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World of Emira: Team Fenris

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Played by: AJ

XP to date: 3891

Alandra is a Longtooth Shifter Shaman. She adventures hoping to find her father.
Alandra's father after getting her mother pregnant was afraid of becoming a father. So much that he went to see a local potion brewer for a potion to turn his wife/Alandra's mother into a wolf. He force fed this to Alandra's mother and then abandoned her in the forest.
Alandra was born and grew up in the forest.

She recently asked [[dnd:Orcus|Orcus, the Prince of Undeath]] about the forest that her mother grew up in. He did not know but said he will pass word on through his Followers if he hears anything.
She was 1 of 3 pups born to her mother. She is the only one still alive.