rule afaik, but it might be worth trying assigning mounts the same value as a magic item of their level.
  • Q: How does MONEY work per level, and is it different for PCs vs. NPCs?
:A: If you're trying to find how much money you start with if you start at a higher level, you start with 1 item of your level+1, one of your level, and one of your level -1, and gold equal to an item of your level-1.
NPCs: DMG p187
PCs (above first level): DMG p143
  • Q: What is the formula they are using for magic item price calculation, page 223 in the PHB? I can't figure out how to represent it in relation to n (item level) so that one can take any given item level and translate that to the gp value directly. Mostly an exercise in curiosity at this point.
:A: in Excell syntax: =(200+(160*MOD(A1,5)))*5^ROUNDDOWN((A1/5),0)
• A1: contains the level of the item
• MOD: means modulo. MOD(32,10)

2, its the remainder after division ( 32

3*10 + 2)
• ^: power. 5^2 = 25
  • Q: Is there anyway to have multiple magical properties on your weapon or armor? Or is it just flaming, or just vorpal?
:A: Just one property. It's pretty easy to look at the charts and see how much each property is worth in terms of item level / price compared to the vanilla magic item, though, so this would be a snap to houserule if you want.
  • Q: Can I wear magical cloth armor (for example fireburst) and a nonmagical plate?
:A: Though this is technically fair based on previous WotC stuff, it would probably roll down to DM Fiat.
  • Q: is their such a thing a +1 shields? (can we use the armor powers for shields, or are we limited by the list of magical shields?) Shields are listed under the armor section, and adding a +1 says it can be applied to any armor.
:A: Shields are not armor. Even if they were, it would be an enhancement bonus to your AC, and so not stack with your actual armor's bonus.

