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Episode 7-Secret of the Lair
Adventure 18-Conclusion-The Grievous Secret Found
Part One-Reunions, Retribution and Repairs
The Horizon's Edge appeared in the void in front of The Grand Empress as it came out of hyperspace,  Ar'Ryn caught sight of another ship. It was The Sweetness, the ship that took the party off the world they first meet on, the day Order 66 took place, Tanab.  The Bothan and the Jedi, Odian, were returning from the planet, Clack'dor VII's surface. 
The P'Uan Jedi had just faced and defeated his former fellow padawan, Dallen Hurst, who had fallen to the the Darkside.  The Bothan renegade had followed the clues obtained from a data pad, recovered from Dr. Sladder's lab on Anoth. Most recently, with the Jedi's help, he had uncovered a vital clue to the involving the planets that the Empire are mining green crystals from.
They quickly hailed the Horizon's Edge and finding Cluade aboard, told him of the wounds Bel had received while in the Sith tomb that they were coming from. Cluade, performed his art and doing what no other doctor could, saved her life. He informed the others that Dink had appeared in just moments before then. He was transporting Capt. Grey, his troops and the Nelveaans that the party had fought along with on Anoth. 
Cluade left with Dink, taking the comatose Xextuss and critically injured Bel back to Tanab so they could receive better care. There, he was finally reunited with his love, Sarri Kade, after being apart for nearly half a year. He spent a month on Tanab making sure that his patients were stable and then returned with Dink along with another group of people wanting to help fight the Empire and materials for ships.
Meanwhile the Grand Empress, was able to fit both the Trask-1 and Horizon's Edge inside of her hanger bay, along with three starfighters that Capt Grey and his party were able to aquire during their adventures. Dink returned several more times with refugees that had heard of the libration of Tanab. These refugees had help to rebuild the city of Skeen, and were vetted out for their views against the Empire by Sarri and had served her at the party's underground base. 
Because of it's location near the town of Kellos and fear of being discovered if the population grew too quickly, Sarri sent  those that were most familiar with starships, weapon systems, engineering on to the Grand Empress. The ex-clone troopers quickly took on roles overseeing the major departments of the ship and training the crew in military procedures.
After a week of recovering, Arrianya was well enough to get to work, and she began engineering what to do next. First thing she did was contact her cousin, Mar Antilles, and had him call on the Hapen nobel Jara and the Chiss information collector Stert, who had helped her and Dink on a few prior recent occasions and rendezvous with the Grand Empress. The three arrived in the Starhawk, the personal ship of the Senator's wife, a pair of her escort fighters, the Chiss's proto-type Chiss Clawcraft ship and the noble's modified Z-95. Aboard the Starhawk was engineers who went to work modifying the exterior of the capital ship so it could not be identified by the Empire as their missing recovered Old Republic sleeper ship. They also changed it's transponder codes and renamed the ship The Champion.
Arrianya, working with the coordinates that the party recently obtained, had Capt. Grey preform recon while she used her contacts to find out everything possible about the mysterious planet. She also had her escort fighters act as scouts in the region of space where the two sleeper ships were left by the Empire. This was to be sure that they were not being tracked by the Empire and in case Dr. Sladder should happen to return to that area.
Nix, working with Jara and Stert, began preparing the fighters and other ships for the combat that would happen eventually. They were practicing maneuvers for two weeks when out of nowhere Rogan appeared. He informed them that Grem, the two Jedi and himself had survived the hyperspace jump that was intended to kill them and had stopped a raid by the Empire trying to enslave a group of Squibs. They had taken the reclaimer ship into the hold of The Grand Emperor and the Squibs wasted no time in reconfiguring the ship to their use.  The Squibs renamed the ship the Fuzzy Nova and Grem worked witht he leader of Squibs to make sure that it would serve the party's use. As he did that, the two ancient Jedi had meditated on the Force and instructed Rogan to arrive at this location at this time. 
The next month was spend just preparing, repairing and training with the new crew. Not counting the party and the their closest allies aboard the ship, there was a crew of nearly 400 operating aboard the ship. The heroes found themselves recieving daily briefings on the progress and had little time to catch up. Finally, they were all brought together by Arriayna and they had a chance to tell their tales and fill in missing information.
At the end of the first meeting Ar'Ryn turned to Capt. Grey and instructed him to put Nix in the brig. Shock ran through the room and Ar'Ryn insisted that Nix turn over his weapons and go to the brig. Capt. Grey not knowing what the details were went with his military training--since Ar'Ryn was the captain of the ship they were currently on and Nix handed over his dual blasters, Capt. Grey followed the order.
After a bit of time, Ar'Ryn went to the brig and talked with Nix about the situation involving Bel. Nix explained his reasons for his actions and Ar'Ryn replied that they were responsible of for the people who served with them. The two were at an impasse but Ar'Ryn knew he had no grounds to hold Nix and let him out and gave him back his weapons. Nix didn't say anything more but he wasn't one to forget when he was slighted or put into captivity.
