by thesonicdark, May 16,2012

The World of Emira: Session Summaries

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Chapter 15 (17th May 2012)

541 of the 5th Age, Ravenday 24th of Arcadan

Where [[dnd:World of Emira: Group 1|Team Mable]] left off they had just entered the Catacombs underneath the Zanfalcon Castle and heard someone crying. [[dnd:A'Lea|Zalea]] had run off into the dark to help whoever was crying.
When Zalea got around the corner she was attacked by a girl hiding in the shadows. Believing that the Adventurers were part of the Zanfalcon Dissent the girls fought to their death.
The Adventurers continued to explore the catacombs finding a hallway covered in Spiderwebs. Opting to go through 1 of the other cleaner hallways they soon encountered 2 Gelatinous Cubes. After a hard fought battle Team Mable were able to defeat the cubes and move on exploring the Catacombs.

Memorable moments:
  • Zalea tried to convince the girls that the Adventurers were not part of the [[dnd:Zanfalcon Dissent|Zanfalcon Dissent]] but had no luck with this.
  • One of the girls proved to be quite acrobatic jumping up walls and over the Adventurers.
  • After putting the girls bodies to rest Zalea prayed to Pelor which caused the ground to shake. [[dnd:Buckle the Artificer|Buckle]] mentioned that this may have alerted the Zanfalcon Dissent army above.
  • Buckle and Zalea kept leap frogging in and out of the Gelatinous Cubes. One getting pulled in then the other pulling them out, and then that one getting pulled in and the other pulling them out.
  • At one point both Buckle and Zalea were in 2 seperate Gelatinous Cubes. Buckle waved to Zalea as the cubes passed each other.
Treasure Found:
  • none
XP Earned:
  • 1152/4 = 288 XP Per Adventurer