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Episode 7-Secret of the Lair
Adventure 16-S2 O'dian-The Lightside of Darkness
Part One-Into the Labyrinth

Having destroyed the ancient Sith droids, O'dian and Dallen decide to rest. They had been in the tomb for over a day and the fighting had taken it's toll. Before meditating, O'dian looked over the T3 droid and found it in excellent repair. It seems that the second T3 droid had used it's own parts to keep the other droid in top working order.
The two warriors rested and healed each other until they were back to full form. During the meditation O'dian had a vision of what would have possibly had happen if he were to have stayed with is master when Order 66 went down. In the vision O'dian was cut down in front of his master and the shock of seeing his apprentice killed caused the master to drop his defenses and lead to his death. O'dian again questioned if his master survived the betrayal of the Clonetroopers back on Tanabb.
Dallen, informed O'dian that he sensed the arrival of his two remaining corrupted acolytes and that they were hunting for them. O'dain was confused as to why they would be hunting the person that they had formally followed but did not push the issue.
Shaking off the feeling brought on by the vision, they took one of the exits from the room and eventually came to a locked door. O'dian was about to blast the door open when he communicated to the T3 to open the door for him. The droid seemed to understand him and the door was quickly opened.
They entered into a vast network of halls and passages that was designed to drive any creature that entered it insane and hopelessly lost. Over the course of three days the three of them made their way through the complex maze. They found several bodies and remains of others who did not make it out as well as heard sounds of other treasure hunters lost in the maze.
During the first day in the maze O'dian also sensed two ancient Jedi awakening as well as the arrival of two fainter force sensitive creatures in the space near the planet but after an hour they seemed to have jumped out of that region of space. It was the largest collection of Force users that O'dian had sensed since Order 66 took place and it seemed to have opened a crack in the shell of the Dark Side that currently swirled around him.
Stretching out, O'dian wasn't sure, but he felt as if he could sense his old friend and Bothan, Ar'Ryn still out in that sector of space.
Part Two-The Truth of Falling to the Darkside
Exiting the maze they found themselves facing three doors. O'dian entered the room to the left and saw four large statues in the corners of Sith mutated beasts, a drain in the center of the floor, two of the red glowing controls and a series of opened tubes in the ceiling. As he went to leave the room the door slammed shut.
Pulling out his lightsaber, O'dian attempted to cut through the door only to have the blade of his saber go out. Having spent the past few days with the T3 unit O'dian had picked up on most of the ancient version of binary and the droid had been able to gain a good understanding of modern basic. O'dian was able to command the droid to override the door and escaped the room unharmed. Looking at the bottom of the door he realized that it had been layered with a thin sheet of cortorsis.
They decided to try the door across the hall and when the door opened they were attacked by the two Sith acolytes. The two had found a way to the lower levels that bypassed the maze and were waiting to ambush the two.
Dallen wasted no time and began an assault in the attempt to kill the acolyte that attacked him and commanded O'dian to do the same. O'dian however was feeling the conflict of emotion over attacking the two younglings. He realized that the two were attacking them because they were Sith and the acolytes were acting as Jedi, the control that the crystals had over them was gone and that he, O'dian, had taken their place.
It all began to make sense. Dallen used the crystals to control other Force users in the Dark Side of the Force. He could only control as many others as he had crystals and it was easier for him to control those whose Force connection was weaker than his. In order to control O'dian he had to release his grip on the both the younglings. There was never a Near-Sith who played O'dian in holo-chess, it was a Dark Side illusion Dallen had pulled from O'dian's mind in order to have to chance to put the crystal around his neck. This meant that O'dain had never truly fallen to the darkside but at the same time it meant that the Near-Sith was still loose in the galaxy.
Armed with the truth, O'dain fought against the Dark Side and began to win. He convinced one of the acolytes that he was not a Sith. He tried to remove the crystal from around his neck but whenever he tried a Verpine Sith spirit appeared and attacked. Dallen realized he was losing control of the Jedi so he switched his focus on the second acolyte and gained control over her through the use of the crystal around her neck.
Realizing what was happening, O'dian commanded the T3 unit to back up into the first room and shut both doors, cutting Dallen off in the hallway. As the controlled acolyte attacked, O'dian did his best not to harm her. He reached out with the Force and attemted to crush the crystal that was around Dallen's neck. Both actions helped the confused Jedi get even closer to the Light Side of the Force.
Following O'dian's earlier plan to open the door above, Dallen used the ordinance they collected on the very first floor to blow open the door. The blast knocked both acolytes into a pit but O'dian reached out with the Force and caught both of them and this action helped move him ever so much closer to the Light Side.
Moving to put the pit between him and his former friend, O'dian was able to get the second acolyte to the safety and to completely crush the crystal around Dallen's neck. In his rage fueled by the Dark Side, Dallen went over to the first acolyte and beheaded her. He then turned to O'dain and final acolyte.
Dallen then revealed the truth, he didn't need the crystal to be an agent of the Dark Side, he was already one when he found it, the crystal just let him corrupt others. He went on to say that after Order 66 he had found O'dian's master and that using the same deceitful measures that he used to kill his own master he was able to murder him in cold blood.
With that, Dallen jumped over the pit and began attacking. O'dian had no choice but to defend himself and the acolyte and Forced pushed the corrupted Jedi into the pit. O'dain had finally defeated the person responsible for the death of his master, the corruption of many (including himself) and fought his way back to the Light Side of the Force. He knew that somewhere, his master was looking down on him with pride.
Turning his attention to the dead youngling, O'dian wrapped her up in her robes, took her to a safe spot in the maze and released her spirit from her material frame. Reaching out with the Force he shattered the other acolyte's crystal but still could not remove his own. He sensed that he would have to confront the Sith spirit in the bottom most tomb in order to be released from the crystal.
He then tended to the acolytes wounds. After introducing herself as An'nor El'gaith, a seventeen year old near-human Jedi in training, O'dian decided to take her on as his apprentice and start a new path in his life. They decided to spend the rest of the day meditating and recovering from the frantic battle that had just taken place before moving on into the tomb.
Part Three-Activating the Star Map