After the two cooled down Arriayna called all the party together once again and told them of her plan. They had discovered that Dr. Sladder had assisted San Hill in the building of the cyborg commander and it was highly possibly that after the destruction of Anoth that the Doctor had fled to the planet where Grievous had his stronghold. Because of records aboard the two recently captured capital ships, they knew that the Doctor had kept highly secretive information there, including the location of the second planet where the Empire was mining large green crystals for project known to only the Emperor and a few select 
The coordinates discovered by the party lead to the planet Vassek, where General Grievous had his lair. After the Clone Wars all reference to it's location was removed from the Republic records and only the Empire knew where it was. The Empire had sent several teams there to try to gain access to the lair but the droids there were controlled by it's own transceiver station and when Darth Varder shut down the Separatist's droids at the end of the war the droids on Vassek remained functioning. To prevent anyone else from raiding the lair the Empire placed a net of security bots completely around the planet that would alert the Empire if any capital ships entered the area.
Arrianya proposed a plan in which the heroes would take their ships and attempt to take out the heavily guarded transceiver located a kilometer from the actual lair. She would stay aboard The Champion and give command of her ship, the Starhawk, to Ar'Ryn for the mission. The Sweetness was to follow five minutes later to recover anyone who was shot down. Because of the security bots and the need to keep the Empire unaware of their activities they would not be able to bring The Champion near the planet. 
Once the transceiver was destroyed they would then attempt to invade the Lair. Although destroying the transceiver would shut down the Droid Starfighters and otheOnce inside the lair they were to make their way to the main computer console and retrieve the location of the second planet where crystals were being mined. Once that information was obtained they were to return to The Champion to plan their next move. Arrianya did not hide the fact that this was a suicide mission and that the chances for success was very slim. The party completely put aside all the drama, was well prepared and ready to go to business. 
'Part Two-Securing the Zone
The jump, decent and approach was flawless. However the planet's constant fog made visibility limited to only a few kilometers and to avoid detection by the Empire's alert net they had to keep their sensors at a minimum. As they approached the Transceiver Base they were able to see what they were up against--swarms of Droid Starfighter, AATs, Tri-Droids and Mobile Cannons.
Peeling off of the group Nix started to engage the Droid Starfighters as Cluade moved the Trask-1 in position to take on a pair of AATs. Stert, flying wingman to Jara, in his proto-type Clawcraft took out a Droid Starfighter at the same time that she did. In the Doneeta SSF, Rogan cut across the field and began firing on all the enemies near him as O'dian did the same. Ar'Ryn, aboard the Arrianya's Starhawk, instructed Mar and the pair of escort fighters to provide additional cover for the fighters who already enganged in the fight. 
The ground forces began firing missiles into the fray trying to damage as many of the party's ships as possible. As they duck and dodged around the buttresses the missiles exploded in air around them. As the first wave of fighters were reduced to scrap the heroes hearts sank as the bay doors on the front of the complex opened up and more droids flew into the battle. 
Flying thru an explosion of a fighter taken out by Jara, Stert destroyed the next available bogey. The Horizon's Edge was rocked by a missile hit but Nix was able to finish off his attacker. Cluade was also hit by a pair of missiles but cutting around the buttress he in turn cut off the advancement of a pair af ATTs. As Rogan left another debris field behind him several more missiles closed on his position. Using the three ships under his command and the other three fighters lead by Capt. Grey, Ar'Ryn was able to make a sweeping arc to contain the fight in front of them.
Having taken several deadly hits, O'dian pealed off and began repairs to his ship so that he wouldn't end up as a smear on the valley below. As Jara and Stert targeted the hangers with their missiles, the first of two Tri-Droids closed the range and began firing a volley of shots at the approaching ships. The shields on the Horizon's Edge absorbed the majority of the impact but the hit had shaken up Nix. As the Mobile Cannon back in the complex fired, Rogan found no place to turn and a massive hit crippled his ship. It began to spin out of control and was headed for the ground. Even though his ship was heavily damaged, Cluade took out the last of the ATTs and headed towards the stealth warriors ship in a rescue attempt.
Concentrating their fire on the Tri-Droid, the party smashed a hole in it's armor and a missile fired by Jara finished it off. However a second Tri-Droid still remained and caused concern for the group. Keeping the pressure on they were able to take it down as well. As Cluade swept in and latched onto the Doneeta fighter, the same Mobile Cannon that nearly killed Rogan scored another devastating hit on the Horizon's Edge.
Jara and Stert rained hell on the hanger doors, destroyed them, and cut off reinforcements from that avenue. Ar'Ryn, seeing the transceiver hidden in the back of the structure had Mar send the coordinates to the entire squad. After the fighters released their missiles and destroyed the transceiver which in turn, shut down the remaining ground forces. It became safe for them to deploy on the cliff face platform and enter the lair of the most deadly Separatist General.
