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Adventurers of Emira

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Brom Astralkin

Played by: Jason Williams

XP to date: 1000

Brom Astralkin is a Deva Avenger who worships Bahamut the Platinum dragon.
He has dedicated his current life to the beliefs that bahamut teaches.
After defeating and reclaiming [[dnd:Traveous Lorearthen|Traveous's]] Box with [[dnd:Maritimus|Maritimus]], [[dnd:Eternity|Eternity]] and [[dnd:Lezore|Lezore]], the group was attacked by a dark flying figure. Since this Brom has not been seen but it is known that where ever he is, he is in trouble.
Brom fell to Emira from the Astral Sea when he was born. From a young age he has followed the teachings of Bahamut which always got him into trouble on the streets of Hammerfast as he tried to "smite" anyone he saw evil.
It was through this that he met a Warforged creature named [[dnd:Buckle the Artificer|Buckle]]. All through their youth Brom and Buckle were always at each other's side. Everytime Brom picked a fight to big for him, Buckle was there to pull him out of the bind.
During their teenage years, Bahamut came to Brom in his dreams, sending him on a quest that Brom has only ever told Buckle. The 2 left Hammerfast and set off on the long road of adventuring. Many years have passed since those days and Buckle does not appear to travel with Brom anymore.

Brom was recently found as a captive of the [[dnd:Zanfalcon Dissent|Zanfalcon Dissent]] but was freed by [[dnd:Buckle the Artificer|Buckle]]