4.2. How to work with items

  • Q: What modifiers get added in to each damage roll on a power that multiplies weapon damage (3[[W]] etc) and which do not? For instance I would assume magic weapon enhancements do, say from a +3 sword. But what about feat damage bonuses like weapon focus or class features like the pit fighters dirty fighting. Do they get added on every roll or just tacked on to the end result?
:A: None. In x[[W]], x indicates the number of weapon damage dice rolled. No modifiers are added in.
Example: Valenae. a 12th-level eladrin paladin, hits a foe with thunder smite. The attack deals 2[[W]] + Strength modifier thunder damage and knocks the target prone.
The damage would be 2d8 (longsword 1d8 × 2) + 7. The +7 bonus includes her +3 Strength modifier, a +2 feat bonus (Weapon Focus), and a +2 enhancement bonus (from her +2 thundering longsword).
If she used wielded the sword with both her hands, the damage would have been 2d8 + 8. the bonus now also includes the +1 from versitile
  • Q: If I have a 7th level paladin with an 18 charisma, +1 viscious bastard sword and +1 holy symbol of battle. What should my attack be with Charisma if I am using a weapon? And What should my attack be with Charisma if I am using an impliment?
:A: the difference is that weapons have a proficiency bonus, while implements don't (well, currently. you never know what WotC will come up with next ...) :• Melee: 1/2 lvl (3) + Cha Mod (4) + Enhancement Bonus (1) + Proficiency Bonus (3) = +11
• Implement: 1/2 lvl (3) + Cha Mod (4) + Enhancement Bonus (1) = +8
Note however that you can't choose with which to attack: you need to use your weapon if you use a power with the weapon keyword, and you need to use your holy symbol if you use a paladin power with the implement keyword
  • Q: what are the rules about bonus damage and powers? (powers like cleave (having [[W]] but also 'half str mod'), scorching burst (a fixed die), cloud of daggers (fixed die, but also aditional damage as effect), ...). When does one add the bonus damage?
:A: If what you mean by 'bonus damage' is the weapon enhancement damage and all other bonuses to damage rolls, it applies any time there is a roll of the dice. This means any fixed damage die or any multiple of [[W]] will trigger it, but fixed damage will not. Most of what could be considered 'bonus damage' triggers off of damage rolls. All of your example powers will have all normal bonuses to damage rolls applying, but the Cloud of Daggers secondary effect, orthe damage to the second enemy with cleave, does not, since it does fixed damage.
  • Q: Can you hold (and use) an Implement such as a rod, wand, or orb in your shield hand while using a Light Shield and gain its benefits to attacks?
:A: You can hold it and get the benefit from the properties and/or activate powers, but you may not wield (use it for attacks and such) it. (and thus cannot benefit from the enhancement or critical bonuses, or use a power which requires wielding/attacking with the implement, like a wand's power)
  • Q: Is a player able to use a shield while wielding a hand crossbow and still be able to reload?
:A: With a Light Shield, yes, as it specifically states that your hand is not used to hold the shield. A Heavy Shield, however, would need to be dropped to reload a Hand Crossbow.
  • Q: can you use a light shield in combination with the feats Two weapon fighting and Two weapon defence? "Light Sield: You can still use that hand to hold another item, to climb, or the like. However, you can't use your shield hand to make attacks."; "While holding a melee weapon in each hand, you gain ..."
:A: Cust Serv ruled that you can't.
  • Q: I can't find any way to make a weapon do more damage every hit (like the olds flaming weapons and similars) other then just the Enhancement bonus (from +1 to +6). There is anything other then this to make a weapon that deals more damage on hit then a normal one?
:A:There are a few ways:
• Feats: Weapon Focus adds +1 feat damage.
• bilities: Kensei adds 4 damage to 1 chosen weapon
• Weapons: A 1handed versatile weapon wielded with 2 hands adds 1 point of damage.
• Items: Bracers of Mighty Striking, but only on a basic attack, which probably means only on AoOs and charges.
  • Q: How does one calculate the cost and weight of weapons of a large or larger category?
:A: There does not seem to be any rules currently for determining such factors. However, looking at the weapon tables we see that a Longsword is listed at 15gp and 4lbs, and a greatsword is listed at 30gp 8lbs. So we can assume that any increase in size doubles its current cost/wieght.
Note that you can resize magic items using the Enchant Magic Item ritual
  • Q: Can a Warlock carry a pact blade in one hand and a rod of some sort in the other and gain the properties of both?
:A Properties Yes*. Daily Powers Yes*. Enhancement Bonuses No: you'll have to choose one or the other, as per the rules for fighting with two weapons.
*By RAW, I think yes. Probably should be regulated by the DM.
