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Episode 7-Secret of the Lair
Adventure 17-S1 Nix and Cluade-Traitors of Blood and Metal
Part One-The Fury on the Tytan
As Cluade prepared to leave Ar'Ryn and the rest of the party he was with aboard the Grand Empress, Sade stops and tells her pirate crew to go on without her. Being fed up with Tytan undercutting her out of ships, she has decided not to return. Cluade boards the entry craft and makes the ten second trip to the pirate's ship.
Having heard that Sade wasn't coming back, Tytan asked Nix to meet the crew on their return and to welcome his old friend as he makes the jump back to the Horizon's Edge. As Nix first sees Cluade all hell breaks loose from the other side of the ship as the second entry craft's doors open to reveal that the pirates had turned into Rackgoulhs durning the short trip.
Everyone springs into action and tried to contain the beast and the spread of the disease as quickly as possible. As the adrenaline kicks in, Cluade once again feels his body attempting to change but fights it with all his might. Nix keeps the beast from reaching the bridge but the remaining ones rip their way into the floor of the ship.
As the crew of the Tytan's Fury surrounds the only exit, Cluade keeps them back so they don't risk getting infected and starting the process all over again. Soon the last Rackgoulh is killed and the threat is ended. As the crew begins cleaning up the mess, Tytan thanks them once again. He gives his transponder code to Nix and tells him that he can join his crew anytime.
'Part Two-The Doctor is In
Once aboard their ship, Cluade wastes no time and gets to the medical bay. Before treating any of the other injured members he had to first treat his own condition. He finally is able to find the mutation in the strain of the Rackgoulh disease which causes the late transformation that was coursing through his blood. With assistance from both Nix and the medical droid (who doesn't seem to care about Cluade or anything else) the medic is able to create a super serum and put an end to the threat on his life.
He then quickly turns his attention to Arryanya and treat the horrible wounds she received on Cloud City during the Ugnaught uprising. It is touch and go for awhile but he finally get her stable and then turns his attention to Xextuss. The Gands injuries are the most severe and his body had entered into a a coma to self heal. Cluade is only able to assist his natural healing ability and had to leave him in the Bacta tank.
Once everyone is healed and with Blu and Tozvos getting the ship in order, Cluade and Nix finally have a chance to catch up on what has happen to each of them over the course of the past month. The news of someone shooting allies aboard the Horizon's Edge and sending Bel away is greatly disturbing to both.
They decide that their next move is to recover the Trask-1 where Cluade and the rest had left it before journeying to the two capital ships.
Part Three-The Traitor Revealed
Before they can initiate the jump they hear shots being fired from the back of the ship once again. The lights in the hall flicker off and in the dim light they can see Tozvos laying on the floor of the hull bleeding to death. Cluade instantly grabs a gun and staying close to the wall maked his way toward the back as Nix drew both blasters and cursed to himself.
From behind the door, TD-P1 appears and starts to exclaim that someone else had been shot. Nix yelled a warning to him to watch out for the shooter when the droid turned toward them and the coverings on his leg opened up and a blaster popped out. Grabbing the gun and pointing it them the droid replied in a different voice than that of a protocol droid that he was aware that someone was shooting and that it was him.
The disguise of being a mild manner protocol droid disappeared and the true nature of the assassin droid was revealed. They trade shots as the heroes try to reach the Nelvannan before he died. The droid mocks Nix for his failure to figure out that he was the shooter and for blaming Bel. The droid had hacked into the systems aboard the Horizon's Edge causing the doors to open and shut quickly.
As the two dodge the doors, getting hit and injured n the process, they are able to cut the droid off from the front of the ship. As Nix traded shots and dodge a flamethrower attack, Cluade attended to his friend bringing him back from death.
The droid gave the the slip and headed towards the cockpit. As Tozvos regained his feet he attacked, while Nix tried to stop the evil droid. Cluade hite the release to the docking port in the hall and the droid got sucked into the tube. Tozvos fought to get ahold of Nix before he was sucked outside and Cluade fought his way back to the controls to shut the door.
As the door closed it crushed TD-P1 destroying the droid completely. Completely wiped out the party was relieved that the mystery of the shooter was finally solved and they tended to their wounds. Finally safe they made the jump to where the Trask-1 was left. As they finished docking to the ship a second ship came out of hyperspace right in front of them.
The ship was The Sweetness, piloted by Dink. He hails the Horizon's Edge and tells them that he has a group of Nelvaanans as well as the Clones the heroes recruited on Anoth. Completely amazed at their appearance the two heroes prepare for them to board.....

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