Part Three-Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire
The party quickly landed, and once their troopers had the area secured, they proceeded on to second, and more deadly, half of the mission.  Leaving the ships with the troopers and other fighters who had a hand in the first half, the party boarded the Trask-1. A reinforced steel infiltration box had been designed and prepared for the party and Capt. Grey drop them exactly on target. Under the direction of O'dian and Ar'Ryn, the party met their welcoming party.
Rows of Battle Droids fired on them as other Battle Driods hiding behind pillars and on balconies gave supporting fire. Rogan, having no avenue to approach in the shadows, pulled out his sniper rifle and began picking off targets. O'dian split his time giving vocal instructions to support the party, while instructing his Padawan on the fine are of taking down Battle Droids. With no life at stake, Cluade was able to draw on his second natural talent of being a skilled fighter. Tozvoz showed why he is the chief of his tribe and an expert in staff fighting, as several Battle Droids were flung to their destruction.
Nix pulled out his rocket launcher and a few well placed shots cleared out the droids standing in the middle of the platform, but the resulting shock almost caused it to collapse. Lining up her shots, Jara deftly took out her targets, while Ar'Ryn did the same and thought back to the party's first encounter on Skeen against Battle Droids. In the past ten months the group had gained incredible skills and where this used to be a threat, it was just target practice now.
At this point the side doors opened and the Super Battle Droids began marching forward. The party continued to advance and even the more durable droids were proving to be no match for group. The last line of defense revealed itself when the main doors opened and a pair of Destroyer Droids rolled out onto the platform, unfolded, popped up their shields and began firing. This did cause most of the party a second or two of worry but then O'dian stepped forward and using the Force he tossed the first one over the edge of the platform. Following her master's actions, An'nor did the same with the second Destroyer. Stert had captured it all with his vid-recorder, collecting the information for later study.
A few well placed shots later and the platform was cleared of all challengers and the party made their way inside. Standing in the main entrance they found three hallways leading in different directions. A pre-recorded voice of Dr. Sladder told them that he knew that they escaped his trap on the two capital ships but that his newest creations would ensure that they died in the lair. Sensing with the Force, O'dian tried to determine where the greatest sense of danger laid but could the lair brimmed with danger and he could not pick one  obvious direction. Using his low light vision he saw that all three ways ended at doors so the party decided to take the immediate left path. 
As the ventured down the hall they saw that there were a grates at the far end of the hall floor with a faint glow coming from them. Approaching carefully, they felt a slight raising of heat and orangish-red light through the gaps in the grate. Thinking that they were safe O'dian attempted to open the door when the trap was sprung. The entire length of the hallway's floor gave away and the entire party started to plummet downwards.
Thinking quickly, Jara used here grappling gun and Stert grabbed her legs, almost pulling her arms out of her sockets. As the others scrambled to grab anything to prevent their fall, a gantry platform offered a chance for them to prevent falling to their deaths. As the party worked to make sure that everyone made it safely to the gantry they realized that descending down would be far easier than making their way back up.
Seeing the ground far below, part of the party repealed down and surveyed the area. They found themselves in the geo-thermal energy plant, the glow of the lava illuminating the large cavern and showing several walkways, a bank of lifts and several boxes. The rest of the party made it down safely as Nix and Jara went to inspect the closest boxes.
Instead of the booty they were hoping to collect, Dr. Sladder's newest creations jumped out and attacked. The evil genius, using his skills in robotics and mental cyborgnetics had used the spare parts of General Grievous to create several fully functioning Grievousbots--robots built to act and fight just like the famed separatist leader. The party quickly jumped into action and began to fill their dance cards.
With his padawan close by, O'dian kept two of the droids from rushing the party as Nix fought against another Grievous-bot for his life. Cluade and Ar'Ryn did their best to contain the deadly robots from closing in on the other side as Rogan and Stert gave supporting fire to everyone in the front.
As one of the Grievousbots began cutting down the console that controlled the lifts, the one facing Jara landed a crushing blow that sent here reeling over the ledge towards the lava pool below. Twisting around at the last second, she was able to grab the very edge of the platform and avoided falling in. As the droid moved to finish her off, the party came to her aid, destroying the mad machine and getting her back up to the relative safety of the ledge. The rest of the party focused on finishing off the remaining insane creations and keeping the escape route of the lifts available.
Even thought he party had taken plenty of hits they prevailed and soon the droids were completely wiped out. Cluade went to work changing serious wounds to just an after thought. The party collected the materials that they could and made their way to the lifts. Once back on the main level, they encountered only a few minor threats and found the main console. Hacking into the system they were able to obtain the data needed to track down the next crystal mining planet and continue their epic battle against the Empire....

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