  • Q: Is there any kind of arcane spell failure in 4th ed? I didn't see anything in my first read through but I may have just missed it. It seems worthwhile to pick up some light armor proficiency as a wizard for instance since you still get INT to ac in light armor.
:A: There is no arcane spellcasting failure in 4e so you can take leather prof and wear some leather armor as a mage.
  • Q: How does fight with a two-handed weapon work? What kind of bonuses do you get for holding a weapon in two-hands?
:A: You don't get any bonuses just for using a two-handed weapon. If you use a versatile weapon two-handed then you gain a +1 bonus to damage. Also the Power Attack feat gives a higher damage bonus when you use a two-handed weapon.
  • Q: Does STR modifier apply 1.5x to two-handed weapon damage like it did in DnD 3.5, or is it just STR mod to damage?
:A: Just str mod. A fighter with 16 Strength, making a basic attack with a greatsword deals 1d10+3 damage.
  • Q: So it seems that 2-handed weapons suck in 4e or have I missed something? Besides a slight increase in damage die for 1- vs. 2-handed weapons, what are the benefits of loosing a shield and using a 2-handed weapon?
:A: Improved damage when used in conjunction with attack powers that multiply your weapon damage. For example, compare a greatsword with a longsword in tandem with a power that deals 7x damage. You deal 7d10 rather than 7d8+1, an average increase of 6 damage.
Power attack also works better with 2-handed weapons.
  • Q: How does two-weapon fighting work? Can a (two-weapon fighting) ranger wield a bastard sword in each hand without penalty?
:A: There is no longer any sort of offhand penalty, however there are now weapons labeled as "off-hand" which are the only ones you can equip in your offhand. You can only attack with one weapon at a time.
Ranger with the Two-Weapon style allows them to equip any one-handed weapon in their offhand, so yes they could use two Bastard Swords if they wanted. They also get powers that let them make an attack with each weapon.
  • Q: Can a caster wield two implements? I know that they'd only get the implement bonus from one, but could, say, a warlock have a rod in each hand, choosing to use the one with a higher bonus for casting but having access to the powers and benefiting from the properties of both? If not, what happens when a warlock has a rod in each hand- does he have to choose one each round to benefit from (for properties, powers, and the implement bonus)?
:A: For each spell with the implement keyword cast the warlock could select either rod and gain all the benefits of that rod.
But he gets the benefits of the properties of both items regardless of which one he is using. I don't see any reason he can't use any powers either, unless they can only activate when the implement is used.
  • Q: Does one need to be holding the implement to use its bonus? For example, a Paladin using a 2hand weapon, would he have to use a minor action to take out his holy symbol to use the +1 bonus? Or for RP sake just say its a medalion and he need not have it in his hand to focus power through it?
:A: As long as you are able to wield it, you can use its bonus. Holy symbols can be wielded simply by being worn slotlessly (like as a medallion, per your example). Most implements require you hold them to wield them, though.
  • Q: What item slot does does a holy symbol that is worn take up?
:A: A holy symbol is never cited in the PH as taking an item slot. Thus, it does not. It can be wielded, but it doesn't have to be.
  • Q: What sort of action does it take to sheathe a weapon?
:A: Sheathing a weapon is a minor action.
  • Q: a ranger that throw axes, uses dex(as said in the book for most ranged powers) or strength(since it´s a strenght based weapon) to use his power attacks?
:A: the power determines what you use, 'heavy thrown' property (that you may yse str instead of dex) only affects ranged basic attacks.
  • Q: Do the shield and armor check penalties do they add together?
:A: Yes they do. Someone someone wearing a full plate and a heavy shield has a -4 Check penalty
  • Q: How do the higher level armors from the PHB work exactly? When you get that higher enhancement bonus, the base just increases? No price change or anything? Is this just to compensate for increasing ability scores that the light armor users would have? And How do the masterwork armors from Adventures Vault change this? Choose one or the other? Any cost difference?
:A: Each type of 'Masterwork' armor in the PHB and AV have a minimum listed enhancement bonus. When armor of that type equals or surpasses that bonus, it is automatically the masterwork of the appropriate level. In the case of the AV vs. PHB masterwork materials, you would have to choose which to use. The AV armors just give you a wider range of options, as well as some masterwork materials with other properties besides AC bonus. There is no extra cost for the masterwork armor; the cost is built into the magic item in question.

