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People of Emira

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Bejik Vuthaner

Bejik Vuthaner is the Dragonborn Lieutenant for [[dnd:Urafan|Urafan]] and helps to lead the [[dnd:the followers of Urafan|the followers of Urafan]].
He is the older brother of [[dnd:A'Lea|Zalea]] and is responible for the deaths of their parents and the scar on Zalea's face.
He is violent and vicious and is willing to sacrifice anyone to further his gains.
He has always been rebelious against things right and good. He believes Dragonborns are superior and that all other races are but play things for Dragonborns. Because of this he does not have any problems killing anyone who gets in his way. He sees everything as food to be that a person or animal.
Not long after his sister was born he met Urafan who offered him a chance to join and lead his forces. The price was that he had to kill his family. He done this without hesitation and even to the point of chasing his mother and sister across the [[dnd:the Island of Stohana|Island of Stohana]].
He was able to kill his mother but not before she was able to hide Zalea. But when he finally met Zalea many years later he took the chance to try and kill her. While not succeeding he did manage to leave her with a new scar, a bite mark on her arm.