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Episode 7-Secret of the Lair
Adventure 17-S2 O'dian and Ar'Ryn-Guardian of the Tomb
Part One-Meeting in the Maze
As Ar'Ryn, Hoosk and the RZ watch the boarding craft from the Tytan's Fury return to their ship, they are surprised by Sade. She had gotten angry at her captain for giving away ships that she felt that she had earned and decided to jump ship. Pointing out to the party that none of them had ever flown a capital ship, she makes the point that they need her and they are glad to have her along.
Ar'Ryn then confronts Bel about how she ended up with the pirates and after telling her tale he is convinced that she had nothing to do with the shooting aboard the Horizon's Edge and asked her to stay on with him on. She agreed to keep serving the group as long as she never had to be aboard a ship with Nix ever again.
That settled they got to work on getting the ship ready with such an incredibly small crew. As Sade and Bel checked the systems, Hoosk used the droids to check systems and get as many of them automated. Ar'Ryn spent his time reading the vast amounts of information left behind by Dr. Sladder.
He found references to three sites that the Empire was extracting large green crystals form, one of them being Anoth but the other two were not listed. In the notes are references to a Sith tomb on Clak'dor VII and a star map. There are also confusing entries about the Doctor working on a cyborg as well as strange entries about the upper workings of the Republic command at the end of the war. The Dr. noted that he used the star map last to indicate a facility that held the information of one of the locations. However the crystals used in the plotting system of the map had been lost to the bottom of the tomb.
Ar'Ryn decided to follow this trail and using Hoosk's ship traveled to the near by planet with Bel, Sade and RX. Following the notes from the doctor they were able to take a shaft created by the Empire to the lowest levels. When the doors opened they were surprised to find O'dian and his new padawan already there.
As they quickly caught up on what had taken place they prepared to enter the true tomb of the Verpine Sith who was defeated many years early by a Jedi named Doneeta.
'Part Two-The True Tomb
Leaving the security station they ran into a group of Storm Commandos. The party worked well to keep the agents of the Empire from using grenades in the close quarters and quickly took them down. After winding their way around the access halls they made there way back into the original hall of the tomb and found themselves in front of a set of massive doors.
Using the T3 unit he had befriended in the upper levels, O'dian had him open the doors and the party cautiously entered the main entryway. They barely entered into the vast hall when they were set upon by ancient Sith security droids. Taking cover and keeping the group spread out, the droids had a hard time getting decent targets. The same was not true for the party and after a brief firefight the droids became scrap.
Thinking that the approach was safe, they continued forward when temple guards carrying lightsabers dropped down on them. They were not true Force users and mush like the droids, were quickly handled.
As the two Jedi approached the tomb they could feel the presence of the Sith spirit of Zee'thal and spotted the body of Dallen. the Dark Jedi did not survive the fall down the pit that O'dian had pushed him down and O'dian covered his friend's body with his robes.
O'dian instructed his apprentice to meditate and stell herself for an assult by the spirit. However, by assisting in the battle early with Dallen, the Sith spirit was extremely weakened. concentrating on the Force the two were able to force the spirit to retreat back into it's tomb. In doing so, the crystal that had been forced onto O'dian finally shattered and released him from it's threatening presence.
Relieved of that burden, O'dian and the rest of the party made their way behind the tomb to an altar top a staircase. Avoiding the grate in the middle of the floor the party inspected the area, found the four crystals to the star map sitting on the altar and saw no possible traps.
Ar'Ryan picked up the crystals and the party prepared to return to the uppermost floor to find out where the Doctor might have ran away to when they were stopped in their tracks.
Part Three-Enter the Dragon
The grate dropped away and out crawled a Kryat Dragon. It was a very young specimen but a terror to face none the less. As the party tried to get away while firing on the beast. As O'dian and Ar'Ryn gave cover protection they tried to get the rest of the party out of harm's way but it was too late for Bel.
The massive creature swung around and reached down and took the spymaster in it's jaws. O'dian used the Force to create a whirlwind to keep the creature from eating anyone else as Ar'Ryn went beyond his abilities to keep his friend from dying.
As the dragon smashed into the walls trying to break free of the whirlwind, more temple guards appeared. As An'nor and Sade dealt with them, O'dian andAr'Ryn still battled the dragon. Just as it seemed that the beast would bring the entire tomb down around them it was finally killed.
Fearing that Bel was a goner, they cut open the dragon and pulled her mauled body out of it's stomach. On the brink of death, O'dian used a vital transfer of his life force to keep her alive. The party quickly made their way out of tomb and to the star chamber. After inserting the crystals the map projected the location of an outer rim planet and they recorded it's info.
Grabbing the crystals they left the tomb, picked up the Nexu's Fang where the Jedi left it several days before and returned to the capital ship. Getting Bel into a medical bay they made the jump to where the Trask-1 was left. Was the streaks of the stars faded they saw not only the Trask-1 in front of them but the Horizon's Edge and The Sweetness floating in space next to it.....

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