4.3. How specific items work

  • Q: Is there any way to wield a quarterstaff in one hand or, are there any magical implements that also function as melee weapons?
:A: Cust Serv does not seem to agree with itself on this.
  • Q: I know that you can use a staff enchanted as an implement as a weapon, but can a quarterstaff enchanted as a weapon be used as an implement? Can a frost or terror quarterstaff be used, granting the cold or fear keywords to spells cast with it, for instance?
:currently not answered
  • Q: When using poisons, do poisons get used up after being used? So if you had a poison on your dagger and hit a target, then next turn hit another target, would both targets get poisoned or only the first? Also, do you have to buy a separate poison for each usage? For example, I buy Stormclaw Scorpion Venom and apply it to my dagger for a battle. Do I have to buy more venom or can I keep using it over and over? Lastly, is there any way for players to make traps?
:A: I'm pretty sure only the first gets poisoned, but the text in the DMG is somewhat ambiguous. You cannot re-use a poison in multiple encounters. Poisons are consumable items (one-use). As for traps... I have no idea, but I can't find anything about it.
  • Q: What's the deal with mundane ammo, after use, in 4E? Particularly in regards to arrows/bolts are they reusable?
:A: PHB 221: "Ammunition is used up when you fire it from a projectile weapon."
  • Q: Would a Frost Weapon +x satisfy "when you use a power that has a cold or radiant keyword" ?
:A: Yes, The Player's Handbook's FAQ clarifies this.
  • Q: Under the minimum enhancement bonus, would you "find" the armor with that bonus added onto the armor bonus already provided? The way it sounds is you can only get, say, Elderhide armor if it has a +6 bonus on it. Which would bring it to a +11?
:A: That is correct. If an armor has a certain minimum enhancement bonus, its name changes to something fancier and you get an extra bonus. This is especially important for heavy armors, as the difference between +3 and +4 or +5 and +6 is actually 4 AC. You'll definitely want to enjoy that upgrade as soon as possible.
  • Q: A frost sword using anoly strike with cold effect gets radiant bonus by wisdom?
:A: Yes. But the extra damage is radiant AND cold, that means: only the minor resistence of a monster applies.
  • Q: When you get a crit using a Vorpal weapon, does 'max damage' count for another die roll?
:A: This has been debated. As far as I know, there is no clear answer.
  • Q: How do Shadow fell gloves work in combination with sustainable powers or powers of mutliple damage descriptors?
:A: about sustainable powers
• the spell's damage becomes necrotic, so the damage while sustaining is necrotic
• About the damage bonus, PHB Page 276 describes how powers deal damage, so you should read it. In essence, the damage a power deals is set at whatever is listed under the power's description, regardless of the number of targets. Thus, as the item description says, "Add 1d6 to the damage dealt by that power (if any)." This means you add 1d6 to the total damage the power deals. If it deals damage to multiple targets, you choose which target it deals the additional damage to.
If the powers has multiple damage descriptors, that becomes somewhat redundant as the damage becomes necrotic (no other subtypes)
  • Q: Say I designed an aquatic creature with an attack that can pull a target deep into watery terrain. If said target wields a Floating Shield (Adventurer's Vault 117), does it mean there's now way the attack can pull the target beyond surface level unless the target wants to?
:A: Technically, forced movement can't even be vertical, but I personally think that that is stupid and say that it should be that it can't move vertically in air, but has no restriction on things like water combat.
Assuming that it works similar to that, it depends on how you define the interaction between them. I would say that forced movement can force you into moving downwards, as I believe that the Floating Shield is referring to normal 'sinking', and as it doesn't explicitly override forced movement, it doesn't.
  • Q: Repulsion Armor (source?) has "Whenever an enemy moves into an adjacent square, you can push that enemy 1 square as an immediate reaction. This power lasts until the end of the encounter." Would the last sentence mean that when the power is used, the wearer can push anyone who enters an adjacent square for the rest of the encounter?
:A: Yes. note however that it still takes an immediate action (a immediate reaction)
  • Q: About Master's Wand of Cloud of Daggers: (Property: When a creature moves into a cloud of daggers you create with this wand, it takes twice your Wisdom modifier in damage (minimum 2) instead of damage equal to your Wisdom modifier). Does it only trigger when the creature moves into the cloud? Or does an enemy who starts its turn inside also suffer 2x WIS modifier damage?
:A: As you pointed out, the text on this item is rather specific. In this case the power in question would work as normal, with this one specific exception - when they move into the cloud they take 2x WIS damage. Don't be surprised to see errata on this item.
  • Q: If a Ranger uses Twin Strike (or any multi-attack power), does he have to choose his target(s) before making the attack, or can he "resolve" one attack, and then decide who to target with his second attack?
:A: Reading PHB p269-270, I think you pick all of your targets at the start, then make an attack roll and determine the effects (hit or miss) and repeat until you have no more attacks to make.
Cust Serv also ruled "a ranger must choose their targets before making an attack with Twin Strike."

