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The Lands of Emira

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The Village of Arborshate

A small village located on the Island of Stohana. This is the closest village to the Stone Bridge which connects Stohana to the main land.
The Pub in Arborshate is called the Dead Pony and is run by Cruster Songsteel, and the local Inn is called the Minotaur Horn and is run by Petben Droverson.
On the 18th of Arcadan in the year 541 of the 5th Age, the town was attacked by a horde of monsters followed by 2 Dragons called upon by [[dnd:Fenris|Fenris Frankston]].

After the attack it was decided that a small wall would be built around the town along with 2 Archer towers at both ends of the town.
The town is protected by [[dnd:Thoster Urthadar|Thoster "Dragonslayer" Urthadar]], Jermima, Nin Ja Do and 2 others.