by bobmath, Jun 5,2010
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Level 1, Encounter

Burning Weapons (Con, EPG) - Similar to Magic Weapon, except the buff has a little more range and affects you. It really should have done 2[W] to distinguish it a little more.
Drain Speed (D381) - Single target slow and a marginally useful speed boost for an ally. Would be about baseline if it wasn't implement vs. AC.
Halo of Thorns (Wis, D381) - Slightly more damage than Ethereal Chill, greater range, but the damage is of a more oft-resisted type.
Scouring Weapon (EPG) - Not a bad debuff, and the extra damage is welcome.
Shielding Cube (EPG) - Covers your allies when they swarm an enemy if you decide to hang back.
Spike Wire (Wis, EPG) - Again, Magic Weapon is probably better in most cases, but this is a bit more useful against solos and elites when your entire party focuses fire.

Level 1, Daily

Caustic Rampart (EPG) - Walls are generally nice, but this one doesn't do anything amazingly special.
Flameburst Armor (D381) - Interesting, but not very effective overall as it takes up your standard action every turn. Be sure if you use it on someone who can take advantage of the marks (such as a Fighter or Warden, or an Obedient Servant summon). Formerly known as Fireburst Armor.
Icebound Sigil (Con, EPG) - A very nice offensive boost. Rangers will love you, and Barbarians may want to MC into this class to pick up this and similar powers (since you don't need an attack roll for it to activate).
Life-Tapping Darts (EPG) - Grants less temp HP than your healing infusion, and the damage isn't great. It also doesn't scale well. Pass on this.
Obedient Servant (Wis, EPG) - Not a bad little summon at all, especially for Wisdom Artificers.
Punishing Eye (D374) - An absolutely enormous damage buff that takes minimal positioning to be effective. Can't be destroyed either, unlike summons.
War Proxy (D371) - Only Sharpshooters would need the extra range, and even then they'd only need them on implement attacks.'

Level 2 Utility

Arcane Mutterings (PHB3 - Skill Power, Arcane) - Normally, I wouldn't include an out-of-class power unless it was particularly good, but this power is useful if you're absolutely desperate for a party face.
Arcane Anchor (D381) - Could be somewhat useful situationally but still isn't up to baseline. Why the trigger isn't 'any forced movement' is puzzling to me.
Arcane Springboard (Wis, EPG) - The bonus movement isn't enough to justify having to move through a specific square. It's just far too situational to be useful.
Bolster Armor (EPG) - Not a huge boost, but helpful and can save you in a pinch.
Fast Hands (PHB3 - Skill Power, Thievery) - Combined with the feat Quick Draw, this solves your implement juggling problems. If you already have a solution to that, though (such as Arcane Implement Proficiency, which costs the same amount of feats and leaves your utility power open), then ignore this rating.
Reinforced Minion (EPG) - If you're a summoner, you'll get a lot of mileage out of this power.
Restorative Infusion (EPG) - A rather large boost, and it's versatile.
Swift Mender (EPG) - A way to grant saving throws every encounter is always welcome.
Use Magic Item (EPG) - Most of the time, a daily item power isn't a good trade for a utility power. Now that Salve of Power has been nerfed, that's especially true.

Level 3 Encounter

Altered Luck (Wis, EPG) - A bunch of small, helpful boosts, but nothing too amazing here.
Force Infusion (Con, EPG) - Weapon vs NAD means that it's quite accurate. Extra damage and a nice controllery effect.
Hypnotic Distraction (Wis, D381) - A decent alternative to Repulsion Strike for Wisdom-based Artificers.
Lightning Sphere (EPG) - AoE debuffs are nice, and it only hits enemies. Just granting combat advantage isn't anything to write home about, however.
Repulsion Strike (Con, EPG) - Weapon vs. NAD, 2[W], and a huge debuff. Can't ask for more.
Shocking Feedback (D381) - You get to pretend to be a Shielding Swordmage for a round, except you'll be better at it thanks to the DR lasting until the end of your next turn. It also does good damage (which is especially true since you're not using your standard action up for the attack). If you have Mark of Storms, you can negate melee 1 and close burst 1 attacks by sliding the target out of range. An excellent power.

