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The World of Emira: Session Summaries

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Chapter 17 (4th and 6th of June 2012)

541 of the 5th Age, Ravenday 24th of Arcadan

After dealing with the 2 Gelatinous Cubes the group pushed on through to the corridor till they found 2 rooms. One filled with statues while the other had tiles with runes engraved on them.
Soon they worked out that these tiles controlled the movement of statues in the other room but not soon enough to activate one of the statues. They soon smashed this statue but awoke the Stone Defenders waiting at the other side of the room. A great battle ensued with statues being constantly rebuilt as they were destroyed until [[dnd:Eternity|Eternity]] worked out the glass ball embedded in the roof of the room was rebuilding the statues. She smashed the glass ball and then helped dispatch the statues.
They continued up the end of the hallway activating a trap along the way until they got to a point where they managed to see 2 hairy arms just beyond the entrance into a great hall.
What would happen next was sure to test their limits, not only to themselves but to each other...

Memorable moments:
  • After being knocked unconscious [[dnd:A'Lea|Zalea]] walked out of the room and threw a tantrum.
  • [[dnd:Buckle the Artificer|Buckle]] at one point after everyone had walked out realised that he was trying to examine the runes in a pitch black room.
  • [[dnd:Maritimus|Maritimus]] decided that at one point to destroy a statue to have it be reconstructed back in it's starting location so that it would block off the way path to where he was standing.
  • Eternity decided to try and mesmerize the statues at one point with her flute, pixie dust and magic only to have it all hit the barrier that was blocking projectiles from entering the room. This still made for a spectacular light show and allowed them to discern that the statues were mindless.
  • Eternity flew up to destroy the glass ball in the roof and the Stone Defenders climbed on top of one of the other statues in the room to get to her.
  • Buckle was not able to hit anything.
XP Earned:
  • 1848/4 = 462 XP per Adventurer
Quotes of the Evening:
  • Glen: "As long as those bitches stay there, I'm just going to keep dropping standards on them"

  • Rhe: "And that's how a dragonborn chucks a tantrum"

  • Jay: "And with that it's bloodi... I mean crumbling"

  • Buckle: "Does anyone feel like we've waited a long time here?"
  • Eternity: "Like 3 days?"

  • Zay: "I get my son of a bitch quarter staff out..."

  • Rhe: "This is my montagmypie"

  • Jay: *In relation to Maritimus' Colour Orb* "So you're throwing a ball of gay at them?"
  • Jess: "They'll be so happy"
  • Rhe: *As a Stone Defender* "I'm getting hurt, but so happy"

  • Jay: "That's a question indeed"

  • Glen: "About time I hut something"
  • Rhe: "That's what she said"

  • Maritimus: *To Buckle* "You want a professional to do it?"
  • Buckle: "No I can do it myself" *Rolls a 2*

  • Jess: "If I play the flute can they [the statues] fall asleep? or can the flute... enchant them... with some magic... and some pixie dust.... and a little somethin-somethin?"
  • Jay: *Looks at her blankly* "Ummm... no..."

  • Lezore: *Zalea falls prone on top of her* "I don't WANT a meat shield"

  • Glen: "OK, I'm gonna drop some **** right now!"
  • Jess & Rhe: "Please don't"

  • Buckle: "I don't know what to do. Maybe we can get a giant elephant and ram it into the side of the castle?"
  • Eternity: "Do you HAVE a giant elephant?"
  • Buckle: "Uhhh... let me get back to you"

  • Glen & Jess: *Seeing the statues climb on top of each other to reach Eternityt flying in the air* "SO MUCH FOR BEING MINDLESS!!!"

  • Jay: "I hear everything you're saying, I just choose to ignore it"

  • Jay: "Lezore drinks the healing potion"
  • Rhe: "Can Lezore gargle the healing potion?"
  • Jay: "Ummm I'm pretty sure that on 2HP Lezore would be guzzling, not gargling"
  • Rhe: "Awww, no fun"

  • Glen & Jess: "You see us arguing?" "No" "TRAP!"

  • Eternity hums like a hummingbird in her mind whilst being super stealthy.

  • Everyone: "Right in the face!"