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Episode 7-Secret of the Lair
Adventure 16-S1 Nix and Xextuss-A Friend in Need'
Part One-Preparing to Leave
Although he is disappointed to lose such a fine ship, Tytan is happy to have qualified to play in the Sabbac grand finale taking place at The Wheel six months from now and offers to buy the pair a drink. Senator Greyshade joins them, as he had won his qualifying spot as well. He takes his leave and tells the pair that he will be celebrating in one of the penthouse bars and that they are welcomed to join him if they wish later on. The lights flicker in the bar but stay on. The room quiets for a second but soon gets back to it's previous level.
Relieved that they got their ship back the two are still offered the job of helping to acquire the two Old Republic Sleeper ships by Tytan. Sade arrives and Tytan informs her that the Edge is to be handed over to them and gives her the credit chip. She is pissed and lets Tytan know. She swears that someday she will get a ship that he won't deal, gamble or steal out from under her.
As they finish their drink he tells them that they will meet at dinner to discuss the plans for the job before taking off and to be sure that their ship is prepped and ready to leave shortly after the meeting. Nix uses the comlink to inform Bel to have the droids to start moving all their gear from the suite of rooms back to the ship. She decided to join them at the medical facility to see if Blu can be released.
While walking across the city they are approached by a female who seemed intent on joining them in the partying. A couple minutes passes and Nix finally realizes who she is, although Xextuss recognized her right away. She leads them to a side street and revels that she is in fact Arrianya. She tells them that her secondary business is not going well and might need to have them give her a lift out of Cloud City when they leave.
'Part Two-Interruptions in the Evening
She tells them about the on-going labor dispute between a faction of Ugnaughts and the management of the city. With the end of the Clone Wars there has been an influx of Ugnaught workers who escaped slavery in the robot factories of the Separatists and made their way to Cloud City for a new life. A faction group says that conditions and treatment of their species has been as bad as before and they are threatening violence if conditions do not change.
There was a tibanna gas platform explosion shortly before the Sabbac tournament that was blamed on the Ugnaughts. It was clear that they didn't do it but the activist faction feels that if they are going to be blamed for violence then they might as well commit acts to get their point across. The frequent black-outs are a way of protest that is slowly escalating.
The management says that the refugees have strained their resources on the station and that productivity has dropped while mechanical problems have increased. There has been ongoing negotiations but a faction of the Ugnaughts have refused to return to them citing a lack of good will on the part of management.
She had been using all of her humanitarian contacts trying to resolve the issue but it has done very little good. If she wasn't operating undercover it might be different but her sources informed her that there is an unofficial contract on her head and that several assassins have been dispatched after her. She sees someone approaching and quickly gives the Gand an encrypted comlink and tells him not to lose it and that she will be contacting them if she needs to make a hasty exit or help if she gets in over her head. she informs them that Sentaor Greyshade has been helping her but not to trust him as he is only helping to further his chances at cheap labor back on The Wheel.
They part ways but not before she give Xextuss an encrypted comlink so they can stay in contact. They traveled a few more blocks when one of the opponents that Nix had cheated tries to jump the pair with some of his henchmen.
Although they have the drop on the heroes, the Gand is quicker to react and stops the player from making a sneaking kill attack on his pilot partner. Nix returns blows in kind and soon only one henchman remains and he takes off not wanting to join his buddies in death.
After the two interruptions, the duo make their way to the medical facility and find Blu awake and ready to go. Nix quickly questions his sidekick what took place in the hanger when the Rodian got shot but unfortunately he can not recall anything from that afternoon. Bell joins them and seems to be elated that the Rodian has recovered. After leaving the medical facility they head to Senator Greyshade's party.
They just start getting into the party when they spot the disguised Arrianya talking to Greyshade. It seems that things have escalated and she goes over to them and tells them that they should plan on leaving earlier than tomorrow evening. They contact Tytan and reschedule their meeting for the morning.
Part Three-Another Hasty Exit
They get up early and finish their prepping of the ship. Many of the people who traveled to the city for the tournament have left or are in the process of leaving.The causeways are not nearly as filled as the past couple of days. Several times the lights flicker and there are many problems with the computer terminals. Discarded broken machinery can be seen on the side walkways. There seems to be a higher level of Bespin Guards every where.
