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The World of Emira: Session Summaries

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Chapter 5 (5th March, 2012)

541 of the 5th Age, Tiamaday 15th of Arcadan

The Adventurer’s return to [[dnd:Arborshate|Arborshate]] at night time and walk into the bar to deliver the good news about the Werewolf cave. While there they mention the situation with [[dnd:Brom Astralkin|Brom]] and [[dnd:Eternity|Eternity]], and also talk to [[dnd:Traveous Lorearthen|Traveous]] about his box. [[dnd:Thoster Urthadar|Thoster]] heads off to see if he can learn anything about [[dnd:Brom Astralkin|Brom's]] disappearance from the Villagers leaving the Adventurers in the pub.
In the morning [[dnd:Thoster Urthadar|Thoster]] comes to them with rumors of [[dnd:Zanfalcon Dissent|the Zanfalcon Dissent]] has been seen marching near [[dnd:Arborshate|Arborshate]] and that a few days ago the King of [[dnd:Zanfalcon Dissent|the Zanfalcon Dissent]] was seen riding away back to his castle leaving the army to continue marching. [[dnd:Dyck the Ranger|Dyck]], [[dnd:Thorgriff Tootall|Thorgriff]] and [[dnd:Alandra|Alandra]] decide that it is a better idea to approach the army in small numbers so they do not seem alarming. The others decide to search for [[dnd:Eternity|Eternity]] and [[dnd:Brom Astralkin|Brom]] in the last place [[dnd:Maritimus|Maritimus]] remembered being.
As they travel [[dnd:Maritimus|Maritimus]] notices a place he remembers but is soon engulfed by a Portal being separated from the others. He appears in a lit but dark room and soon finds [[dnd:Eternity|Eternity]] and a Dragonborn named [[Dnd:A'Lea|A'Lea]].
While searching this room they are able to find a way into a Treasure room. After leaving the treasure room and dealing with some fire breathing statues they descend into a larger room where they are confronted by a group of thieves lead by Xanril Dewshining and some [[dnd:The Cult of Sapphiredge|Sapphiredge Cultists]]. Amongst the battle they manage to find [[dnd:Lezore|Lezore]] who was separated from [[dnd:Eternity|Eternity]] and learn that a Wizard named [[dnd:Kaisaris|Kaisaris]] had sent Xanril group to collect something from the underground castle. After letting Xanril go with a goodwill message for [[dnd:Kaisaris|Kaisaris]] they take a rest.

Memorable Moments:
  • [[dnd:A'Lea|A’Lea]] healed [[dnd:Lezore|Lezore]] turning her into a more powerful creature.
  • The group found another object that has a faint glow and cannot be used for what it is intended.
  • [[dnd:Maritimus|Maritimus]] sent a message with Xanril Dewshining for [[dnd:Kaisaris|Kaisaris]] as a gesture of goodwill.
  • The group found allot about [[dnd:the Cult of Sapphiredge|the Cult of Sapphiredge]].
  • [[dnd:Maritimus|Maritimus]] and 2 of the enemies seemed to be having a crawling race at one point.
Treasure found:
  • 1010 SP
  • 200 GP
  • Amethyst Gem (worth 100 GP)
  • Pincer Shield (Enchanted, cannot be held or picked up by hands)
  • And a whole bunch of potions/Consumables.
XP Earned:

1302/3 = 434 XP each Adventurer

Quotes of the Evening
  • Glen: Where the hell did you come from?
  • Jay: Halflings sneak bitch!

  • Rhi: Now I'm going to run in and use Beacon of Hope on all you bitches!

  • Jess: This guy came up to me and was like "uhhhhhhh...."

  • Rhi: Because I am a Mother-****ing Cleric

  • Rhi: On a scale of 1 to awesome, I'm awesome.

  • Jess(In the middle of battle doing Thunder walk): I'M A PIXIE!!

  • Rhi: Did she hit?
  • Jay: A long time ago.

  • Jay: What is with you people and burning your beds?

  • Special mention to Rhiannon who thought up some of the best solutions to things and found out a massive amount of information.
  • Glen, still the Wizard and showing everyone how it is done.
  • And Jess for being the scariest Pixie most people seem to have ever seen.

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