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World of Emira: Team Mable

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Played by: Rhiannon

XP to date: 3657

A'Lea is a Dragonborn Cleric who was abandoned as a baby but raised by the priests of Pelor in their Monastery located in [[dnd:The SigelFroze Mountains|The SigelFroze Mountains]] of [[dnd:The Island of Stohana|Stohana]].
She spent all of her life in the Monastery, not leaving the comfort of it's walls until recently it was attacked by [[dnd:The Followers of Urafan|the Followers of Urafan]]. Most of the priests of Pelor were killed but a few were able to escape, A'Lea was one of these survivors.
She swore vengeance on [[dnd:Urafan|Urafan the Beholder]] for destroying the only place she called home and set off to find a way to bring him down.
A'Lea is well versed in the Religious beliefs of [[dnd:The Island of Stohana|Stohana]], being very knowledgeable about [[dnd:The story of the Eternals|the Eternals]].
A'lea recently revealed that her true name is actually Zalea, everyone was just pronouncing it incorrectly.
She recently found out that her older brother Bejik is a Luitenant for Urafan and that he is the one who killed their parents and gave Zalea the scar that runs down her face.

During a fight with [[dnd:Bejik Vuthaner|Bejik Vuthaner]] she was biten by him which left a scar of the bite on her arm.