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World of Emira: Team Fenris

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Captain Fendral Ironhide

Played by: Adam
XP to date: 3136 - Deceased

Captain Fendral Ironhide is a Half-Elf sea Captain of the Repedition. He has skills in both Fighter and Paladin classes.
Adventuring and sailing runs in his blood his father was a sailer who spent most of his life on the sea travelling from one port to another. His mother was a retired elven fighter who use to adventure across the land. She taught Fendral basic combat skills since the age of 6 while his father gave him regular lessons in how to sail a ship.
Once Fendral became of age, he decided to make a name for himself and with the help of his parents, was able to procure a ship of his own. The first place he visited was on the Island of Forbly at the eastern end of the Minos Isle, where he found a church of Avandra. Here he trained as an apprentice paladin but was dismissed and exiled from Forbly when he was caught "fraternizing" with a nun.
His next stop was at a small harbour at the foot of the Blazestone Mountains. Here he met a Goliath named Hogun.
Hogun took Fendral to his home village in the Blazestone Mountains. The 2 became the best of friends during the way, getting into more trouble then what was expected on the road to Hogun's village. When they finally got the village, Hogun got a letter after which he became silent and withdrawn.
Hogun disappeared the next day but he left a letter for Fendral saying that he had to leave. Fendral swore to find and help his friend Hogun and headed off in search of him.

Fendral once kissed Hogun.
Fendral met his end in the final puzzle of [[dnd:the Spire Islands of Fate and Fortune|the Spire Islands of Fate and Fortune]]. He fell to his death down a large deep hole.