by FirstAndLastGibbens, Dec 22,2011
Buntoc is a pet-project I'm currently working on. I'm a new player and redditor, and I'm just writing a setting that could possibly be used in DnD

The Legend of Buntoc

Buntoc was supposedly once a world that had very little water. The middle-class and poor people lived at the base of the mountain ranges that made up the land mass of the world, while the rich who could afford irrigation, plumbing and vast construction piped the water they needed to the tall, secluded peaks they lived on. While the people Old Buntoc lived very segmented lives, they were united as one people, and the only fighting that ever happened was small quarrels between families.
Legend says that two men destined for greatness met during this time. One man was a young man studying elemental magic at a local school. The other was a drunken battlemage who was exiled from his clan. The two talked about magic and the state of the people who inhabited Old Buntoc. Soon, the two men fought and, using magic unknown to the rest of the populace, destroyed the world and killed themselves in the torrential created.

Current Lands of Buntoc

Amera: To be developed.
Luxinas: An metropolitan city in in the center of the Great Ocean, the country of Luxinas believes that the worled is a never-ending ocean, with the only land existing consisting of itself. The whole island is relatively flat, the only mountain peak being off-shore and North, known as the Pillar. The city itself consists of five districts