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Episode 9-The Extinguished Light
'Adventure 19-S1 Grem-Discovery of the Unknown
Part One-Unwanted Command
Rogan had recently left to rejoin the the main party, leaving Grem and the ancient Jedi with the newly acquired Squib reclaimer ship and all the Squib refugees. The small aliens quickly set to work changing the Imperial medical capital ship into a weapon to use against the Empire that was in the process of enslaving their species. 
Following the information from the Squib, Grem, Balthz and Zin began attacking other Imperial ships hauling slaves and prisoners. After two months of rescues they soon had more refugees than they could support even after finding several places to unload large numbers of the survivors. The Squib, feeling that their ship was being taken over, and the refugees, wanting to contribute to the fight, had a meeting between the leaders and Grem, who they all looked to as the person in charge. Not wanting any position of leadership, Grem found himself forced to deal with the situation.
After hearing the case from the refugees he tried to deal with the leader of the Squibs, Tellergoodertimmus the 4th, who decide he wanted all non-Squibs off his ship. Knowing that they needed both groups for the ship to function for the rest of the fleet, Grem,  with the advice of Zin,was able to to convince the Teller to work with the non-Squib for a possible future without the Empire.
Part Two-Finding the Way Home
Having settled the dispute, Grem returned to the work he favored--spoiling the Empire's slavery plans. He and the two Jedi had been working on trying to find information that would lead them to the group responsible for providing the Empire with slaves that they themselves were not collecting. After entering a secured installation and having the way out blocked by debris, the three found themselves facing Stormtroopers and a group of powerful Dark Jedi. Balthz wondered aloud where these new warriors came from as the three Force welders fought their way across the main hall towards the turbo lifts.
Reaching the main concourse, they were faced with even more Imperial troops and Dark Jedi. Fighting their way through, Grem was able to cloak himself and board a turbo lift with the leader of the Dark Jedi and followed him to the upper levels of the installation. Passing through a heavily armed hall he watched as the Dark Jedi contacted the Emperor in the room located at the end of the hallway. The ruler of the Empire seemed quite displeased with recent events and after hearing of the current on-going raid ordered the Dark Jedi to take no chances with leaving any of the raiders alive. The Emperor ordered the Dark Jedi leader to destroy the building and everyone in it.
As the hologram faded, the leader of the Dark Jedi began to return down the guarded hallway when the second lift arrived with Balthz and Zin. Acting quickly, Grem sprung in for the attack, Unleashing his convection powers to engulf his body and claws in a living blue flame, the small hero leaped up and cleaved the head of the leader of the Dark Jedi clean from his body.
The two ancient Jedi, having finally recovered from the hybernation sickness and being at their full power, showed why they are masters of the Force as they sliced and diced their way through the ranks of Dark Jedi. Grem, keeping up with the two battle master, received a horrific cut along the length of his entire left arm from a lightsaber slice. Even being massively wounded, the brave little warrior was able to keep on his feet and finish the last Dark Jedi. With his final breath the Dark Jedi croaked the words "I failed you my lady....." 
Returning to the room where the hologram of the Emperor had appeared, the three were able to copy over the information they were looking for. With their exit blocked, the three stole an Imperial Attack Shuttle, flew it to their fighters and were able to bring it back to the Fuzzy Nova to be broken down and remade into fighters.
'Part Three-Paths to the Unknown
Once aboard the Squib ship the information was decoded and although it did not uncover the name of the slaving operation it did give the the name of the the middleman brokering the deal-Targa the Hutt. Unfortunately the Hutt operated out of the moon Nar Shadda, a place that Grem was told not to visit again. Realizing that it was the only option they began the journey there. While traveling the Jedi meditated with Grem to locate the position of the Hutt on the moon and they shared a vision of the planet Iego and the Jedi informed their trusted companion that they would be leaving him after the visit to the Hutt.
After arriving on the smuggler's moon they arranged a meeting with the massive slug to broker a deal on information. Not wanting to sell out a lucrative contract but still wanting the party's money the Hutt agreed to sell them either the name of the head slaver or the location of Grem's home world. Torn on what to do, Grem decided on learning the location of his home world. Getting what they came for the heroes left and headed to Iego.
Passing through a perilous debris field and laser grid they arrived on the planets surface and were greeted by Jedi Master Trel Doneeta. After a brief meal the master told Grem that he needed to return to his friends as they were in danger. He imparted the information on how to locate Iego and told him that he now held the key to his group's survival.
Saying goodbye to the Balthz and Zin, who he had become close friends with since freeing them from their sleeping prison, Grem return to the Fuzzy Nova to discover that his short trip to Iego that only lasted for a few hours on the surface of the planet had caused four months to pass in the normal universe. During that time the refugees and Squibs had learned to work better together and the Squib were able to build four fighters from he Imperial Attack Shuttle  to provide protection to the Fuzzy Nova.
Now armed with the information of the location of his home planet, the location of the the time displaced and secret planet Iego and a small army of Squib, Grem was prepared to join his fellow freedom fighters and try to save the galaxy........

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