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The World of Emira: Session Summaries

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Chapter 7 (19th March 2012)

541 of the 5th Age, Tiamaday 15th of Arcadan

After spending the night in [[dnd:Arborshate|Arborshate]], [[dnd:Alandra|Alandra]], [[dnd:Thorgriff Tootall|Thorgriff]] and [[dnd:Dyck the Ranger|Dyck]] see off the other adventurers saying that they will investigate the [[dnd:Zanfalcon Dissent|Zanfalcon Dissent army]] that was seen marching in the fields south of the town. Before heading off the group decides that Thorgriff is a little to blunt and forward to stealthily approach the army and leave him in the bar.
As they get closer to the army they notice a caravan that is having troubles with the horse size lizards which are pulling it. They also notice a [[dnd:Buckle the Artificer|metallic man]] who seems to be hiding in the bushes near the caravan. Dyck approached the man with his bow drawn but soon are able to agree they are here for the same reason. The metallic man introduces himself as [[dnd:Buckle the Artificer|Buckle the Artificer]].
Just as the caravan starts going the group jumps onto the back of the caravan and proceeds inside. Despite setting off a trap as they walk in, the group dispatches with some guards inside and then manage to work out the workings of the Teleportation circles that allow passengers to move from one caravan to another.
After scoping out all the destinations of the circle the adventurers head to the command caravan. Here they are able to deactivate the traps, and find an invisible table. On this table they found a letter addressed to [[dnd:Norkas Iceblood|Norkas Iceblood]], Ruler of the Zanfalcon Dissent. As footsteps are heard the adventurers choose to run through the teleportation circle reactivating the traps and making it seem like they had not been there. Grabbing the dead bodies as they leave the caravan they entered through, they left leaving very little trace that they had been there.

Memorable moments:
  • Alandra went into a caravan which had caged tigers. She threw trail rations into the cages of the animals and stole the torture implements that were in there.
  • Buckle seems to get freaked out by Alandra’s Familiar Skex.
Treasure Found:
  • 40 GP
  • Moonstone Gem (worth 100 GP)
XP Earned:
  • 600/2 = 300 XP per adventurer
Quotes of the evening:
  • Richard: (As AJ wanted to steal something) We’re the SAS, not Marine Core.

  • Richard: Don’t roll a 3
  • AJ rolls as 2.

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