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Weapon Types

Axes - Axes are all about damage, and you aren't.
Noteworthy Selections:
  • Double Axe - At least you get some defense out of the feat.
  • Handaxe - With this in one hand and an implement in the other, you have access to all of the Artificer powers. Not bad, actually.

Bows - Low proficiency bonus for higher damage, which isn't what you want as an Artificer. Nice long range is nice, but you have to spend a feat to gain proficiency.
Noteworthy Selections:
  • Greatbow - If you're going to spend the feat, you may as well get this.

Crossbows - Ranged weapons that you have proficiency with right away. If you want to drop a feat to upgrade your weapon, the superior version has a +3 proficiency bonus, which is exactly what you're looking for. Can now also be used as an implement. Also qualifies for the glorious Mindiron weapon enchantment, which works wonders with psychic lock. The only downside is that you lose all possible melee options. Remember to take the Speed Loader feat.
Noteworthy Selections:
  • Hand Crossbow - You start with proficiency in this. Only takes up one hand, leaving the other one open for implements.
  • Superior Crossbow - I guess R&D got lazy when naming this. Still, packs an enormous range and has a +3 proficiency bonus, which is quite rare for a purely ranged weapon.

Flails - Has weird feat support that you probably won't qualify for, but the weapons themselves aren't bad. Shadar-kai might go with Spiked Chain for flavor reasons and won't be gimped in doing so.
Noteworthy Selections:
  • Triple-headed flail - The bastard sword for those of us with three balls.
  • Spiked Chain - for two feats, Shadar-kai get a +3 proficiency weapon with reach and +1 AC. Certainly a workable option.

Hammers - See axes for why they're bad. The only reason that they're better is because Hammer Rhythm keys off of your secondary stat, but the high Strength requirement is still far too much of a stretch to call this weapon group good for Artificers.
Noteworthy Selections:
  • Throwing Hammer - See handaxe.

Heavy Blades - Most of these come with a +3 proficiency bonus. This book packs a new option for heavy blade users to go ranged, which rocks (ED: Drow Long Knife in EPG? Farbond Spellblade in AV2? Psychokinetic Weapon in PHB3?). Most are one handed, so you can use an implement in your offhand and keep your power choices open. Qualifies for Githyanki Silver Weapon as well, which is great with Psychic Lock. If you go with a two-handed option, you can take Arcane Implement Proficiency to make the weapon your implement, saving you a hand and some cash to boot.
Noteworthy Selections:
  • Longsword - If you're an Eladrin, you may be happy sticking with this nice freebee.
  • Bastard Sword - The superior version. If you're not an Eladrin, you need to drop a feat anyway so you may as well go for the best.
  • Double Sword - +1 AC. You can still use implement powers with the Arcane Proficiency feat if you need to. If you do, you also qualify for Dual Implement Spellcaster, which is a nice perk.
  • Falchion - Normally going for extra damage isn't optimal, but in this case you don't lose much for doing so.
  • Drow Long Knife - The only heavy thrown heavy blade in the game. Comes with a +3 proficiency bonus. With this in your main hand and an implement in your other hand, you can use all of your powers without sacrificing +1 to hit like you do with most other thrown weapons.
  • Glaive - Doesn't have the high proficiency bonus, but does have reach and the polearm weapon category. Currently the only 100% reliable way to take advantage of Polearm Gamble and Heavy Blade Opportunity.
  • Zulaat - CustServe says that Polearm Gamble works with this weapon, but that ruling is dubious at best and completely groundless at worst. Even if your DM doesn't allow that, it's still a decent pick.

Light Blades - They're supposed to be sorta worse than other weapons, but they work to your advantage in this case.
Noteworthy Selections:
  • Dagger - +3 proficiency, light thrown, and melee capable. Everything you could want without having to spend a feat. Also usable as an implement if you do spend a feat.

Maces - No feat support, melee only, and the weapons themselves are bad.
Noteworthy Selections:
  • Club - Just kidding. Seriously, don't take this; at least take a mace instead.

Picks - Awful feat support, and there isn't even a superior version of it. Nor a simple version, for that matter, so you have to spend a feat for a bad weapon.
Noteworthy Selections:
  • War Pick - You don't care about the offhand property, so go with this if you're dead set on picks for whatever reason.

Polearms - Most of these are reach weapons, which are tactically advantageous. Polearm Gamble is a great feat with a requirement that happens to be a secondary stat.
Noteworthy Selections:
  • Glaive - Doesn't have the high proficiency bonus, but does have reach and the polearm weapon category. Currently the only 100% reliable way to take advantage of Polearm Gamble and Heavy Blade Opportunity.
  • Greatspear - +3 proficiency with reach.
  • Zulaat - CustServe says that Polearm Gamble works with this weapon, but that ruling is dubious at best and completely groundless at worst. Even if your DM doesn't allow that, it's still a decent pick.

