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The World of Emira: Session Summaries

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Chapter 2 (19th February, 2012)

541 of the 5th Age, Erathday 13th of Arcadan

Travelling during the night, a trading caravan rolls along an old road towards [[dnd:Arborshate|Arborshate]] with 2 passengers. One is [[dnd:Traveous Lorearthen|Traveous Lorearthen]], a dwarf merchant and the other is [[dnd:Thorgriff Tootall|Thorgriff Tootall]] (Matthew), a dwarven fighter.
While travelling at night the caravan runs into a pack of goblins chasing down a [[dnd:Fenris|bugbear]] who appears to be badly injured, so much that he can barely carry his weapon. As Traevus and Thorgriff come into sight the goblins stop attacking the Bugbear and focus on attacking the caravan. Traevus takes a shot to the shoulder while Thorgriff swings his Greataxe cutting down goblins with every swing. During the attack one of the goblins manage to grab a box. He runs off up the hill where Thorgriff sees him give the box to a black figure with a red cloak.
As the black figure rides off the goblins stop their attack and run away giving Thorgriff a chance to check on Traevus and the Bugbear. Unable to follow the goblins Thorgriff chooses to load both onto the Caravan and continue on to Arborshate to get help for both Traevus and the Bugbear.
With the dawning of the day our Adventurers prepare to set off for the Werewolf Cave a day’s walk from [[dnd:Arborshate|Arborshate]]. [[dnd:Maritimus|Maritimus]](Glen) and [[dnd:Eternity|Eternity]](Jess) both stayed behind still recovering from the last night at the Pub (the booze more than the fight).
[[dnd:Brom Astralkin|Brom]](Jason) chose to stay behind and help [[dnd:Thoster Urthadar|Thoster]] with keeping the peace in Arborshate. Thoster Urthadar was called to the town’s Lodgings to inspect the visitors that arrived late last night. Here our adventurers meet Thorgriff and the Bugbear Paladin, [[dnd:Fenris|Fenris]] (Adam). Fenris Thanks Thorgriff for saving his life and pledges a life debt to the Dwarven Fighter.
Thoster asks Thorgriff and Fenris to join our Adventurers to the Werewolf cave. As they agree Traevus asks the adventurers to recover the box he had stolen by the goblins the night before. Fenris mentions that he knows who took the box and that he use to work for the Wizard in the Red cloak named Malareth. The adventurers choose to do this quest as well but after their trip to the Werewolf Cave.
On the way out of town as the adventurers walk past the temple, they see [[dnd:D'Cain Carter|the villager who started the fight]] in the pub last night and his girlfriend. He yells “And Good riddance. The last lot didn’t make it back and you lot are a sorrier bunch”. Fenris intimidates the villagers and scares them enough to back off and apoligise. They explain that there was a group of mercenaries that headed off before to deal with the Werewolves but they have not been seen since. [[dnd:Autian|Autian]](Glenn) decides that this is not good enough and draws his Morningstar and gets ready to swing it at the villagers. [[dnd:Dyck the Ranger|Faramir]] tells him to back down but fails. But while he does this Thorgriff and Thoster step in front of the villagers to stop Autain from swinging. Thorgriff places his greataxe at Autain’s throat. Autain calms down and puts away his weapon. The adventurers leave Arborshate without any more incident and set off for the Werewolf Cave.
As the adventurers exit from the tree line an entrance to a dark cave can be seen. The closer to the cave the stench of wet fur and rotting flesh fills their nostrils warning them what awaits inside the cave. As they enter the cave they hear raised voices and bellowing growls coming from deep within bouncing off the walls. The cave looks well lit making it easy for them to notice craw marks all over the walls and floor.
Upon entering the cave Fenris chooses to drop to a knee and pray to his evil God Hoar. Everyone else continues past him and moves around the corner into the first Cavern of the Cave.
As they come around the corner to notice a large cavern with a cliff edge off to one side. In the corner is what looks like the recent meal though it seems to have been mutilated so much that it looks nothing like it once did, until they notice the still uneaten human hand still grasping a shield like it will provide some form of protection from the wolf still biting some flesh off the bones. There are 2 more humanoid wolves walking on 2 legs sitting on some rocks in the middle with 2 large green creatures hanging around them. Off to the side is a large Dragon skull with another of these green bulbous creatures laughing. The Wolves notice you and let out an ear piercing howl. “You have come to your death” they cry standing up.