They meet up with Tytan and enjoy an early lunch as they go over the details of the next job. They are to rendezvous at a set location away from the find. At that time they will board the Tytan's Fury. They will be part of the crew that stays on the ship as other crew members do the boarding and prep the ships for a jump back to where their ship is. The entire operation will only take a couple of hours and should make everyone very rich.
They hear a distant explosion nearby and shortly afterwards Arrianya enters their conference room to them that all hell is about to break loose. Their position is close to where the Edge is hangered. She tells them that the Ugo faction has taken hostages and that she was going to see about getting them freed when the fight broke out.
Before they can ask anymore questions there is a loud explosion and a firefight breaks out in the hall outside of the room they are in. Tytan tells Sade to get to his ship with the rest of his crew members and go to the rendezevous point and wait six hours for them. If they don't show then to go on with the job. He tells the pair that he is coming with them and will help as much as he can.
The fighting was directly in place between them and the ship but instead of working their way around the conflict they dive straight into it. Xextuss flies out into the middle in an attempt to draw the two sides fire while the other make a break across the causeway. It works, but a little bit too well as he is hit by fire from the Bespin Guards AT-RT and the Ugnaught faction's Uggernuaght.
Arrianya is hit several times and Nix attempted to jump up on an AT-RT but was not successful. The second Uggernaught shot his location and he was caught up in the blast. Realizing that they were about to be cut to ribbons, they change course and head into a recycling substation. There they had to fight off a pack of Ugnaughts intent on holding that location.
After taking several more deadly hits they clear the room and lock the doors. In a panic, Xextuss jumps down into the garbage chute and the rest follow. They get split up and it take s them an hour to wind through the maze of tunnels but they eventually all make it back to the Horizon's Edge.
As a mass exodus of ships flee the city, they limp into their ship. As Bel helps Arrianya in the medical bay, Nix and Tytan head to the cockpit as Blu and Xextuss go to the engines to prime the hyperdrive for a quick escape. Bel joins the rest in the cockpit followed shortly by Blu. They make the jump safely and after a few minutes Nix realized that the Gand was missing.
Part Four-A Change in Plans

Getting to the back of the ship they find Xextuss shot and wounded in on the floor of the main hold. Nix quickly pulls his guns and has Tytan, Blu and Bel drop their weapons and tries to figure out who could have shot his friend. TD-P1 was in the kitchen and he question him first but not finding a weapon on or in the droid he goes on to question Blu what happen. The Rodian swears that when he headed to the cockpit that the Gand was OK, wounded from the previous fire-fight, but still OK.
Nix, grits his teeth and questions Bel, who he suspected of having shot Blu. She gets defensive and denies having done it. At an impasse, Tytan states that it couldn't have been him as he was with Nix the entire time. Nix let's him pick up his weapons and Tytan suggests that they get the Gand in the bacta tank and continue the jump to the rendezevous point. Their on board medical person had reccently died but after the job they could get medical help for both Arrianya and Xextuss. He goes onto suggests that Bel be sent with the boarding party to get her away from the Horizon's Edge.
Nix agreed and leaving the two injured members with Blu and the droids, Nix and Bel board the Tytan's Fury. they made the short jump to where the two Old Republic ships are and witness the second ship make it's uncontrolled jump into hyperspace.
After a brief time passes Sade contacts Tytan telling him that they found a medic and others on board who knew Bel. Tytan let's Sade play holo-chess against their leader for control of the ship and she wins. The loser asks to speak to Tytan and Nix is floored to see that it is Ar'Ryn. Keeping the pilot out of the holo-projector scanner Tytan asked Nix about the Bothan.
The pirate decides to let the Ar'Ryn keep the ship on the condition that it would come to his fleets aid if needed, that they send Cluade to his ship and that they keep Bel with them. The nobel agrees and the boarding party began to return to the Tytan's Fury. Sade, still pissed about the Horizon's Edge being taken from her and now this ship, decided to stay aboard the Old Republic capital ship for the time being, unknown to the Bothan.
As the boarding began the space walk back to the main pirate ship, Nix was left to wonder if Bel did in fact shoot the other party members and if Cluade would reach the wounded before it was to late.....

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