Slings - There are options that are strictly better.
Noteworthy Selections:
  • Sling - It's the only one, so I guess you're stuck.

Spears - Excellent feat support and excellent weapons. Eladrin get access to all of them with one feat, as well as a nice damage bonus on top.
Noteworthy Selections:
  • Javelin - See handaxe, except you don't have to spend a feat to use it.
  • Greatspear - +3 proficiency with reach.
  • Tratnyr - Likely the weapon of choice for Eladrin Artificers. It's a better version of the Javelin.

Staves - Staff fighting feat makes it a decent choice. For one feat you get a double weapon that also serves as an implement.
Noteworthy Selections:
  • Quarterstaff - It's your only choice. Too bad there isn't a +3 proficiency version, as that would make this weapon group a very good choice.

Notable Enchantments


Blood Fury Weapon (AV2) - For Longtooth Shifters with the feat Shifter's Energy, this allows you to activate your shifting buff right away for the cost of two minor actions. Carrying around a +1 version of this in the offhand is just fine.
Cunning Weapon (AV) - Always helpful for anyone with even a secondary Controller role.
Flaming Weapon (PHB) - The usual fare applies here for Tieflings. Everyone else should skip it.
Forceful Weapon (AV) - If you're using a bow, this is probably the best enchantment for it.
Frost Weapon (PHB) - Combined with Wintertouched/Lasting Frost, you get a nice bonus to attack. The huge damage boost is gravy.
Githyanki Silver Weapon (MotP) - Combine with Psychic Lock for a nice debuff on every weapon attack you make.
Grasping Weapon (AV) - A great enchantment for javelins and tratnyrs. The encounter power really screws artillery and flyers.
Hungry Spear (AV2) - Makes Greatspears an awesome weapon, as it gets the versatility of a thrown weapon (with a longer range) and has an awesome encounter power attached to it. You'll still have implement juggling problems, though.
Lightning Weapon (PHB) - Combine with Mark of Storm for Slide 1 on every weapon attack you make.
Mindiron Weapon (AV) - See Githyanki Silver Weapon, except for bows and crossbows.
Rhythm Blade Weapon (PHB3) - If you have your offhand free, you may as well pick up a +1 version of this to get a bonus to AC and Reflex while never having to attack with it.
Runic Weapon (AV2) - Temp HP when you hit with an arcane attack. Should happen pretty regularly.
Swiftshot Weapon (AV) - Still quite useful, even post-errata (nerfed to a daily power).
Vorpal Weapon (PHB) - This is actually more for an ally. Combined with Battle Engineer's Brutal-granting ability on a d4 weapon, your odds of stacking extra dice are pretty high.


Master's Wand of Static Shock - Grants major buff capability to an already amazing power.
Star of Corellon (AV) - One of the few ways to use an implement without occupying a hand slot.

Neck Slot

Cloak of Distortion (AV) - Makes ranged attacks a lot less threatening.
Deep Pocket Cloak (AV2) - It's another possible solution to implement juggling if you need it, but it does make you miss out on a good neck slot item property. Mind the weight limit.


Elven Battle Armor (PHB) - Once per encounter +2 to speed is pretty helpful
Shared Valor Armor (PHB2) - Gives you tons of temp hp every time your ally uses Resistive Formula. It also works well with your other temp hp granting powers.
Trollskin Armor (PHB) - Regen is nice.

Hand Slot

Gloves of Venom (D367) - If your DM lets you use these with Punishing Eye, they are simply awesome.
Shadowfell Gloves (PHB) - See Gloves of Venom.

Head Slot

Headband of Intellect (AV) - If you're using a Githyanki Silver Weapon or a Mindiron Weapon, you may as well grab this nice +1 bonus to attack rolls. No need to upgrade it - leaving it at level 10 is just fine.

Notable Consumables

Note: Be careful about overloading on consumable items - once you use them, the GP you spent on them are gone forever. Try to limit their use to key encounters, specific situations, and when using specific powers where the ammunition is especially beneficial.
Lightning Arrow (AV2) - Use it with your immediate interrupt attacks combined with Mark of Storm. In doing so, you'll be able to negate close range attacks by sliding the enemy out of reach of its target.
Onslaught Arrow (AV2) - Pretty nice for helping to set up novas for your party.
Spider Bolt (AV2) - Fairly good if you catch a group of enemies that are bunched up.
Surprise Bullet (AV2) - A nice accuracy bonus to tack onto yourself when you use a daily power.