5. Skills and Feats

5.1. General Questions

  • Q: Can you take feats from a earlier tier level even when you're in an advanced tier? (i.e. Human Perseverance at 12th level)
:A: Yes
  • Q: Can you retain a feat into something even though you did not have the prerequisites at the time you originally to the feat. Can a character starting with 11 CON, retrain a heroic feat at epic level (going to epic, he gained 2x +1 con) to take hide armor proficiency (requiring 13 CON)? And can a lvl 17 character who took 'Novice Power' at lvl 4 (swapping for example a lvl 3 encounter power) retrain that feat so he now swaps a lvl 17 encounter power instead?
:A: Yes

5.2. General feats

  • Q: Would the 'Astral Fire' feat improve damage from the Paladin's 'Divine Challenge' (note: there is no "roll" involved)
:A:There may be a ruling down the line that a Class Feature is not a "Power", but I cant find any information on it currently. So, yes, a Paladin's Divine Challenge would benefit from Astral Fire.
  • Q: What is the math on Power Attack? Even with a 2 handed weapon, is it usualy worth using?
:A: It's worth using most of the time damage-wise.
Use this as your formula to determine the damage it adds/subtracts: Damage added = (extra damage from PA)*(hit%-0.1) - (damage on a hit-damage on a miss)*0.1
Perhaps its important to note that power attack never gives a bonus on miss (as stated in the feat, it only works on hit)
  • Q: Can forced movement provoke a Polearm Gamble OA?
:A: No. I looked at this previously and after a while decided that the blanket of 'no provoking of OAs' from forced movement overrides any granting of OAs elsewhere because of the phrasing in the PHB about OAs. The language on ranged, area attacks and movement consistently say that when you 'provoke' you 'grant an OA', and so it seems to indicate they are equivalent, that when you 'grant an OA', you are 'provoking'. The reason I assume this is because consistency is relatively rare in terms of phrasing, so this doesn't seem like a coincidence, and more an indication of equivalence in meaning. (that it makes sense is a bonus)
  • Q: Does hammer rhythm trigger only on basic melee attacks? or do At-Wills that use melee weapons trigger it as well?
:A: The Feat Hammer Rythm works off of any melee attack you preform using a hammer or a mace. It does not matter if it is an At-Will, Encounter, Basic, or Daily. However, the damage you deal is only your Con Modifier. You do not add damage based on the enchancement bonus of the hammer or mace you are using.
  • Q: Can a player worship more than one god/goddess, thus qualifying for multiple Channel Divinity feats?
:A: Even if you worship multiple deities, you can only have one as your patron deity/specific faith for the purposes of your Cleric deity
  • Q: I noticed that improved darkspiral aura feat in the Forgotten Realms players guide is listed as a paragon tier feat. I would like to know if this is a typo, as the other improved(pact boon) are heroic tier. If you can't give a definative answer I would appriciate an educated guess.
:A: The Errata Boards have discussed this. It's fairly obvious it should be a Heroic Feat.

5.3. Racial feats

  • Q: Does the feat "Dwarven Weapon Training" grant proficiency with ALL axes? What about the Execution Axe?
:A: yes, it gives proficiency with all axes, including superior axes

