by starkiller_, Jun 14,2010
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Races, PHB

Dragonborn - Bonus is to two dumpstats. Their only perks are Dragon Breath keying off of Con, and you might be able to do some things with Rod of the Dragonborn and Wintertouched/Lasting Frost. Still, it's probably better to pick a different race.
Dwarf - Bonus to both secondary stats is nice, especially since Artificers can make significant use of both at once (unlike Sorcerers and Fighters for example, who need to pick a particular build option to make use of only one particular secondary stat). Still, no Int, and the minor action second wind isn't as amazing as normal because Artificers have such great healing and are good at staying out of trouble. Furthermore, the hammer bonus is somewhat of a trap, as leaders (or Artificers, at least) care less about extra damage than getting those hit effects off (making higher proficiency more important).
Eladrin - +Int is great, +Dex helps them qualify for feats. They have a handful of good racial feats, and Eladrin Soldier gives them access to tratnyrs, which are amazing for Artificers since it allows them to have access to all of their powers (with an implement in the offhand).
Elf - Normally elves excel at any class, but elves' perks aren't particularly helpful here. Artificers need to be next to their allies for many of their powers, so their extra movement isn't as helpful as it normally is, and Artificers don't need to hit with their daily powers most of the time, so the reroll ability isn't as beneficial as normal. The bonus to Wisdom is really their only saving grace.
Half-Elf - +Con and Versatile Master keep this race viable without +Int. If someone comes up with a clever use of Versatile Master, I'm willing to bump this race up a notch.
Halfling - Bonus to unnecessary stats and weapon limitations make this a pretty bad pick for Artificers.
Human - Extra feat, skill, and at-will, and a nice defense boost. Always a good choice.
Tiefling - +Int and has good racial feats. Normal rules for Tiefling optimization apply.

Races, PHB 2

Deva - Gets a bonus to the right stats. A great choice for polearm builds, MCing in divine classes, and for people who like to crank their healing potential to the max.
Gnome - +Int brings it up a notch, but small size hampers it. Still, it works quite well for certain builds as long as you avoid the weapons that it can't use.
Goliath - There are better options.
Half-Orc - Wrong stats, and you aren't trying to be a striker, so the racial isn't too helpful.
Shifter (Longtooth) - Thanks to the new feat Shifter's Energy, Longtooth Shifter Artificers can provide an awesome buff to an ally all day.
Shifter (Razorclaw) - Wisdom is definitely the worse of the Artificer's secondary stats, so a boost there isn't overly amazing. Their other stat boost is likely to be dumped.

Races, PHB3

Githzerai - Excellent Wisdom Artificers thanks to their stat placement and great racial power. Their racial feat grants them several great weapon proficiencies (even if they're not absolutely perfect, it's nice to have for the first few levels) and a nice damage bonus to boot.
Minotaur - Not particularly good stat placement, and your melee basic attack is likely not very powerful.
Shardmind - Another excellent race for Wisdom Artificers. Their racial feat is perfect for Sharpshooters, as it can get them out of some serious trouble if they get surrounded.
Wilden - The stat placement isn't very helpful thanks to its lack of an Int bonus, and the racial powers are also lackluster for Artificers.

Other Noteworthy Races

Changeling (EPG) - Slightly worse than Tieflings, but still quite viable.
Genasi (FRPG) - One of only two Con/Int races, they are a prime choice now.
Shadar-kai (MM, D372) - Same as Eladrin, except with the ability to gain insubstantial and without the predisposition to spears. Has great racial feats as well.
Warforged (EPG, D364) - The new Int flex stat option makes these guys incredible artificers despite a lack of leaderly feats; Warforged Tactics is tremendous if you're playing a melee artificer. If you want to play a leader who just won't stop here's your top choice.