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The World of Emira: Session Summaries

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Chapter 8 (21st March 2012)

541 of the 5th Age, Ravenday 16th of Arcadan

[[dnd:Maritimus|Maritimus]], [[dnd:A'lea|A'lea]] and [[dnd:Eternity|Eternity]] wake up with [[dnd:Lezore|Lezore]] still in the underground Castle. Feeling refreshed they make their way out of the room they barricaded themselves in and decide to head up through a portal that led to the room above.
Here they meet with some more of the [[dnd:The_Cult_of_Sapphiredge|Cult of Sapphiredge]]. The Adventurers conversed with Ediza and Arakain, the leaders for the Cult in the Castle convincing them to provide them with some rations for the trip back to Arborshate. After this the adventurers attacked the Cultists and slayed all in the room.
After this the adventurers decided to claim the Castle as their own. They found out more about the history of the Castle.
The castle once belonged to the great King Unhanna Emeraldeye, who loved the arcane arts he would have it displayed all around the castle, having torches that light automatically when someone walked into the room and use portals to get from one room to the next instead of doors. The bricks of the castle were ingrained with small magical particles to make them seem to glitter. King Unhanna Emeraldeye even had a throne which would throw out small fireworks to amaze people.
One day searching for a greater magical item King Emeraldeye angered a very powerful Wizard. When Unahanna tried to have the wizard put to death the wizard raised his arms. As he done this the earth seemed to reach up and pull the castle into the ground with everyone still inside the castle. When the Wizard was done, nothing was left of the Castle on the surface.
This was a story passed down for hundreds of years.
As the adventurers cleared the rest of the castle and closed off the entrances to the Underground Castle they made a bonfire and cremated the bodies of their fallen enemies. As they stood there watching the fire burn a large ball of flame struck the ground obliterating the bonfire and leaving a crater where it stood. Inside the crater was a Platinum Dragon Holy Symbol. Maritimus picked it up and mentioned [[dnd:Brom Astralkin|Brom Astralkin]] at which point the adventurers were engulfed in a shimmering ball of energy. The adventurers felt their feet lift from the ground as they were teleported away...

Memorable moments:
  • After convincing the Cult of Sapphiredge to give them food for their trip home and having a friendly chat with them, the adventurers attacked the Cultists unprovoked.
  • The Cultists admitted to slaughtering people but the adventurers decided this was ok. When they asked Lezore and she said kill them, they attacked the cultists.
  • A'Lea decided after the Cultists were dead to claim the Underground castle in the name of Pelor as their own. And at a later date they could open it to the tired, sick, weary and generally good people.
  • Maritimus decided that he would claim the magical Throne as his meditation/resting place
  • The Adventurers locked the castle with a magical seal that opens to a spoken word that only they know.
Treasure Found:
  • Luckblade (Lvl 3)
  • 60 GP
  • Silver Necklace (Worth 250 GP)
XP Earned:
  • 1401/3 = 467 XP per adventurer

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