[[dnd:Alandra|Alandra]] starts off the fight by calling her familiar and sending it into the room blasting the 2 Werewolves. The others follow with Faramir and [[dnd:Theren|Theren]] laying down coverfire and hitting with every shot. Thorgriff charges in and despite being attacked by a wolf and Jhakar Tracker that were hiding in the shadows is able to bloody and kill several of the enemies calling out each kill proudly and marking them down. Faramir and Theren continue to shoot. Faramir hitting hit after hit weakening the foes so his allies can finish them off easily and at times hitting with 2 arrows at the same time. Fenris ran in next to Thorgriff and after getting bitten by a wolf he picked up the wolf and threw it over the cliff not. One of the large green Dretches manages to escape and 1 of the Werewolves tries to get away. Alandra’s Familar and Theren both chase the Werewolf. Theren being very flight of feet manages to walk through a deadly Chokedust hazard and shoots the Werewolf in the back. Feeling all smug we walks out but this time sets off the Chokedust cloud, but manages to brush this off and heads over to the cliff. He takes a shot at the wolf that was thrown over the cliff, missing the first time but hitting the second time. Fenris, after picking up the severed arm with the shield and puts it in his backpack, joins Theren at trying to hit the wolf over the cliff. Only Fenris throws his mace down and squashes it underneath the mace’s weight. Autain decides to climb down the cliff. But this end in the group watching a 7’8” Goliath doing a back flip and cartwheeling over the edge landing it all perfectly. The group finds some treasure and divys it up before moving on.
Deciding not to chance the chokedust hazard go through the other tunnel and send Alandra’s Familar to scout. But this scouting only finds more enemies and fails to warn the Adventurers of a Rockslide Trap which manages to hit Faramir and [[dnd:Taral|Taral]].
As they approach the next cavern they can feel a wall of heat that they pass through. They see a big crack in the floor with lava flowing around it. While not too hot so the adventurers able to approach it they can see 2 humanoids of pure flame walking over it. Behind them more Wolves stand but also a Lizard type creature in animal skin armor. One of these Lizard creatures notices the adventurers and screams alerting all to their presence.
Also the Dretch that ran away can also be seen trying to run up one of the tunnels. Thorgriff charges after the Dretch but is easily distracted when one of the Lizard creatures attack him. The Dretch gets away again.
Theren takes the first shot but gets a sack of junk thrown at him by one of the Lizard creatures. Autain, Throgriff and Fenris all run in and Alandra sends her familiar in. But while doing this block the way into the cavern blocking his teammates from getting into the room.
Fenris attacks one of the enemies so viciously that he manages to hit not just the enemy but also Alandra’s Familar and Autain. Faramir still shoots with amazing accuracy hitting target after target until one miss fire which hits Autain square in his stone backside. Autain takes another hit from a few enemies and is also set alight. He is hurt badly from all these hits but his teammates try to heal him up. Taral in particular tries to heal Autain but still appears to be sobering up from the night before and accidently stabs him with her dagger. With Autain in critical condition, the team worked hard to try to save Autain and heal him but every effort he just seemed to get worse and worse despite half the group trying. Seeing the weakness a wolf jumps forward and attacks Autain knocking him unconscious. But once again the group bans to together. Thorgriff slices off more heads and Faramir and Theren continue their amazing accuracy finishing off the remaining enemies. The group stabilised Autain and decided to take a rest. Fenris picked up some ash of the half burnt body found in the cavern. They barricade up the tunnels into the cavern they are in and take the chance to rest. Each takes a turn watching for anyone trying to get through their barricades.

Quotes of the Evening

  • Lauren: However I can get it. (submitted without context)

  • Glenn (to Adam): You've got one hairy penis!

  • Terry: (Richard explaining the Wall as a geographical feature of our location) It's to keep the rabbits out!

  • Matt: If you get two you've got a bicycle!

  • A.J.: Now *I'M* a ****ing wizard!

  • Jay: Whatever it's ****in' called! (Winning DM!)

  • Terry: Can I shoot Captain Cartwheel in the arse?

  • Adam: I like little things. (again, without context)

  • A.J.: He's gonna throw his junk at Terry!!!

  • Again, fantastic night! Extra props to poor Glenn, who couldn't catch a break, despite his team's best intentions. Maybe we DO need a Cleric? XD

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