by bobmath, Jun 9,2010
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Level 22, Utility

Bag of the Four Wings (Wis, EPG) - Rearrange your allies to your liking.
Cure-All Admixture (EPG) - A get out of jail free card, and gives you a nice boost to saves for the rest of the encounter.
Diminutive Bodyguard (EPG) - Resist damage for the entire encounter, and +4 AC to an ally once a turn?! Sign me up! Any Artificer build can make extensive use of this power.
Hero's Elixir (EPG) - A very potent heal that doesn't even necessarily use up a healing surge.
Opportunistic Enchantment (D381) - Fairly situational, but makes an ally's OA extremely accurate and crit-tastic.

Level 23, Encounter

Armor of Acid (Wis, EPG) - Can stop an ally from getting swarmed, but it isn't incredibly useful.
Beetle of Force (EPG) - Lots of prone people is nice, but it's epic tier already. Multiattacking saves this power a bit.
Chaos Weapon (Con, EPG) - Big buff to a wide area and you can take advantage of a vulnerability if the target has one (and by now someone likely has Lasting Frost anyway).
Mental Beacon (D381) - Odd that it only works for allies' ranged attacks. Still, gives them a nice accuracy and crit-chance buff.
Prismatic Strike (EPG) - Multiattack power, huge debuff, a nice push, and knocks prone. Oh yeah, and all three attacks are Weapon vs NADs, making it highly accurate. Probably the best encounter power that the Artificer has.
Rejuvenating Intercession (Wis, D381) - It's Healer's Momentum, the encounter power version (and it doesn't lose much in that conversion at all).

Level 25, Daily

All-Consuming Missile (EPG) - Does a fair amount of ongoing damage. Ranged only.
Armor of Storms (D381) - Causing daze is this power's only saving grace. By now you should be doing much better things with your standard actions. The damage is laughably bad as well.
Brittle Frost (D381) - Weakened is a great status effect, and it gives all of your allies a damage boost. Pretty good.
Dimensional Shifter (EPG) - Keeps an enemy controlled pretty well - it can either not move or be teleported 3 squares by the OA.
Life-Shock Sigil (Con, EPG) - The once per round clause hurts, but it's still a good amount of healing. Spending a surge and stunning the enemy in a pinch keeps this power above the baseline.
Trio of Biting Blades (EPG) - As long as the DM makes the correct decision (and it's not too complicated of a decision), then the effect of this power is strictly worse than ongoing damage. See the Brash Strike argument for details.

Level 27, Encounter

Grave-Dust Cloud (Wis, EPG) - Massive amounts of healing and a decent buff. Remember that you only need to hit once to get the whole hit line's effect.
Life-Stealing Shroud (EPG) - Remember that this type of power doesn't eat up your Immediate Action or OA. Does quite a bit of damage to enemies with multiattacks or AoEs.
Living Caltrop Swarm (Wis, EPG) - It's an AoE, and the damage isn't awful.
Retribution Magnet (D381) - Off action attack goodness with a sizable attack bonus as well.
Thunder-Shock Weapon (EPG) - Swordmages get a stun encounter power at level 13... This isn't gonna cut it.
Vitality Siphon (Wis, D381) - Wis Artificers hand out temp HP like candy. Especially good against solos.

Level 29, Daily

Auramorphic Armor (D381) - Finally, a useful armor-buff power (too bad it's a capstone). The variable resistance can be useful for a variety of encounters and the standard action attack that it grants can keep an ally that is near death perfectly safe. As with all variable resistance powers, your mileage may vary depending on your DM's tendencies.
Bitter-Frost Bolt (EPG) - Weapon vs. NAD and 10 extra damage for each attack. Very nice.
Haste Sigil (EPG) - A little bit of extra speed as a capstone daily? Seriously? One extra standard action isn't enough to justify taking this, especially since Wizards get that as an encounter power.
Runes of the Shadow Tendrils (EPG) - Gives an ally a huge defensive boost for the encounter. Remember that the attacker gets blinded before he actually calculates the attack roll.
Simulacrum (EPG) - You get all of your encounter powers back, and when you've used them all up again, you get to use one of your dailies again. Truly worthy of a capstone power.
Tactical Detonation (D381) - Can hand out a fair amount of MBAs.