5.4. Multiclassing

  • Q: How does multiclassing work in 4th Edition? Will I still be able to multiclass like in the previous edition, or is there something else in place?
:A: It is different. Now you get a "multiclass feat", which provides skill training and some feature of the class, usually toned down in frequency of usage. You can only multiclass to one other class, and you essentially use feats to switch powers from your main to your multiclass. If you have all four feats, (multiclass and the three power switching ones), you can forsake a paragon class to continue multiclassing, gaining powers from your new class as your paragon powers. So, it is much toned down, and for the most part probably won't be good (you lose features of paragon without any benefit, can only get powers of a lower level than those of your paragon, and throw 4 feats away to do it. You get 18 feats total, though, six per tier)
  • Q: Multiclassing Cleric(or warlord) gives you holy word as a daily power instead of an encounter power. Do you get to use it 2 time's durring the encounter(3 at 16) or just once?
:A:You can use the power once per day. The power is one use of the minor action to heal. The Feat overrides the power text about using it twice.
  • Q: Would someone with Cleric as his (2nd) Multiclass add his WIS bonus to 'Healing Word' and other Cleric 'Healing' Powers?
:A: Healer's Lore is a Cleric class feature that adds WIS modifier to some Cleric Powers. Taking the Initiate of the Faith multiclass feat only grants access to using Healing Word as a daily power. So, no, you would not benefit from Healer's Lore.
  • Q: How do you exactally multiclass? the PHB has rules on paragon multiclassing on page 208... other than that how does "at will" abilities work with other classes? Do you gain that classes proficiencys? What about trained skills? etc.
:A: If you just take the base multiclass feat for a class you can take its paragon paths - except ranger. Padagon Multiclassing is more complicated - but I can say you do not get proficiencies or skills over and above the skill you get from the first multiclassing feat.
  • Q: If I select a multiclassing feat when I build a human, can I select one of the at-will powers from my second class for my 3rd at-will power?
:A: No. You only count as a member of your second class for the purposes of qualifying for feats or paragon paths, not for selecting powers.
  • Q: Can you take multiclass/power swap feats at any feat-granting level? For example, can my warlock/wizard take Novice Power at a paragon tier level (say 12 or 14) or do I have to use the power swap feats only at the levels mentioned in the prereqs?
:A: Yes
  • Q: Eldritch Blast counts as a basic ranged attack. The half-elf ability Dilettante grants you another class's at-will ability as an encounter attack. If I choose an ability that requires a ranged weapon with Dilettante (such as Nimble Strike, 105) can I use Eldrich Blast with that power?
:A: No. A power counting as a basic ranged attack does not make it a weapon, so it cannot be used with other powers that have the weapon keyword.
  • Q: If I take Paragon Multiclassing (have multiclass feat +3 power swap feats) can I later decide to retrain one or more of the power swap feats?
:A: It depends on how you define prerequisite and requirement. You could probably retrain them for different powers that had been swapped as long as they were for the multiclass.
  • Q: Can you retain a muliclass feat? Ex Drop Pact Initiate for improved initative
:A: Yes, if it isn't a prerequisite for anything else you have (feats, whatever else)
  • Q: Can I take the multiclass powerswap feats more then once? E.g. taking the Adapt Power feat twice, swapping two powers.
:A: No. A feat may not be taken more than once unless otherwise specified.
  • Q: If I take Student of Battle (multiclass warlord feat) or Initiate of the Faith (multiclass cleric feat), how many times can I use Inspiring Word/Holy Word?
:A: Although Inspiring Word/Holy Word say you can use it twice per encounter, the multiclass feat specifically says you can use it once per day. Hence, a fighter, multiclass warlord, can use inspiring word only once per day
  • Q: If you multiclass into cleric does using the cleric's healing ability use up one of your daily powers or is it a use of that ability as an encounter power once per day?
:A: by taking the feat, you do not lose any (use of) other abilities.
  • Q: at higher level you gain an automatic retrain power to a higher level power. can a fighter with a cleric power (thanks to a powerswap feat) retrain that low level cleric power into a higher cleric power?
:A: Yes, by retraining the feat (you retrain the power swap feat in the same feat, but with a different option (a.k.a. a different power)
  • Q: If a wizard gets "Student of Caiphon" by multiclassing into a warlock, and misses all targets of the icy terrain, will the effect still be triggered? And if he sacrifices 1 HP, he'll be able to use the power again with the same effect?
:A: Since Icy Terrain is an encounter power with targets, if all targets are missed then yes, the player can sacrifice 1 HP to recover the power, and yes the effect will still be triggered. The feat description for Student to Caiphon does not say that the power does not go off as normal, only that you recover it, which implies that it has been expended. As such, the difficult terrain of Icy Terrain would persist until the end of your next turn, and you would recover the use of it.

