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The World of Emira: Session Summaries

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Chapter 10 (4th April 2012)

541 of the 5th Age, Ravenday 16th of Arcadan

After an Extended rest [[dnd:Autian|Autian]], [[dnd:Fenris|Fenris]] and [[dnd:Taral|Taral]] wake up to notice that [[dnd:Theren|Theren]] was missing. Before resting Theren had challenged Taral to a drinking competition only to be beaten easily by Taral who had been drinking the whole day already.
The group searched the room for Theren but were only able to find some footprints on the floor. Unsure what had happened to him the group pushed on through the temple in search of Fenris’s Box. They eventually walked into a room where a Drow girl named [[dnd:Milleryne|Milleryne]] was waiting. She ordered her pets to attack the group and after causing allot of trouble and almost killing the group was able to escape. Autain and Taral followed but were not able to catch her.
Fenris finally remembering where his box was headed through to the room it was in but also saw his Uncle Kurrash dead through the door. Fenris collected his box which contained a necklace with an owlbear beak made for him by Kurrash as well as a powerful ring that allowed him to talk to dragons and summon an illusion of a Gargantuan dragon.
Fenris finally remembered why he had left the temple and knowing that Kurrash was undead in the other room went and slayed him once and for all, burning his remains to ensure he would not rise again.
They returned to Farallax thge Purple Dragon to tell him the temple was cleared. Farallax told the Followers of Urafan to leave. Fenris made a deal with the Dragon and the group headed off from Temple of Baphomet.

Memorable moments:
  • Milleryne was seen fiddling with some Pixie Dust and a red tuff of hair.
  • Milleryne was able to cut part of Fenris’s pelt off his arm and also took a cut of hair from Taral.
  • Taral showed her hatred for Drows when she saw Milleryne and managed to hit her hard twice.
  • Milleryne was able to escape with Autain’s Manacles.
  • Fenris while in the jaws of a Flesh Ripper still healed the others.
  • Fenris made a deal with Farallax to pay him 10% of his treasure findings for help. *Farallax agree but said he may help. He also sent 2 Kobolds to travel with Fenris which he named Bucky and Steve.
  • After leaving the temple they found Malaketh’s Undead horse and an abandoned Caravan pulled by a giant Lizard and insect.
  • Theren was found tired up behind an altar by the Followers of Urafan.
Treasure Found:
  • 140 GP
  • Frostwolf Pelt (Lvl 4)
  • Panther Spirit Armor (Lvl 5)
  • Challenge-seeking Short Sword (Lvl 1)
XP Earned:
  • 1101/3 = 367 XP per Adventurer
Quotes of the evening:
  • Jay (to Adam): Stop alienating my female characters!!!!

  • Kobold (voiced by Jay): We think he's a ****ing idiot! (re: Theren getting into a drinking match with Taral).

  • Jay: What? **** you! (To Adam - no surprises ;) )

  • Jay: Omnomnomnomnomnomnom

  • Lauren: I'm a Half-Elf. I have to be on top.

  • Adam: She had a (light/magic based) shield for crying out loud! She's on Star Trek!

  • Adam: It's a very emotional time for me. (there's more to this quote, but it's a SECRET)

  • Lauren: Thievery. (Against Fenris)

  • Glenn: (to Taral) I reckon that'll get you enough cash for a flask of holding! (One of Taral's chief objectives, surprise surprise!)

  • Adam: ****ing C*(&!!! (censored because it's really quite offensive. Bad Adam!)

  • Faralax: And by the way Bugbear, PICK UP AFTER YOURSELF! Take the severed arm with you!!!

  • Fewer quotes for this session, but I think that's because a crap-load happened to our little group of misfits (and Half-Elf :P). This session is also (as far as I'm aware) veiled in secrecy until the all-day session next week.

  • Did Fenris get his box? Did he find his Uncle? Did he pick up his severed arm?

  • Did Autain roll an Arcana check? Did he use Storm Walk?

  • Did Taral...well, yeah, she was drinking. That kinda goes without saying. Hahahaha!

  • And Theren? He got tied up and left at the entrance to the cave. A bit anti-climactic, I'm afraid.

  • 'til next week folks! Be prepared! Team Fenris is full of surprises! :D :D

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