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Episode 7-Secret of the Lair
Adventure 16-S3 Grem and Rogan-Spoiled Raid
Part One-The Unexpected Passenger

After stopping the run away ship and defeating the mutated creatures, the party made their way to the bride and found out how far they had jumped and where they were in space. They realized that they were still near the Hyperspace lane that they had taken with the Bothans and Balthz began plotting a course to a region of space that know for a Squib cleaning colony.
As they traveled, Rogan began training with the two Jedi masters in the art of Stealth Force techniques as Grem began looking through the materials left behind by Dr. Sladder. Any extra free time was spent exploring the vast Old Republic ship and taking inventory.
After several days in hyperspace the party sensed something coming out of a Force Trance hidden aboard the ship. The creature was heading from it's hiding space towards the modified Doneeta fighter. It seemed to realize that they were almost finished with the jump and was attempting to jump ship in the fighter.
As Rogan and Grem headed to cut it off, Balthz and Zin went the other way to ensure that it didn't double back. As the heroes ran into the room that the creature would be entering, panels on the walls dropped and several Jedi Hunter droids activated and began attacking. Rogan dropped back into the shadows to prepare a strike as Grem rushed past the droids. The door at the end of the room opened and behind it was the Sith mutated Chadra Fan that Grem had encountered many times before.
Not wanting him to get past and to the sweet Jedi fighter, Grem was determined to make this their last confrontation. The two instantly jumped into battle As memories of being tortured by the creature surfaced once again, Grem called on the Force to aid him.
Rogan began fighting the Jedi Hunters and soon had his hands full. Slipping out of the shadow he was able to get behind a droid and with his shoto saber cleanly removed the head from the body. However the droid still was able to function and dealt a crippling blow to the shadow warrior's arm.
Grem took several hits but avoided the majority of the damage due to his incredible reflexes. The Sith lackey tried to escape back the way he came but at the moment the two Jedi appeared. The distraction allowed Grem to reach out with the Force and slam the mutant to the ceiling and then the floor.
Getting an arm around the body of one of the droids, Rogan was able to use it effectively as a shield and block off the attacks by the other droids. He quickly dispatched one of the hunters but was getting over-whelmed by the number of sabers he had to deflect to keep alive.
After all the torture and run-ins, Grem put the Sith Chadra Fan down for the final count. The final blow was done in anger and the taint of the Dark Side touched the smallest party member. With the Sith threat gone the Jedi and Grem helped Rogan stop the last of the Jedi Hunters.
When the battle was over the party checked for further hidden droids and determined that they had found them all.
Part Two-The Squib Slavers
After making sure that everything was in proper working order the four set the ship to make a jump to a hyperspace route where Balthz hoped to find a clan of Squibs known for keeping the route clear of garbage. The streaks of light reformed into stars as the came out of the jump and they were happy to see that there was a Squib reclaimer ship in the distance. That happiness quickly faded as an emergency callfrom the ship reported that they had been attacked and needed help.
As they got closer they spotted an Imperial Assault shuttle with a squad of TIEs. The Empire was attempting to kidnap Squibs to work as slaves and the party jumped into action. Because they didn't have the manpower to run a capital ship of the size of the Grand Empire into battle, the two Jedi stayed aboard to provide cover fire and keep the ship out of the hands of the EMpire while Rogan and Grem boarded their fighters for the first time.
The two ships were clearly better engineered than the TIE fighters but the Empire had numbers on their side. Both fighters took out several ships that were closest to the reclaimer ship but had to take several hits in order to do so.
As the Shuttle headed to it's jump spot, Grem poured on the speed to intercept it's path. this allowed Rogan to come back through the middle and disrupt the TIEs trying to provide cover for the shuttle. Being careful not to destroy the shuttle they took careful aim at the engines in an attempt to stop it.
Realizing that they had been routed, several TIEs attempted to break off and get clear of the fight. Once the shuttle was stopped, the two quickly moved to stop the fleeing TIEs and almost as quickly as it started the battle was over.
Part Three-Unexpected Crew

The reclaimer ship, shuttle and fighters were all taken aboard the massive capital ship and the heroes wasted no time in checking on the captured Squib. They were all safe but the agents aboard were not as lucky. A meeting between the party and the leader of the Squibs is quickly made.
After hearing the the recent events of the party, the party in turn hears about how many Squibs and other smaller aliens have been passing tales of the Empire kidnapping them for the past three or four months. The Squibs on the reclaimer ship thought that it might just have been tall tales until they were just attacked.
Having seen the Empire for what it is the Squibs have decided to make the capital ship their new home and do all they can to help. They quickly set to work meshing the reclaimer ship into the capital ship which provides a constant source to convert materials for their use. The Squibs continue to alter the ship to their style and soon the Grand Emperor, the once secret medical facility of Dr. Sladder, is transformed into a weapon to fight him and the rest of the Empire named the Fuzzy Nova.....

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