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by Tony_Vargas, Jun 24,2011
The Archer Fighter is a defender that emphasizes ranged combat. It is most apropriate for a campaign in which ranged attacks are more prevelent than in the typical D&D world.

Class Features

[b]Archer's Challenge:[/b] (Replaces Combat Challenge)When you make an attack roll against an enemy, you can choose to mark that enemy until the end of your next turn. If an enemy marked by you, and within range of your weapon makes a ranged, close or area attack that does not include you as a target, you may make a ranged basic attack against that enemy as an opportunity action. This ranged basic attack ignores the benefit of any cover (including superior cover) and concealment (but not total concealment) the enemy has relative to you.
[b]Command of the Field:[/b] (replaces Combat Superiority) As a minor action, you can establish a field of fire within a close blast of your weapon's short range. This field includes all squares within the blast that do not have cover or concealment from you. Enemies in the blast who have cover or concealment (such as invisibility) are not deemed to be in your field of fire until they lose cover or concealment, at which point they are deemed to have entered it. The field of fire remains in place relative to you (it moves with you), you can change it's relative position as a minor action.
When an enemy enters or ends his turn in your field of fire, you can make a ranged basic attack targeting that enemy as an immediate reaction. If the enemy entered your field of fire by moving voluntarily, and your immediate attack hits, the enemy is forced back along his path of movement until he is no longer in your field of fire or has returned to his starting square.
[b]Weapon Talent:[/b] The Archer Fighter who uses an actual bow or other two-handed ranged weapon would take Two-Handed weapon talent. One that used primarily thrown weapons, or a one-handed ranged weapon like a hand crossbow or pistol (in a game using firearms, for instance), would take the One-Handed talent.
This build needs powers. Feel free to contribute ideas.

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