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People of Emira

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Buckle the Artificer

Played by: Jason Williams

XP to date: 2686

Buckle is a Warforged Artificer who is known to have a Short spear and crossbow mounted in his wrist joints that shoot out when needed.
Buckle grew up with [[dnd:Brom Astralkin|Brom Astralkin]] on the streets of Hammerfast. Everytime Brom got himself into trouble, Buckle was always there to pull him out of the bind.
They left Hammerfast in their teenage years after Brom had a visit from Bahamut in his dreams.

He recently released [[dnd:Brom Astralkin|Brom Astralkin]] from the [[dnd:Zanfalcon Dissent|Zanfalcon Dissent]].