by starkiller_, Aug 27,2009

Character Histories

Avalanche: Warforged Warden

   A number of years ago a winter battle took place on a mountaintop between two armies of early model warforged and their human leaders. As the battle raged and warmagic blasted the snow-covered slopes the mountain began to respond to its violation--the wind howled and a blizzard fell upon the combatants until finally a massive avalanche rumbled down destroying both armies as it carried everyone away to their doom. There was only one survivor: a warforged designated CRS-66; it revived to find itself in a wild, primitive valley covered in snow and the bodies of humans and warforged. But CRS-66 could not move, it was in a sitting position but severely injured and its legs were pinned beneath rubble. Not needing to eat, drink, or breathe it simply sat there, watching, as seasons began to pass in this forgotten, primal glade.
   For 20 years CRS-66 observed the miracle of nature and life firsthand: animals scurried over it and made homes in the ground beneath it, plants grew up around and over it, and weather washed over it. And as CRS-66 watched these wonders it fell in love: it fell in love with the life it saw, the natural rocks and weather, the primal spirits that sometimes played there. And the natural components of the warforged responded: the livewood muscles repaired and grew stronger, the stone coverings became sturdier. But CRS-66 was still pinned beneath rocks and sat there observing, thinking, and wondering until finally one day a human shaman and his spirit companion came along. They saw the living warforged and worked to free it. At last CRS-66 had someone to ask all its questions about life, the natural world, the primal essence. And with those answers came a sense of duty to the warforged: to protect this shaman, Mannish, and help him heal the wilderness of the ravages of a century of constant war.
   So they set out together to defend and repair the one thing that has had no voice in the conflict that has decimated a continent: the primal, natural world. And CRS-66 renamed itself after the event that set its new life in motion: Avalanche.

Tezaera Silanthali of Valenar: Eladrin Artificer

   Tezaera is an eladrin from Valenar: when the Valenar elves came to Khorvaire as mercenaries forty-odd years ago her clan left their feyspire to join them echoing what their renown ancestor Zelthinth Silanthali did when he took part in the Khorvaire Expedition 10,000 years ago. Like the Valenar and many other eladrins, the Silanthali clan follows the Path of the Spirits.
   The founder of her clan, Zelthinth Silanthali, won fame for his travels across the continent and the ingenuity he used in combatting his foes; Zelthinth also studied the history of the elves' descent from eladrin during the Age of Giants and found that some of his ancestors were among the first artificers the world had seen and most of them were at Shae Tirias Tolai when the giants stormed that feyspire taking its population into slavery. Much later those slaves helped their Xen'drik masters create the first warforged (and whose notes discovered by House Cannith millenia afterwards would help them create their own modern warforged); those not at the feyspire that fateful day remained in the feywild remembering those who were lost to the world and eventually found their way over to the feyspires in Khorvaire. Ever since Zelthinth many of his descendants have followed his path of studying artificing and becoming battle engineers.
   Born & raised in the Valaes Tairn mercenary camps, Tezaera loves the din and chaos of battle and as an artificer she uses her powers to enhance her comrades from the front-lines in addition to cutting down her foes with her exotic zulaat. She even attended the White Lotus Academy under the patronage of the Queen of Cyre before the elves turned on her to forge their own kingdom. This event greatly disturbed Tezaera for she felt it lacked honor and put her at odds with her patron; her disagreement with the Valenar leaders over this resulted in them "asking" her to accept a diplomatic position in Sharn even though she has no skills or interest in diplomacy. Now she seeks worthy adventure with which to hone her martial skills and honor her ancestors.