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The World of Emira: Session Summaries

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Chapter 6 (7th March 2012)

541 of the 5th Age, Tiamaday 15th of Arcadan

Our Adventurers returned back to [[dnd:Arborshate|Arborshate]] after clearing out the Werewolf cave. After mentioning to [[dnd:Thoster Urthadar|Thoster]] about the fate of the other travellers, they all decide to take a rest and have their waterskins filled with mead from the pub at the begrudging expense of [[dnd:D'Cain Carter|D'Cain Carter]].
In the morning [[dnd:Theren|Theren]], [[dnd:Taral|Taral]], [[dnd:Autian|Autian]] and [[dnd:Fenris|Fenris]] head off with [[dnd:Maritimus|Maritimus]] is search of [[dnd:Brom Astralkin|Brom]] and [[dnd:Eternity|Eternity]].
The last place Maritimus remembers being with Brom and Eternity is coming out of the buried Minotaur temple when collecting [[dnd:Traveous Lorearthen|Traveous’s]] Box. As they head towards the temple Maritimus suddenly disappears. Upon checking the place and noticing traces of a battle had happened here in the past few days and that Maritimus was taken by a portal, the group decides that Maritimus had made a deal with [[dnd:Spindletop|Spindletop]] and taken the Black gem. Not finding any clues as to where Maritimus went they decide to continue their search for Brom and Eternity.
Arriving at the Entrance to the temple Fenris remembers some things about the temple though not where his box is. They decide to enter at [[dnd:Farallax the Purple Dragon|Farallax the Dragon’s]] side of the temple and after some hostile negotiating are able to meet with Farallax.
With some bad conversation choices but good posturing they make a deal with Farallax, clear the temple of all creatures that are not his followers and he may ally himself with them. But this must be done before [[dnd:The Followers of Urafan|the Followers of Urafan]] do the same task. With a time limit set, they continue to move through the rooms clearing it of creatures who do not worship Farallax. After solving an intricate trap they decide to take a rest.
With the rest Fenris remembers a few things about his past and the location of his box. He also remembers a little of what is in the box.
Fenris remembers a time when he was no older than 3 that he strayed from his Bugbear tribe, playing in the bushes and trees with a severed limb of an animal when he was suddenly attacked by an Owlbear. Beaten and on the brink of death, the Owlbear was about to deliver the final blow to Fenris when out of the bushes his Uncle Kurrash (also known as Frankie) came and struck down the Owlbear. Defeating the creature with his bare hands and tearing the Owlbear’s beak from its face, Kurrash saved Fenris and fashioned a necklace out of the Owlbear’s Beak for Fenris.

Memorable moments:
  • Fenris while not saying it out loud thought how stupid Farallax was for not being able to remove the enchantment from the Infighting Sword.
  • The group found out about Kaisaris the Wizard from the Villagers in Arborshate as well as from Farallax the Dragon.
  • [[dnd:Urafan|Urafan]] has offered Farallax a large amount of gold and Treasure to join his growing army of monsters.
  • Members of the group contemplate making a deal with Spindletop for personal gain.
  • In a trap that mimicked chess, both Autian and Fenris decided to take on the role of Queen.
  • Fenris tried to steal from a Drunken Villager out the front of the Dead Pony only to fail and fall flat on his face ontop of the Villager. At this time Taral got the local Cartographer to sketch the incident and stick it on the Arborshate message board.
Treasure Found:
  • Amethyst Gem (worth 100 GP)
  • 3 Leather Armor
  • 3 Small Shields
  • 3 Short swords

XP Earned:

852/4 = 213 XP each Adventurer

Quotes of the Evening
  • Glenn: I walk over to my little friend...
  • Terry: You don't have any.

  • Adam: I walk up to the bartender, empty my water skin, hand it to him and say 'Fill this with the strongest stuff you got!'
  • Jay: The bartender says 'Not a problem, sir. That'll be 5 gold.'
  • Adam: **** off!

  • Lauren: (to Decain's girlfriend) 'Sup, slag!

  • Glenn: (to Adam) **** your box!!!

  • Adam: (About leader of barbarians riding back to his castle) He forgot his wallet, didn't he?

  • Terry: (to Glenn) You're not Monkey ****ing Magic!

  • Glenn: **** your cave, THEN your box! In that order!
  • Adam: NO means NO!

  • Lauren: I will NOT roll a pregnancy check!

  • Richard: (About Maritimus) So he took his fairy doll and went POOF?

  • Lauren: (to Glenn) Do you want me to roll an Intimidate again?
  • Glenn: *pause*...No ma'am...

  • Adam: (about Bullywog girlfriend seeing Fenris hit on Taral) Don't hate the player, hate the game!

  • Adam: (Talking to Faralax the Dragon) I drop my arms, and my severed arm.

  • Adam: (To Glenn) You're a ****ing idiot!

  • Glenn: (After pissing off the dragon) No-one mention the ****ing pixie!!!!

  • Adam: After all that?! You're such a **** dragon, you can't un-magic a sword?!?! (WTF ADAM!!!)

  • Adam: Just a work of advice - never say '****' to a dragon! (No ****!)

  • Jay: The kobold walks over. Turns the knob. Opens the door.
  • (After Adam & Glenn dabate how to knock down a door for a few minutes)

  • Terry: (to Glenn) Hey! **** brick! You're not kickin' the ****in' door in!

  • "Bugbear slams himself against door"
  • "Goliath slams himself against door"
  • "Half-Elf opens door"
  • (You gettin' the pattern here? XD)

  • Jay: You walk in and see a nice, new rug spread on the floor.
  • Glenn: Hey, Adam, it's your Uncle!

  • Lauren: You don't need Admiral Akbar to tell you it's a trap, idiot!

  • Glenn: Bugbear to D5!

  • Terry: (to Adam) Who do you think you are, Captain ****ing America?!?!

  • Glenn: So I'm a Queen!

  • Adam: **** you, *I'M* a Queen!

  • Special thanks to Jay for being an excellent DM, and to the dramatically timed REAL thunder and lightning.

  • Apologies to all the doors in the current dungeon, Half the party gets it, truly.

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