5.5. Skills

  • Q: When are additional skills learned. On page 179 of the PHB it states: "The entry for your class in Chapter 4 tells you how many skills you’re trained in and what skills you can choose at 1st level. For example, if you’re a 1st-level warlock, you can pick four skills from a list of eight. You can take the Skill Training feat to gain training in a skill even if it’s not on your class skill list. Some multiclass feats also give skill training." That all talks about how you get your 1st level skills, but what about from 2nd onward? Do you have to take Skill Training Feat whenever you want a skill from that point forward, or do you ever get an addition skill slot by leveling.
:A: At present you need to take either Skill Training or one of the Multiclass Feats in order to gain new skills. At present virtually every character will take one of the multi-class options at some point even if they intend to take one of their primary class paragon path and no cross-class powers because the xtra little ability and the extra skill training are very handy.
Jack of all Trades also gives +2 to all non-trained skills.
You also gain +1 to all skills (trained or not) every two levels.
  • Q: For ritual casting, do you need to be trained in the skill assigned to each ritual to cast it, or does that just grant a +5 bonus?
:A: You can perform any Ritual you have mastered as long as you meet two requirements,
• have the ritual caster feat
• your level must meet or exceed the ritual level.
You do not have to have skill training in the ritual preferred skills to perform them. However, like you said, you get a bonus to a ritual that involves a skill check if you are trained in that skill.
  • Q: If as a level 1 Paladin I take the Initiate of the Faith mutli class feat, which grants me Religion as a bonus skill, can I Retrain away Religion at level 2? I am still granted it by my base class, which should satisfy the requirement to have the skill trained.
:A:You can certainly house-rule it, but by RAW you don't have any way to get a second skill.
  • Q: Does the distance given for a jump check represent the distance cleared, or the distance moved?
:A: "You land in the square determined by your result" indicates to me that your result is the number of squares you move, not the number you clear (so no landing one square farther than what your check indicates).
  • Q: Suppose a character has concealment. He wants to do nothing more than to use his Sneak skill to hide. What kind of action is that hiding? Free, minor, standard?
:A: PHB p.188, Stealth: Part of whatever action you are trying to perform stealthily. Hiding, just for hiding sake therefore would just be part of your movement, if you are moving. Or no action if you are remaining in one spot.
  • Q: When can you use Stealth? For example does a rogue have to always start and end her turn in a room with concealment (behind a tree, bush, thick fog)? Or would it be enough to move away like 5 squares to get a new hiding attempt?
:A: You can use Stealth as part of any action as long as you have cover or concealment or if the enemy is distracted. (An enemy is assumed to be paying attention in all directions during combat.) See pg. 188 of PHB.
Any time you do anything, move, speak, run, attack or the like you make a stealth check opposed by the perception checks of all enemies present. See the modifiers on pg. 188 of PHB to modify the roll.
In regards to stealth after an attack, I would treat it that the enemy automatically aware of you if you make an attack. But you will be allowed to make another Stealth check on your next move action.
  • Q: The rogue was having trouble getting CA and not getting owned. Because he would have to shift behind the enemy thus putting him in the back of their lines and closer to more guys who would then attack him. Then in one fight where the risk was to great he thought he'd try the stealth for CA and range attacks with crossbow. This seemed way to easy to use as he just ran back to the corner and each turn he did a stealth check as part of the action he was trying to do stealthy. With a +9 against creatures with passive Perception of like 11-14 he nearly always successed getting CA and Sneak Attack. Now while this is very nice for him to get his sneak attack every turn it does seem to make getting CA a bit easy. So much so that our ranger is thinking of retraining his skill to stealth and since he's already an archer using the cover to get CA most turns as well. I was wondering if he's doing this correctly?
:A: Uh, it gets a little bit complicated, Combat Advantage. You should probably check the Errata for the Player's Handbook on the main site, just to make sure, but I believe that, if he has FULL COVER behind a spot (it gives good picture examples in the PHB), then he can, indeed, move out of the spot, attack with CA, and then move back. As long as he does this all in one turn, he'll still stay hidden from the enemy.

6. Combat / General Rules

6.1. How powers work

6.1.1 Wall/Zone/... effects

6.2. Rituals

6.3. Combat

6.4. Squares on the field

6.5. Other mechanics

6.5.1 Health: Healing surges, hit points, dying, ...
6.5.2 Forms of damage
6.5.3 Action points
6.5.4 Status effects, marks, ...
6.5.5 General actions (shifing, oppertunity attacks, delay) ...

7. Monsters

7.1. General

7.2. Kobold