The young Jedi was happy to finally be free of the curse of the crystal and to have a true Jedi to train under. The two explored the last door and found that it opened to three more doors whose rooms showed the red energy following up towards the map room.
Before they could make their way back to main hallway they were fired at. Closing in the the attackers O'dain realized it was the Bith who he had paid off at the entrance of the tomb along with the party that was lost in the maze. The apprentice quickly cut down the closest attacker as O'dian rushed the rest.
Pinning them down, O'dain demended to know how they got there and why they were attacking. The Bith had followed Dallen and O'dian, met up with the group of lost Flaming Talon pirates and was attempting to stop O'dian so that he would not take the treasures buried there. O'dian told them that they could join him and take all the treasure except for what he had come there for. This seemed to please the Bith and the lost pirates were just happy to have someone who could possibly get them out of the tomb.
They entered the last room and when O'dian and his apprentice stepped on the red switches, the doors sealed shut, the room quickly began to fill with water and the statues activated. Wether he suspected the statues of having cortorsis in them or not, O'dain played it safe and didn't attack with his lightsaber. Struggling to keep his feet in the fast current, Odain watched as the statues made short work of the Bith and a pirate. It wasn't long before the other two pirates met their demise.
Using the ordinance that he had taken from the Shadowtroopers, O'dian destroyed the statues as well as as the grate covering the floor. After fighting the whirlpool caused by the escaping water, O'dian checked on his apprentice and the T3 unit and found both of them safe. Checking on the energy in the flow rooms he noticed that the color of the energy had switched to blue but something below was preventing it from flowing upward. Probably the same power that was keeping him from removing the crystal from around his neck.
Going back to the switch room and looking down the drain, O'dian believed he found the way to the bottom most level and a path to ending his current troubles once and for all.....

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