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Episode 7-Secret of the Lair
'Adventure 15-S4 Grem and Rogan-The Doctor's Experiment
Part One-One-Stopping the Jump
With the doors closed behind them by the Jedi Balthazor, the Imperial science ship ,The Grand Emperor, made it's preprogrammed hyperspace jump in an attempt to self destruct. Fortunately, being detached from it's twin sister ship, the Grand Empress, it does not get torn apart and the the four find themselves in the entry way of the ship much like when the first arrived on the other ship.
Exploring the area they found a computer console which played the pre-recorded message from Dr. Sladder as before but this one cuts ahead to a new recording where the good doctor informed them that he will allow his "creation" to take care of the boarders.
Rogan wasted no time and reaching out with the Force and he sensed the presence of an unusual mind or minds. Grem "mind-linked" with Balth to catch him and Zin up to speed with what has transpired in the galaxy since their time in stasis. When he disengages, the two experienced a mental Force attack. They realized that whatever the "creation" is that it must possess powerful mind abilities.
As they headed towards the front of the ship the blast doors in that direction began opening and shutting at a fast pace. It seemed that Dr. Sladder had reprogrammed much of the ship's functions in an attempt to stop any intruders from reaching the bridge computer. Even though they felt that they could easily get by the hazard they party decided on a different route.
The party explored the back half of the ship and discovered Balth's old personal star-fighter. It had been moved from the older ship and placed in it's own hanger aboard the new ship. On closer inspection they see that it has been updated and given a hyperdrive of it's own. Reaching the main engine room they decided against trying to force a shut down of the hyper-drive manually incase it was sabotaged.
They then decided to explore the area in the middle of the ship, back towards the bridge. As Grem and Rogan entered the main hold the door sealed shut behind them, separating them from the two Jedi.
'Part Two-The Experiment
As the two looked around the large room they saw several large creatures that appeared to be in an induced sleep in large containment vats. In their minds they heard a voice telling them that they were to play holo-chess against one of the creatures at the far end of the room. Rogan quickly slipped into the shadows and advanced towards the front as Grem made his way directly to the table.
With a closer look, Grem realized with horror that the creatures sleeping in their containment holds and the one sitting at the holo-chess table were actually muted versions of his species. Dr. Sladder had experimented and created a batch of monsters based on the DNA of Grem's species.
Shaking off his disgust, Grem asked why they must play against the creature. The hive-mind of the creature informed them that all of the experiments' minds had been linked together and that Dr. Sladder had infused their group conscious with that of the ship's security computer. Although the lead creature is fighting against the programming of the Doctor it has no choice in it's actions and what it must do.
It told them that they must play three games against it or the ship would self destruct. The first was to be against Grem and it was for keeping the computer from dumping all the medical and historical information pertaining to Grem's capture. The second was to be against Rogan for the lives of the Jedi--if he fails the computer would open the hold and send them out into space or release toxic gas to kill them. The last was for control of the computer system itself and by default control of the run away ship.
Stepping cautiously up to the table Grem began to play the abomination. Having only seen others play and not fully understanding the opening rules of holo-chess, Grem mades a critical mistake and spent the rest of the game trying to recover from it. Although he played a strong game he was never able to fully recover and lost his first match. The goal of finally figuring out where he came from and what happen in his captivity disappeared like a Jawa in a sandstorm.
Rogan snuck his way towards the front during his partner's game and inspected the tanks holding the rest of the creatures. He noticed that they were all awake and aware of what was taking place. The mutant leader called him forward for the second game but because of only having just met the ancient Jedis Rogan was not overly concerned for their well-being but gave his best shot at beating the hive mind.
The assassin has much better luck than Grem and was able to take out more pieces than in Grem's first game. However, the combined mind was too much for him and Rogan was also soundly defeated. Not sure if the Jedi were sent out into the vacuum of space or poisoned, he let Grem take up the third and final game.
Having learned from his first blunder and having watched Rogan's game, Grem picked up on the mutant leader's strategy and started off much stronger. The game went back and forth, with both players taking the lead back and forth. It appeared that the feisty warrior was about to receive his second loss. However, Grem kept the pressure on and was able to pull out the win.
Part Three-Sore Loser

With the defeat of the hive-mind/security system, the leader mutant was telepathically told the duo that he was able to break free of the control of the computer system and was able to keep the system from purging records about Grem as well as prevent the death of the Jedi. Unfortunately it came at a cost--the computer system released the holds on the tanks and still had control of the minds of the other experiments. The creatures began attacking in a berserker fury.
Rogan and Grem jumped into action, fighting off the creatures while trying to protect the leader mutant. The doors to the hold opened and the two Jedi ran in to provide assistance. In quick order the heroes were able to end the suffering of the poor experiments.
The leader telepathically pleaded with them to hurry to save the data in the medical bay as the strain of fighting the computer with it's mind was killing the leader mutant. The two rushed into the next room and began frantically trying to save as much of the invaluable information about Doctor Sladder's experiments, the Empire/Republics involvement and Grems missing history.
As they saved the last of the information the leader mutant died. With the last of it's mental strength, the dying mutant was able to finally disable the security measures that Dr. Sladder put into place. With the ship finally pulled out of hyperdrive, the party explored the rest of the ship. They discovered Zen's personal star-fighter in a hangar bay opposite that of Bath's ship and ensured that there were not more hostile creatures aboard.
Being the Squib that he is, Bath declared that the ship was now his but was willing to give the two heroes the ship in return for helping the Jedi obtain passage to the planet Iego, where their former master was last headed thousands of years ago. They explained that Iego had the curious trait of not being affected by time and that they hoped to find their master still there and still alive. In addition the two Jedi agreed to give their personal fighters to Rogan and Grem once they found passage.
The group decided that their next move was to figure out where the run away hyper-drive had taken them, try to find a large enough port that would allow them to find passage for the two Jedi (while not being found by the Empire flying around in an undisguised Imperial ship). Rogan asked the Jedi if they could help train him during their travels and was surprised to learn that the two were part of a splinter faction of Jedi who practiced stealth techniques which would fit perfectly with his methods. The two agreed to train him during their time together. While they trained it would give Grem the privacy he would want to review the files about him in private.
The four headed toward the bridge to find out where they were and where they should head next.....

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