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The World of Emira: Session Summaries

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Chapter 3

541 of the 5th Age, Erathday 13th of Arcadan

With most of the group heading to the Werewolf caves, [[dnd:Eternity|Eternity]](Jess) and [[dnd:Maritimus|Maritimus]](Glen) slept most of the morning getting over the night before. Signs of how much they drank showed in Maritimus not being able to use his magic the night before and Eternity believing that she was a Gnome when in fact she was a Tiny Pixie. [[dnd:Brom Astralkin|Brom]](Jason) had stayed behind to help keep the peace with [[dnd:Thoster Urthadar|Thoster]] but after the other Adventurers had left [[dnd:Traveous Lorearthen|Traveous]] approached Thoster and Brom insisting that recovery of his box was of the up most urgency. Collecting Eternity and Maritimus from Thoster’s house they all agree to go find Traveous’s box.
Traveous explains that the box was taken by a Necromancer named Malaketh, and that Malaketh is located in an old Minotaur temple that had been abandoned for hundreds of years. Brom mentions that the night before he was visited by his deity Bahamut in his dreams. Bahamut mentioned that Brom would soon go to an old temple of Bahamut that was being used for foul and evil purposes. Bahamut wanted Brom to cleanse the halls of all the fouls things that sully his temple.
As the adventurers walk past the temple in [[dnd:Arborshate|Arborshate]] 2 villagers approach the group. The Villager is [[dnd:D'Cain Carter|the one who started the fight in the pub the night before]]. He apologizes for his behaviour and introduces himself as [[dnd:D'Cain Carter|D'Cain]]. He mentions about his run in with the other Adventurers and how a [[dnd:Fenris|massive Bugbear]] scared him so senseless to realise the error of his ways. He offers to buy them a drink when they return.
The Adventurers leave Arborshate and head to the buried temple. After a few hours they pass through an area where they feel that they are being watched and followed. Brom is able to notice [[dnd:Lezore|a small Lizard creature]] which comes out of the bushes. Seeming like a lost puppy it sits infront of the 3 Adventurers. They all check the creature and learn that it is from the feywild but a creature no one has ever seen before, but is close to a baby dragon. The team names this creature [[dnd:Lezore|Lezore]] and they continue onto the way to the buried temple.
On the way 2 goblins and wolves attack the Adventurers. A fight follows leading to a rather gruesome battle, in which to Eternity and Maritimus are both knocked unconious but Brom, though bloodied and Lezore are able to finish off the goblins. They take an extended rest after the encounter and then continue on the way.
Eventually they arrive at the cave that leads to the temple and upon finding 2 entries into the temple they are able to quite easily discern what is behind both entries. They decide to head through the door that has more divinity magic behind it. Here they meet with a group of Kobolds who attack instantly hitting Brom and Lezore. Eternity Bluffs and Intimidates the Lizards who are scared of the tiny pixie. Maritimus turns to the Kobolds and diplomatically asks them to calm down and ask them some questions. Afraid that if they lied the pixie would kill them they answered all the questions and lead the adventurers to their master, [[dnd:Farallax the Purple Dragon|a mighty Purple Dragon]].
The Purple Dragon asked them why they were here and Brom rather badly answered saying they were here to cleanse the Halls of all fouls things in this temple. The Dragon took offence but Maritimus was able to again Diplomatically talk everyone down. After flattering the Dragon and getting it on their side they mentioned Malaketh and the Dragon became enraged. It offered to reward the Adventurers if they would defeat Malaketh. It sent some of its kobold followers with the Adventurers to show them the quickest way to Malaketh. While it sent the rest of its followers to kill all of Malaketh’s other minions.
As they entered the next room a goblin saw the Adventurers and the Kobolds and ran into another room. Brom charged after the Goblin into the other room yelling “By the Judgement of Bahamut” only to find that there was 2 more goblins waiting in this room. The rest of the group followed. While Brom pulled out his holy Symbol and Eternity unleashed lightning across the room with every step she took. A Bugbear came through the other room to see what was going on. Brom brough down the celestrial fist of Bahamut on him and Maritimus and Lezore finished him off. Once everyone way dead, they check for suppliers and found a few things which once identifying the malaketh was behind a door used the Chain, lamp oil and candles to set a trap.
Eternity used Pixie dust on Brom so he could fly and Maritimus made Brom’s mace shine. After the trap was set Brom flew into the room with Malaketh yelling out his deity’s name only to see a Large hulking Zombie twice the size of him, 3 Skeletons and Malaketh. Eternity and Maritimus waited as Brom tried to lead the enemies into the trap. After taking a few hits he flew back into the other room where the Zombie and Skeletons followed but each one did not trip over the chain they had laid. Once enough were in the room maritimus sued his Flame ball to ignite the lamp oil on the floor setting alight the skeletons and the Zombie. Brom thought quick and as the Zombie tried to kick him slammed the door on his foot and then blasted the Zombie hitting Critically and turning the Zombie to dust. Maritimus used his Flame Sphere to finish off the other Skeletons. Lezore continued helping the adventurers brilliantly as they told her to attack and she killed. Eternity while blasting Zombies and showing how mighty a ting Pixie can truely be which as it turns out is practically earth shattering, but was knocked unconiuious. As Malaketh came in to attack he was hit by bahamut’s judgement from Brom and the flame Ball from Maritimus. Malaketh was defeated when he tried to chase Brom and was hit by a devine light. The adventurers had defeated Malaketh and managed to find out a great deal of information about the current situation in the Region of Arborshate.
After Malaketh died the adventurers went into his room and picked up the box and some other objects. Once done they took Malaketh’s head to the Dragon who thanked them and gave the Adventurers a reward. The Dragon allowed them to stay for the night but then had them leave on threat of death. As they left Maritimus Diplomatically talked to the Dragon as they left to head the cave.

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