Level 5 Daily

Corrosive Sigil (Con, EPG) - The extra damage is meh, but the debuff is quite nice. Leave the damage boost on until the Solo or Elite's cronies are dead, then take advantage of that big AC penalty.
Dancing Weapon (EPG) - Minor action attacks are quite nice, but you lose the ability to use weapon powers.
Flameheart Defender (Wis, EPG) - Defender en-lite. Ability to mark is nice, and it goes kaboom when it dies. A fairly good summon.
Predatory Shards (EPG) - Meh damage and the creation of a nonabusable zone. It does barely any damage and can only apply that damage once per round. Don't bother with this power.
Thunderclap Armor (D381) - The autodamage is alright, but the standard action attack that it gives you is worse than your at-wills and goes against the benefit that the armor provides.
Warweaver's Tether (Wis, D381) - Makes it nearly impossible to separate you from an ally, allowing you to get into position for Magic Weapon more easily.

Level 6 Utility

Animate Helper (Wis, EPG) - I'm not big on skill boosting powers, but this one is pretty good.
Energy Conversion (Wis, D381) - Pretend to be a Shielding Swordmage, except you'll be better at it in heroic tier thanks to you granting temp HP on top of it.
Guided Shot (PHB3 - Skill Power, Perception) - You're a leader, right? Well letting your ally target a weaker defense when he whiffs on a big daily is pretty darn leaderly. Flavor fits in perfectly with the Spell Commander PP.
Healing Reserve (Wis, EPG) - Makes one heal a freebee and boosts it by a bit. Would be better if it was an extra heal. Also note that your healing infusions can't benefit from this power (you don't spend a healing surge when you get healed by it), and the ability to pool healing surges already makes this otherwise decent power a bit unnecessary.
Insightful Warning (PHB3 - Skill Power, Arcana) - It's like Shield, but a little weaker and affects allies who are also targetted. All in all, a solid power if your group tends to bunch up.
Phantom Structure (EPG) - Very situational, and there are better ways to get around difficult terrain.
Regeneration Infusion (Con, EPG) - Excellent power. Good regeneration and can be used as an extra heal in a pinch. Might even be Sky Blue.
Swift Recovery (PHB3 - Skill Power, Heal) - This power can be pretty good if you have an ally with extra benefits for using a second wind (such as a Warden). Otherwise, there are much better utility powers available.

Level 7 Encounter

Debilitating Intercession (D381) - Not quite an intercession because it's a reaction, but still very good thanks to it being an out-of-turn attack. Useful for protecting someone when you think that they're going to get swarmed.
Gale-Force Infusion (Con, EPG) - This power is really good at saving an ally in a pinch.
Icy Weapons (Con, EPG) - Applying slowed is nice, and the buff (that affects you as well) is contained in an effect line.
Runic Resistance (Wis, EPG) - Having resistance for one turn isn't particularly helpful.
Sphere of Reality (D381) - Superior Crossbows have a range of 20 squares. If you use this power from 10 squares away (its max range) and then move 6 squares, you're still only 16 squares away at max. As such, this power isn't very helpful to those it would have helped the most - Sharpshooters.
Vampric Weapons (Con, EPG) - Non-surge healing! Helps out a ton when the party starts to gang up on a Solo or Elite.

Level 9 Daily

Brittle-Skin Missile (EPG) - Every melee ally doing 5 extra damage is quite nice.
Healer's Momentum (D381) - Out-of-turn attack that heals an ally that was hurt and provides a ton of temp HP to allies near the enemy, putting that enemy in a whole mess of trouble.
Lightning Motes (EPG) - AoE daze that only hits enemies and packs long lasting ongoing damage.
Radiant Sigil (Con, EPG) - Characters with multiple attacks will be regaining a lot of hit points each round. It's also an extra heal for the day if you need it. Using this on a multiattacking striker with a few increases to healing turns that striker into an indestructable machine.
Relentless Harrier (EPG) - A normal Lurker-type summon. Doesn't do a whole lot of damage...
Static Shell (D381) - Not horrible if you use it on a defender to keep enemies near him constantly. Still, it eats up your standard action and the armor itself has no useful passive bonus.

Level 10 Utility

Dancing Shield (EPG) - A fairly substantial defense boost that lasts the entire encounter and can be transferred. You should get some good mileage out of this power.
Healing Figurine (Wis, EPG) - Three extra heals and save grants as a minor action, as well as a boost to all healing and the ability to perform CPR as a minor action. The ultimate healing utility power.
Recuperative Enchantment (D381) - What Healing Reserve was meant to be. This one actually works with Curative Admixture. Still, it's better to get extra heals since you don't need to worry about conserving healing surges very much.
Sigil of Luck (Con, EPG) - Pretty much an untyped Icebound Sigil disguised as a utility power. Too bad the accuracy bonus doesn't stack with Magic Weapon's.
Slick Concoction (EPG) - Lets you rearrange the battlefield quite nicely.